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FBI - MarkZ: "Paymasters have been able to see funds in accounts" (LOL!) 3/19/20 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

MarkZ: "Paymasters have been able to see funds in accounts" (LOL!) 3/19/20

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FBI - MarkZ: "Paymasters have been able to see funds in accounts" (LOL!) 3/19/20 Empty MarkZ: "Paymasters have been able to see funds in accounts" (LOL!) 3/19/20

Post by RamblerNash Thu Mar 19, 2020 10:41 pm

MZ: I have more and more contacts in Europe and other places that are saying on their Zim swaps that they have already received SKR’s that they can see money in their accounts. They are told to expect that release very early next week.

MZ: I think we are going to see “Helicopter money” coming next week as well. I could be wrong but we are “that close”

Member:  I know someone in large group who saw money in their account December 2018. they thought it would happen then. they still see money in account but can’t touch it

MZ: We are spectators watching this all happen……With so many rumors out there…the one thing I am counting on is people I know and trust can see the funds in their accounts and expect to be able to spend it on Monday….

MZ: I know we all hate hearing Monday/Tuesday….but knowing they can “SEE FUNDS” is a big thing….

MZ: Paymasters have been able to see funds in accounts…but this is the first time that the “end user” can see them which is a big deal to me.

MZ: We are watching everything play out….we see talk of Nesara happening…talk of debt forgiveness….we are seeing the government step up and help average citizens….we are markets to do exactly what we expected them to do at the end…..

MZ: It will reset….give us sound money to fix this economy and we will see life get back to enjoyment, and better then over…I see great hope for our future….i do….

Member: WallStreet stopped trading in person on Friday….Started trading electronically on Monday…Is this maybe the end of the stock market?

MZ: I hope so guys….think about it….they have been allowed to trade on shorts….there is nothing to me more appalling then trading on other people’s suffering.

Q: No RV until Covid 19 is gone?

MZ: No…In order to make the helicopter money work….I believe they will time it at the same time for us to start hitting the banks. It’s a perfect cover.    Where are they going to pull this money from?  They ae saying it could cost up to 14 Trillion to fill the hole that is being created….and that’s just in the US.

MZ: Just do the math…..they don’t have the money….even with repo markets and QE- it won’t work…fot those out of work right now this helicopter money will be a Godsend. .

Member: Heard they are sending 2 checks at $1000 each

Member:  the Fiat helicopter money will help us get through till the transition!! We can keep blowing up the FIAT$, because it will crash, anytime now!

MZ:  Banks have not fallen apart yet because of the massive influx of Central Banking money to hold them up…They are terrified of the impending run on the banks….Once people figure out the banks are imploding.

Q: What is Helicoptor money?

MZ: helicopter money is issued by the government help people through a crises. They are giving $1200 to $1500 depending on exchange rates….to people in China right now …Europe is doing similar things. …they are also suspending mortgage payments and rent payments.

Q: I misplaced receipts on my currency…..can I still exchange?

MZ: Yes….I am told unless you come in with boxes of it…huge amounts like 100 million dong or 100 million dinar…a crazy amount….they may ask a few questions to make sure you didn’t rob from your neighbor…no funny business….that you are not planning on funding terrorists or drug lords…..other then that you shoud not have a problem.

Q:  If we are on martial law lock down, how do we get a letter to leave our home to go to the exchange if we are only getting the 800# from MarkZ and not an email?

Q:  Given this virus, I wonder how the banks will be exchanging our currency if they fear they may be infected.

Q: Some intel folks say we will be shown a video at our exchange to reduce the appointment time? Are you hearing this to?

MZ:  Yes I am hearing this….They want to limit exposure and time …especially with precautions viral exposures for them and us…..this makes perfect sense to me. So watch the video before you go in….limit the time they have to sit with you…..do your exchange….get your receipts and leave…..call your personal banker and start things that way.    Don’t shake hands.

Q:  Markz, Did you see Tucker Carlson last night??? He had a Doctor from a Medical School that claimed they had a serum that was 100% effective on CoronaVirus???

Q:  Mark do you believe Okie is cleared to land Saturday as he has stated?

MZ: I hope he is cleared to land….I hope we are that close….all I am hearing is its happening…..they are working on the logistics which is a nightmare…..from the banking side….they are seeing some funds in their accounts……so they are working on that end of it.

Member:  It Is ALL Happening..... HISTORY BEING MADE

Member:  the world is being reset

Member:  Love how my wife and mom are finally starting to realize I’m not insane for this

MZ: We are definently not insane

Member:  My daughter who knows nothing about any of this found this article about CEO bailing out months ago just like they did before 9/11 because the “new the economy was going to e intentionally tanked “ it’s so exciting and not hard to tell her why she doesn’t need to worry

Q: Why hasn’t Iraq released their new rate?

MZ: They are waiting for permission to do that. They are positioned…..If they gave the rate right now before the banking system is prepared for it….it will be mayhem….A number of large banks have announced branch closings….maybe this is a good thing…..maybe these closed branches will be made into redemption centers which would help speed things up. ?  They have to have the mechanisms in place before they allow Iraq to float or it would be mayhem all over the word as folks try to rush to the banks. …not good while they are trying to “socially distance us” due to this Corona virus.

Q:  Does anyone know if retirement funds will be wiped out or SS benefits will be paid???

MZ: I have been told SS payments will go up considerably….this is written into it….they do not want the older generation who have paid their dues are absolutely covered. Do not worry about retirement funds or SS benefits.

Member:  Trump has assured retirement funds will be safe and SS is supposed to increase.

Member:  I have heard that those who are on Social Security will be the first to see Funds, as the Direct Deposit is all ready set up!!

Member:  2 checks coming

Member:  this helicopter money is part of NESARA!!

Member: I hear checks don’t go out until April 6th.

MZ: I think they may go out sooner…All we can do is wait and see

Member:  Mnuchin, of the US Treasury, announced on CNN that the government was voting to give citizens stimulus money; they did vote it in, yesterday.

Member:  I think mass arrests have started


Member:  Nothing can stop what is coming “! It can mean many things and I believe the RV/GCR is one of them!!!

Member:  Q sent me to say WWG1WGA Trust The PLAN God WINS

Member:  PRESIDENT Trump is starting the relief for all. The government is the deepstate. Trump represents the Republic of the United States of America.

Q: If we are going to reset…   why is Trump issuing a 25 year bond…   Are they blowing off the gold standard?

MZ: No…this thing is blowing up and they have to have a gold standard…...I think Trump has to keep up the charade until its over…and announcements are done….he has too or markets would get even worse and looting in the streets . He is doing what he needs to do….he is playing the central banks like a fiddle. They are giving away free money and piling on more debt and more blame on themselves for when the crash happens….I think he is doing a brilliant job playing the banks.

Member: They are just giving back money they stole

MZ: That’s the way I look at it guys….I will not have any guilt on taking and spending this money if we get it before we see the reset…..they have treating us like debt donkeys …piling stuff on us and using us for decades….I won’t lose a moments sleep on using this helicopter money.

Dr. Rich comes on the stream for a brief time at the end.


MZ:  We all have within us the seeds of greatness…..are you all personally helping folds around you? This is our defining moment to find out what we are made of. 

Member:  Never Stop doing little things for others,,,,Sometimes those little things occupy the biggest part of their HEART!”


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FBI - MarkZ: "Paymasters have been able to see funds in accounts" (LOL!) 3/19/20 Empty Re: MarkZ: "Paymasters have been able to see funds in accounts" (LOL!) 3/19/20

Post by Tinef Fri Mar 20, 2020 10:28 am

"MZ: ….there is nothing to me more appalling then trading on other people’s suffering."

Dear #DOJ.gov .. correction, there is nothing more despicable than a parasite who suggests a mythical SKR (#FTC.gov in case you forgot, an SKR is a made up term used by Guru's / unlicensed currency pumpers), and that you'd have to be a complete fuc-tard to think a ZIM note holds magical value, now or in the future .. and that pet rocks & beanie baby's have a greater chance of a dramatic RV. 

Q: which of the more and/or moron contacts are sharing this salacious insider information?  #NorthCaronlinaAttorneyGeneral.gov 

You may find this funny #FBI.gov but the only thing we're "seeing" from MarkZ's invisible paymasters is a clear case of promoting false information for financial gain or fraud for profit.   

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