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Bruce's  BIG CALL NOTES for March 19 2020 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Bruce's BIG CALL NOTES for March 19 2020

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Bruce's  BIG CALL NOTES for March 19 2020 Empty Bruce's BIG CALL NOTES for March 19 2020

Post by Ponee Thu Mar 19, 2020 11:46 am

 Bruce’s Big Call Replay LINK   Intel begins at 56:20 min mark

LINK TO AUDIO  https://www.dinardaily.net/t91902-bruce-big-call-audio#363904

Welcome everybody to The Big Call tonight – it’s Tuesday March 17th and you’re listening to The Big Call – Happy St. Patrick’s Day and thanks for tuning in everybody - all over the globe

We are in a really interesting time right now  because I’ve been in this thing going on my 16th year – I’ve been involved in the currencies and this is the 9th year on The Big Call – I think it’s interesting that – I know many of you don’t go back that far – many of you are in this a year – 2 years – 3 years – 5 years – whatever – and it seems like a long time – and it is - but you got to realize that some of us “old timers”  and I know some of them  that have been in for a long time – some people have posted in the past –

The point is – this thing has evolved – this whole thing has moved forward finally to where we are seeing things happen that we didn’t use to see in the past - 

We heard certain things would happen – we actually heard certain things would happen at this time that are taking place – right now as we speak – and that is a very positive way to look at it –

I know that we are all in situations where we might be feeling a little bit of anxiety – you cannot tune in the news without hearing something that sounds negative – that sounds like doom and gloom scenarios –

Even some of the guys I like to listen to – I’m getting some of that doom and gloom – so I just want to say that try not to take it all so literally – try to realize that even I push away from the news – even I realize that it’s important to get outside – walk – listen to the birds – appreciate God’s beautiful creation – and enjoy that – at a time like this you need to take a deep breath – pray – meditate – be confident of that very thing that we are looking forward to –

Many of you have the gift of discernment – I feel like I have a pretty good gift of discernment – I can tell and take a look at something and hear something and tell if it is true and factual – see if it is something I want to share on the call – I have had that opportunity for 9 years now to be able to do that - that has not changed – I still have that capability – to take what I’m hearing and glean the truth from it –

Now, does it make it happen any faster?  No – Does it mean that Bruce is right all of the time? No I’m not because occasionally something I get is factual and happened but sometimes the prediction of if then statement – if this – if then – if that  statements don’t work out  -

We’ve been told for weeks that the core or sovereign groups were paid or being paid and so on and yet we have no evidence of it - no evidence it occurred - 

Today it is slightly different – it’s quite a bit different because certain things that have been promised to happen are finally happening and I am glad to be able to report that to you

For example at 3pm eastern time today the sovereign groups were to have started paying out and this would include CMKX – prosperity packages starting – and some of the other sovereign groups like the Indian claims - Farm claims – fines and penalties – adjudicated settlements etc

What we do have evidence of so far is that CMKX by now is over halfway complete – that is a very positive thing – we did not have that – we actually had a percentage – it’s close to half and that was a couple hours ago – so things are moving along in that regard –

Now, let’s go back for a minute – at 2 oclock eastern time tonight there’s to be an information blackout -  let’s call it even a total blackout – from at least 2-6 oclock eastern – now has that continued? I don’t think so – but I know that during that blackout time that was an opportunity for the start of these groups – sovereign groups – ect etc etc - to start being paid – I can’t tell you if there’s evidence for those groups that are based out west – whether they have started or not - but they were supposed to be included in those that would have started –

Now that would fall under Tier 4A so they may be positioned to start and have not received their verification but those groups are to receive either 1 or 2% of their overall funds - depending on the deal as soon as they are notified and can go to reference their accounts and see those - they will have access to those funds

Now, that is moving this thing forward – again by the time of this call tonight I do not have absolute verification that those groups have started but they were to start – so we will have to wait and see what develops over tonight and tomorrow as far as that goes

Where do we stand in the mix? We are positioned to go either with Tier 4A groups of which there are many - or to go immediately after – and that was going to be a result of emails going out to notify those groups and emails from the Wells Fargo Server and it’s like more than 422, 016 (estimate) on the WF server that were to go out with the toll free number

We are hearing they should go out tomorrow - that does not mean I am calling it – it means that is what I am hearing – from good sources that are tied to Wells Fargo – we will see if that is the case

All I can say is the information is good and it's moving and pointing toward things happening for us in the next couple of days - I am very encouraged by that – we are transitioning now

First of all  we are in level 3 of Martial Law – there are 4 levels to it –things are tightening up a bit and there’s been the discussion about restaurants closing for dining in – bars closing – restaurants doing drive in only –

My whole point is we are in that level 3 right now – Level 4 is more of lockdown mode – more of a curfew/lockdown situation - like what is going on in New Rochelle –

Are we going to go to that?  My sources say NO – there is no need to - we don’t have to get to level 4 - we can hang out in level 3 – social distancing - but able to go outside – go to stores - banks are open and my sources say they do not have to close –

The reason is – what’s going on now we are in “transition” from the fiat dollar to the gold backed dollar – in transition to the gold standard - but it might not complete until April 1-2 - maybe before then – somewhere  in the vicinity of  29th /30th of March

So we are in transition – we’re going through this whole thing as the banks are transitioning as well - completely over to the QF System –

Here are 3 things I have heard today - the banks are NOT originating any mortgages until Monday –

They are not originating any loans – like car loans – until Monday –

They are making those transitions out of fiat currency –

The other thing is they are not giving proof of funds letters until Monday - that means for purchasing a house or another large ticket item that proof of funds letter would not be valid because being based of fiat currency instead of the new  USN currency that is about to come out

Now, a lot of what we are going to be doing is digital – we know that - all of the funds that we’re transitioning for except for a little cash at the redemption center will be digital – that’s cool –

Now, the dollars that we get at the redemption center may still be our fiat money – but I know they’ve printed the new USN or USTN - they’ve printed them all the way from the 100 - 50 - 20 10 and 5 – they have those - printed and at the banks is my understanding  and verified from one bank

Now, when is that going to come out? I would say when this was announced – when the gold backed currency is announced – and when the new dollar the new USTN is announced etc - that may still be later in the month or could be even sooner - I don’t know how quickly that’s going to come out –

Now, that does not really matter to us – our fiat currency will spend just fine – don’t get too much at the redemption center – you can get up to 14,000 but I don’t know of a real need to get that much – you are going to have a debit/credit card which you can put quite a few dollars on I think up to 15 million – you can have on that black card – and you can also have a line of credit

Let’s talk about the exchange for a minute - as we’re transitioning the banks are transitioning to complete rollover to the Quantum Financial system and the Real Time Payment System –

Here’s what’s happening at the redemption center – when you go - 2 things – when you call for your appointment – if you are a Zim + other currency holder – they will probably – even if you’re not a Zim holder - offer to send you a LINK either by text or email which most will take by email – or by twitter the LINK to the DVD video we’ve talked about – this is to bring you up to speed on what’s going on with the banks –

Now, most of the listeners of the Big Call know this stuff but it is something you’re going to want to watch once or even twice before your appointment – they will send that to you by text or email as you are setting up appointments – they will send to you so that you can preview before your appointment – consider yourself watching a 12-15 min video if you are a Zim holder or other currencies you will have the full video

Make sure you watch it and understand – it will prepare you better for going in to the redemption – now when you go you may want to be about 10 mins before your scheduled time – our appointments are only supposed to go about 20-25 mins –

You will make a second appt to meet with private bankers in 5 days maybe 10 – that’s kinda up in the air – you will find out when you get there and you will have follow up appt to go into other things like security – private banking - etc – It will not be at the redemption center but at a Tier 1 bank or with at wealth management for the Tier 1 bank

Now, here’s what they are going to do before you walk through those doors into the bank – they are going to check your temperature – not sure which technique they will use – but will check before and as you go out after appointment - They will be using a type of silicone glove while they are counting the money – and they will offer us gloves

We will do our apt – know your customer verification – pony up money for counting and verification through delarue machine - then you will do your presentation for your projects with 8-10 mins allowed – while including negotiating rates - then talking about setting up new accounts - then you can get up to 3 cashier checks – maybe do a bank wire or two – then get perks sheet to read over –

Hopefully you take that sheet home – to decide on for second appointment – you then will negotiate your structured payout – which could be up to 25 years or more – if you request it – you will talk about and negotiate the interest rate –

We talked about the 80 / 20 rule – this is about the Zim - they want 80% of the Zim to be used for humanitarian projects and 20% for your personal both of which can be in a structured payout - if you have other currencies you can have full access / full liquidity to all of the money from them – dong – dinar – yuan – rial – rupiah – etc in 31 hours

I told you that I was going to keep those in separate accounts then the Zim account – that is just how I planned to do it - partly because the Zim is in a structured payout – and the other currencies will be in an account but not a structured payout -

So that is the over / under of what it’s going to look like - we have reason to believe that the groups are finally being paid out – I imagine this will continue overnight and maybe through tomorrow but with any success we could be there as early as tomorrow – based on this movement – based on the completion of these groups that’s what it looks like – we will see if it happens – if it doesn’t don’t shoot me

I do feel really good about where we are right now – even in the midst of this corona virus scenario – so called China virus –

Okay, let’s talk about a few things I forgot about – let’s talk about the checks that were talked about yesterday and today that might go out – remember the $1,000 + ? Well I have information that suggests those are going to go out starting Thursday – 2 days from now – by Fed X – UPS – USPS and also some will be direct deposit – like social security - I think that is what will happen for those people –

Now, here’s the thing – that has been talked about – maybe a little more than $1,000 – Over 18 qualifies – here’s the thing - the amount of that check my understanding is between $1117 -$1456  -

We are looking at that as the first fruits of Universal Basic Income - UBI – guaranteed monthly income – if that is true – which is part of NESARA – we are to see a second round of UBI payments going out starting the first week of April – I think this one single check going out if it’s a physical check it will be from the US Treasury – if it’s an official check or direct deposit the theory is it’s a so called one time check but look forward to Universal Basic Income to start in the first week of April –

Now, how much is the UBI? It’s supposed to start at $1750 all the way up to $4,000 per month – What qualifies you for the various amounts and they have a complete formula figured out – already calculated for every person - 

It has to do with how many mortgages you’ve had in the past – and possibly currently – how many loans you’ve had (car loans and other types) through the banks or whatever –

I get the feeling and understanding that the more mortgages / activity / loans etc that you have had and the longer you have been employed the higher the UBI might be –

This is in reference to the initial $1117 - $1456 – the so called one time check -

If you are earning over $200,000 or more per year I understand that check will be cut to $500

If you are a multi-millionaire you will not get a check – that is my understanding –

Realize that this is early – preliminary information – but what I am hearing - 

It’s interesting to think though in terms of the Universal Basic Income starting as a part of NESARA theoretically in April - let’s watch that – it won’t affect us either way if you’re exchanging and certainly if you are a Zim holder it won’t make much of a difference to you – so be aware of that –

Be aware of things happening that are a part of NESARA – there’s been over 300 thousand people that have been forgiven of student loans – they’ve been zeroed out - there are other indicators that we are in a debt jubilee – there was even a congressman on last night on the news that talked about going to China and asking them strongly to forgive our debt with them - which sounds to me like most of our national debt

Now, could that happen? Because China did not defend well against this virus and basically kept a lot of information from coming out early? I don’t know -- we’ll see –

I believe that the national debt will essentially go away – and will go away fairly quickly based on the exchanges of the Zim that are taking place – so let’s listen to see how it is on the news when it does come out – about either refinancing the national debt which President Trump talked about yesterday because the rates are so low or whether its refinanced and essentially goes away – that’s probably what will happen anyway –

I’m not sure but I understand that our tax filing date which is normally April 15 – it was suggested If I heard it right - that we would be able to use an extension like we normally would to maybe take our extension date all the way to October 15th - check with your CPA or tax attorney if that is doable for 2019 filing

Now the understanding that I have – if we do defer our filing date and extend it like that we won’t be charged interest or penalties on the amount of tax we owe to do that – that was preliminary – that’s what I got today from Treasury Secretary Mnuchin – so you guys have to kinda check on that on your own – don’t take it as gospel – just check with your own tax advisers / CPA whatever you are using – for 2019

We don’t know whether everything we’re going to get based on 2020 taxes could possibly come back to affect us for 2019 – It’s hard to say at this point – I’m just suggesting there is a possibility of something happening  - We will find out when it comes to our filing

We know the IRS is being rolled into the Treasury – it’s already happened – we’ve got 2-6 agents in the IRS that are positioned in each state – that’s already happening and that is to be able to collect the so called consumption tax of approximately 15% that is built into the pricing hopefully in boarded into the pricing of new goods – not used homes - not food - not medical prescriptions - drugs that sort of thing –

It’s similar to the value added tax but not exactly the same as they have in Europe – We understand there is a very good possibility that under NESARA that personal income tax will go away on the Federal level and at the state level - we’ll see how that rolls out – Just be aware that is what’s been talked about and in the NESARA legislation – we’ll see how quickly it’s enacted and whether or not that’s a truism or not

That is going to be really interesting to see – I don’t think that affect corporate taxes – I believe corporate and business taxes will continue so we will see how that goes – try not to draw an opinion about that yet

I think we are right here in the midst of the start of NESARA – debt forgiveness - transitioning to a gold backed currency – which we call the USN and I think everybody can take a deep breath and realize that we are finally there

We are in transition now and I would like for everybody to use their gift of discernment – to discern the truth from what you are reading – Here’s another point - we are not going to level 4 of Martial Law – at least according to my sources they are saying “No” we don’t need to –

You’ve heard some things or read some things about the internet going down – you’ve heard about the TV on cable or on satellite – going down or radio – No not happening – that is not true and you cannot believe the 12 days of darkness - it’s not going to be like that – they need Cable up TV up – the internet up -  and they need radio up – all for the Emergency Broadcasting  System to come out – they’re going to use it – it’s going to be there and maybe we’ll have some things disclosed on the EBS  but they are not planning to take down any of those media  - so breathe a sigh of relief about that –

They actually have a new band of frequencies that have been set up by the FCC to allow us to use doctors by telephone called telladoc (spelling?)– some of it might be with Skype - could be with other video platforms Zoom or something else – but we know that those band of frequencies are set up for the patient to talk directly to the doctor without going to the office and for the doctor to communicate to CDC  as well – Center for Disease Control

So you’ve got it working from the patient to the doctor and from the doctor to the CDC -  that separate band of frequencies have been set  up to do that – that’s another cool thing that’s happening –

So, guys, we’re in a good position – we just need to let these things come together for us and hopefully this is over the next 12 to 24 hours and we get notified and we get to start

Of course you’ve got to understand – under level  3 the military has been called in position in each state to monitor and help any activity that’s going on in each state – they are not to cross over any state lines – they are called for each individual state to stay there to monitor and defend the state – that’s good- it’s all good for us – it means far less disruption when we go – far less activity from any nefarious sources to come to try to do anything to us – and that is exactly what this corona virus has allowed to happen – it is a perfect smoke screen – a perfect opportunity for us to go in under that guise of the protection for the corona virus

Let’s be positive about how that looks for us and where we’re going and how fast we are going to get in and out – So I am extremely excited about where we are – I feel good about it – I think I’ve given  you everything I meant to bring tonight

I feel like we may have another call Thursday we may not – it could be a celebration call maybe not -  we’ll see – I am going to leave it open because we do want to take you over the threshold of redemption and we may want to be in touch with you through this period as the virus wanes

We’ll see what happens with restrictions – I wouldn’t be surprised that after this week they relax a little in some ways – part of that is because there’s a major, major effort for clean- up and delivery – you know what I mean by that – clean-up on aisle 3 - going on throughout the world right now – started Saturday- supposed to go through Thursday - let’s see what happens between now and then and I would say everybody if you need to for your own health of mind stay away from the news –

Stay away and take what you’re hearing with a grain of salt and try to glean the truth using your gift of discernment - as to what is real and what is not –

Remember those of us on this call – majority of which are believers understand that we walk by faith and not by sight – Having all to do – we stand – so listen we need to see this through the eyes of faith – we need to press into the things of God and realize that this is part of it – part of our crucible - going through this – the refining process

Everybody chill  make sure you prep – don’t overdo it – just buy what you need – thank you for listening – we are in a very acute period of things happening and of course I always learn more after the call than I know now  - Hang in there – keep doing well


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