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MarkZ: "It is unfolding hot, and heavy and hard" 3/17/20 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

MarkZ: "It is unfolding hot, and heavy and hard" 3/17/20

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MarkZ: "It is unfolding hot, and heavy and hard" 3/17/20 Empty MarkZ: "It is unfolding hot, and heavy and hard" 3/17/20

Post by RamblerNash Tue Mar 17, 2020 10:50 pm


MZ: Hearing some interesting things…..on the domestic side I hear things are not stalled …just processing while they try to figure out the logistics of how to get “who” where….those kind of things….

MZ: On the banking side from Europe and Hong Kong I was told money has moved on the Zim from paymasters to people. But there is still a “hold” on it. I am trying to find out from people I know over there “Can they see it?” Is it really in their accounts? Is this a rumor?  If its true…this is a huge sign….a great sign……

MZ: Nothing new on packages, CMKX or settlements yet. I am still told they are positioned and waiting for logistical issues to be worked out for deliveries……

MZ: Other than that we are still sitting here eating popcorn and watching the show. It is unfolding hot, and heavy and hard…..They have to reset the currency now…..they have nothing left…there is nothing you or I can do but watch it play out. 

Q: Do the markets need to crash before we see the reset?

MZ: No, they don’t have to….  It depends on how they roll it out…..the whole goal was to keep the people from suffering…

MZ: It is rolling out all around us…..you can see it….It’s not pretty…but its happening…….

Member:  did you see Trump said China was going to reimburse us for economic damages based on China's handling of the outbreak?

Member:  US debt to China wiped out?

Member:  when this is over we will be on the gold standard

Member:  There’s talk of shutting down stock market tomorrow

Member:  stock market set new records yesterday. The Dow suffered its worst point loss in history, closing down 2,997 points at 20,188.52, which effectively erases all of its gains in the last three years

Member:  Dow also had its second worst percentage loss in history yesterday, losing 12.93 percent. That loss is only exceeded by Black Monday, October 19, 1987, when the Dow lost 22.6 percent

Member:  feds pumped a trillion into the market and it's still sinking

Member:  GLENN Beck was very interesting as he lays out the seriousness of how we are 5 times worse NOW than the 2008 crash. There is no way we are NOT at the point of NO return!! God bless all!!!

Member:  US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin Appoints Coinbase Chief Legal Officer to Oversee Banking System - Blockbuster News   QFS System is coming alive before us.

MZ: Yes it is……..exciting to watch

Member:  The Fed tried to give away $1 trillion to Wall Street yesterday and failed, suggesting specific banks are in trouble. The Fed rolled out a punch bowl to an empty party

Member:  Trump is a Genius ... does it feel like Martial Law now with the Virus? What a great time to implement the Gold Standard and GCR ... the works is already in place!!!

Q: my question is how are people going to pay their mortgages and bills if they're not working for months??????

Member: good time to change to a Republic constitutional rule of law while courts are shut down for awhile

MZ: Yes…..courts are being shut down left and right….

Member: Stafford act is coming soon

MZ: Yes we are watching this…its rolling out…...its a great opportunity to squeeze in Nesara with debt forgiveness….even Mitt Romney says we should send everyone a grand a month!!!  Just watch….the conversation has started….they are dripping it on us…getting us ready for it…..

Member:  How about this.  -- Senator Mitt Romney is proposing that each adult in the US get $1,000 money from the government (helicopter money) with more to be considered in subsequent months.

Member:  NESARA Act and Gesara sounds absolutely heavenly in and if itself for ppl.

Member:  Med Beds... GCR / Gesara includes disclosure and release of suppressed technologies.... zero point energy, med beds, etc

Q: Debt Jubilee happening yet?

MZ: We are right in the middle of it…..We have already seen them pull the trigger on student loans….we are seeing freezing of foreclosures….more and more states have announced it…..this is Nesara….you want see them remove those things and then take them back…we are in the middle of it. 

Member: Next we need to see that income tax stopped, Vat or flat tax implemented and the Fed and IRS die……arrests of the bad guy cabal……and maybe those med beds and new technology that has been suppressed finally released……..Can’t wait for that…..

Member: it is rolling out like it is supposed to

MZ:  yes it is….if it wasn’t for the people who are suffering…it would be fascinating to watch it roll out.

Member: Martial Law is coming….stock up

MZ: I have been told that……here in N. Carolina they are planning on shutting down bars and restaurants starting this evening…..8 states now have shut them down.

MZ: I hear from a military source that most interstate travel will be halted starting on Wed. Except people who need to be traveling. (truckers, ect.)

Member: they have appointed a new PM in Iraq.  Has 30 days to appoint cabinet.

MZ: I heard that…..I heard from one contact in Iraq who says they expect to start depegging on Wed. of their currency……that may be the “go” for us

Member:  Mass arrests are happening all over the world right now

Member:  On a great note there arresting all the pedophiles and all the sickos in Hollywood

Member:  They are getting gangs right now off the streets

Member:  CABAL players will NOT EXCHANGE!!!!

Member:  i heard form the 1 april till the 10 .. 10 days of Darkness ,.. (maybe no Web) OMG ...We better Go Before that !?

Member:  I’m thinking “darkness” in communication world with POTUS keeping us informed....correctly!

Member:  Heard the speculation that this was supposed to end April 1 when the RV for all concluded and 10 days of darkness with Emergency broadcasts only!

Member:  April 1st through April 10th Days of Darkness! Only Presidential Emergency Alerts! During the Alerts, they will be updating the Public with Arrests, Military Tribunals, etc.

Member:  The VIRUS issue is an opportune time to use it as a distraction to work the redemption / exchanges ..

Member:  Q says WWG1WGA ….Trust The PLAN…. God WINS

Member:  See the good in something when you hit a low..and try to do a small good thing for you and somebody else. Blessings to all

Member:  Melania Trump :Consider taking advantage of time working from home to connect with your loved ones via email or FaceTime, spend time w family, or work on your well-being by reading a book or spending time on a hobby.

Member: We are all a Part of.... HISTORY BEING MADE !!!

Q: do you feel we will see this happen in March or is it pushed back to April now?

MZ: I may get lots of flack for this but I really think we will see it in the last week of March….I think we will see it before April …I think they are desperate to figure out just how to do it…

MZ: pray for your President …..you can see the haunted look in his eyes as they try to get this all out…..and make sure the fewest people suffer as possible.

MZ: We with foreign currency will be great- we are positioned well….but many will suffer short term as this all settles out. Be sure to “Pay it Forward”  do not sit on millions while people starve….

MZ: The sun will come out tomorrow and better days are coming….yes they are.


MZ: The next scheduled stream is 10AM est tomorrow. I will be back sooner if I get big news…..

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