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MarkZ: "We are told the IQD is supposed to unpeg from the US dollar and start floating today" 3/13/20 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

MarkZ: "We are told the IQD is supposed to unpeg from the US dollar and start floating today" 3/13/20

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MarkZ: "We are told the IQD is supposed to unpeg from the US dollar and start floating today" 3/13/20 Empty MarkZ: "We are told the IQD is supposed to unpeg from the US dollar and start floating today" 3/13/20

Post by RamblerNash Sun Mar 15, 2020 1:44 pm

MZ: Happy Friday the 13th…..is everyone enjoying their front row seat to the fiat implosion?

MZ: We are sitting here positioned….everything is ready….noone has been paid yet…..all we can do is guess at the timing…….The perfect storm is here for the reset…..

MZ: Banking rumors say it could happen today….other rumors say it will be on april 1st…..all we can do is watch.

Q: Will the IQD float today?

MZ: We are told the IQD is supposed to unpeg from the US dollar and start floating today….we are watching it closely. I think today will be an evolving news day.

Member: NESARA has been proposed as of last night by a dem presidential candidate. $1000 Universal Income plan. $1000/every American!!!!

MZ: I had not seen that one…..

Member: It was Tulsi Gabbard

Member: have some info, the virus was started as a military operation to make the mass arrest …. once the mass arrest the virus will vanish

Member: 600 arrests in Mexico yesterday

Member: arrests happening in Italy

Member: Brazil’s President tested positive for Corona Virus. Just announced on Fox

Member: Watched a twitter video yesterday, guy saying was told by JP Morgan high up that the COVID was a cover up for the economy transition...interesting!

Member: They shouldn’t have called us crazy and rolled their eyes!!!!!

Member: The disorder the cabal wanted is the perfect order the RV community needs

Member: think this is Trump way of doing away with taxes and letting rats know it

MZ: Doing away with the payroll tax will help small businesses right now…….

Member: Kent Dunn on The Quantum Shift said to have cash in hand, banking will be effected for a time. Also have 3 wks minimum food water, pet food ect.

Member: Big work being done amidst the COVID craziness.An Iranian Rev Guard commander was taken out a few days ago, CENTCOM destroyed weapons depots last night. Also, DOJ announced results of Project Python

Member: The great awakening is world wide

Member: President just announced he will be speaking at 3pm! I will be having a news conference today at 3:00 P.M., The White House. Topic: CoronaVirus!

Mr. Cottrell joins the stream about minute 15:00

MC: Welcome to the war of the financial world in 2020….We have a 3 ring war going on just as we did in World War 2…and it’s just as dirty.

We have the Corona virus that I believe was put in place by the rats to get even, to take down people and blame it on China……..but as usual, due to their stupidity and overbearance it didn’t work the way they thought it was going to work. People are getting well….they aren’t getting dead. And it’s causing all kinds of problems with them.

But, due to the fact the rats control the media for the most part all over the world….. there is mass panic. It reminds me of “the War of the Worlds” in the 1930’s……folks were worried about the Martians landing……For that reason we have closings, sports shut down…ect…..

What we have is a rolling shut down……caused by this corona ….In 2015 Interpol and those in charge of the funds for the Golden Dragon, begged the Golden Dragon to allow them to shut down and “kill” the market…destroy it and start over. At that time he said “No way- we do not enough gold to support the recapitalization of the world’s markets…..” and he forbade them from doing it then.

So, here we are in 2020. We do not have a crashing of markets by the way….we have a correction taking place which is needed because there is about 30% of fat in it based on derivatives.

Basically what we have is a “just in time”delivery system that was put in place by crazy trade one sided trade agreements by the rats to mastermind as many dollars as they could in kickbacks….. “Just in time” production has a problem when there is a hiccup in the system.

So that is what we are seeing….95% of drugs being produced for the US is in China…and much more..China is shut down due to the Covid virus….and nobody is producing anything. …and everybody is panicked…..The rats are trying to increase that panic. Chicken Little is running around with hair on fire….everybody is shutting everything down.

When you do that here is what happens…..the economy shuts down….when the economy shuts down, people lose their jobs…there is no money for anything just like we see in Italy. Countries are going bankrupt……

Guess what? That is exacty what we want to happen! We want the whole regime to die.

The third circus ring we have is Russians out there doing what they agreed to do in Moscow 2013…and that is doing anything necessary to kill the rat regime, the Petro fiat dollar. They have carte blanche to do it. We are now looking at $30-$31 a buck for a barrel of oil. This will crash fracking which needs $58 a barrel of oil to pay off debt.

In Europe what they are trying to do is put money into the system. Where are they getting the money from…they are stone broke. It’s magic money….it’s digital…..but it doesn’t pay the bills……it’s not a credit anymore because they are not accepting the US dollar as a credible trading currency..

What we have is a confluence of 3 separate wars happening and merging into one…just like in World War 2. And what we are going to see in April or May or June, the complete collapse of this whole rotten system. During this time there will be a suffering and education of the populace. They will learn just how bad this system is. IMO I am ecstatic at what is happening…..If we have to suffer a little –its worth it to pay that price for the new system.

MZ: I agree but, I hate to see people suffering….I know a lot of people think it was ll done on purpose…...I don’t think they did this on purpose….i think it happened…it forced the issue…..and they are taking advantage of the opportunity created by it.

MC. But look who started it….the Chinese are already saying it was put out by the Rothschilds , by the army…….that probably is true…..

Be sure to listen to the replay for the entire chat and Q&A:

Member: Will you let us know if something big goes down today

MZ: If anything big happens I will be back….I do expect to have a stream this weekend , even if its just to pop in for a few minutes to keep in touch.

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