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The Big Call w/ Bruce Intel Notes 3/12/20 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

The Big Call w/ Bruce Intel Notes 3/12/20

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The Big Call w/ Bruce Intel Notes 3/12/20 Empty The Big Call w/ Bruce Intel Notes 3/12/20

Post by RamblerNash Sun Mar 15, 2020 1:41 pm

Welcome everybody to The Big Call tonight – it’s Thursday March 12TH and you’re listening to The Big Call – Thanks for tuning in everybody - all over the globe

We did get a few things since last Tuesday hut the majority of it is just expectations- the fact that we are looking forward to the completion of everything – Guys, I’m not going to call it but everything that we’ve got is pointing to tomorrow (Friday) - I’m just saying, that’s what I’m getting –

Now, I’ll tell you why – I hope most of you were able to catch the President’s speech from the Oval Office last night at 9pm Eastern – It was a very short speech - way shorter than I thought it was going to be – but he covered some things that you guys should have heard if you were paying attention – and some of them were pointing toward - essentially toward us –

He talked in terms of this being a National Health Emergency – or words close to that - that is where we get the concept of national emergency – he talked about that – he also mentioned Martialing efforts – something to that effect in the beginning I was moving around – that was a reference to Martial Law - which essentially we are under now – 24 hours after he made that announcement about being in a health emergency

So, what does that mean? All that means for us we won’t notice anything different – all it amounts to is the way we are protecting the country – using our military against anything that could come in and disrupt what it is we are getting ready to do and also to keep everybody more or less in a very calm and panic free state of mind with a secure border – all of that stuff that goes with it –

It is a very positive thing for us – We understand that the President is due to make another announcement or speech of some kind on Saturday – I don’t have a time but my understanding is that it may be – specifically geared toward economic aid or help – something that we can look forward to – I think he may go into more detail about the moratorium let’s call it on payroll taxes –

We were right in the sense that – to delay payroll taxes for the balance of the year – I think is exactly what we thought and that was a lead in as the first fruits of NESARA –

The other idea of possibly deferring the tax due date which is normally April 15th - taking that out possibly, I don’t know when - maybe October 15th – I don’t know –

So, there is something that is going to be there or maybe some more things that come along with that - It’s hard to say exactly what they are but if they do come out it could be making reference to what we know is in NESARA –

I just think that whatever comes out will be very positive for us when we do hear it – Now, the market dropped 2300 some odd points today – I believe – (2357 maybe) at the close – it was a major hit – 8% or whatever – and these days like this may continue – there has been some discussion in the past – you guys remember if you’ve been in this for a while – of the market needing to drop – as much as 50% -

That would be a huge drop even from where we are right now – a huge drop – and it could continue – longer – and that is part of the plan - really, believe it or not – It IS a part of the plan –

I have every reason to believe that the markets will go back up and it may take a while – and it could be pretty quickly after it hits bottom – whatever that “bottom” is - It’s hard to say where it’s going to be right now –

I would say keep an eye on it – don’t worry about it – don’t check your 401K’s – just let it go – it’s not going to matter for you that are in the currencies anyway – but it’s obviously something you want to know about - and you’ll probably stay tuned but don’t look right now – no sense in getting upset about that –

This is something that is part and parcel of something we are looking to do – this is part of it - Even the USD as the dollar – our current fiat dollar is going to take a major hit – and probably drop another 40% in value – but realistically – it’s going away – it does not really matter to us because it is going away –

What’s really going to make a difference is our USN – our new gold backed dollar - takes over and is put in – I know its digital but it will still be there for us to have as the basis of our dollar – the USN – the N stands for NEW dollar – I call it USTN because it’s also known as US Treasury Note

I can tell you this much – when we get on to our new tax plan you will have between 2 and 4 IRS agents per state that’s it – because the taxes are going to be collected at the state level as something similar to a value added tax - considered a consumption tax – somewhere in the 15% range –

My understanding is that the Federal Income Tax and the State Income Tax will actually go away – as part of the NESARA – let’s let the President bring that out in due season - but I believe that is something we are going to find out about in some form or fashion here pretty soon –

Remember when we may have talked about the 10 Days of Disclosure? My latest understanding of that is that it is supposed to start on Monday – I mean 12 Days of Disclosure –

I don’t know if that is going to be on a PBS type channel or what channels exactly – but I think will continue with announcements for 12 days – starting Monday – let’s see how that plays out –

This is designed for us to go even while the markets are dropping – we do not have to wait for these markets to drop all the way down to the 50% of market value -

My understanding is things are really good – we know that the redemption centers are staffed and going in early tomorrow – like 8:15 - and I think we’re going to be in good shape if we just stay with this a little bit longer – may not be much longer either -

I feel good about what I’m hearing – rates we don’t really talk much about – the Zim however is going to be …. Even the default rate is going to be good – meaning the very minimum that you get –

It’s important that you do a good job with your presentation – to be able to negotiate the rate higher – how much money you are going to need in the first 90 days – plan it out – let them know for personal and for projects –

My understanding is they have made a decision to treat our Zim exchanges similarly to the way they treat trading program or a Zim platform program in the sense of the 80/20 rule – I call it - meaning 80% of the proceeds go to humanitarian projects and 20% goes to whatever you want to do personally – 80/20 is what they are expecting I believe to set these things at –

It is still your money – all of it is your money - but they are going to help you designate the 80% toward humanitarian projects – If you do not have any – you do not want to partner with us in rebuild America - then you’re looking to use some of the projects that the banks have from the make America Great Again List - supposedly 250 projects – that is an option for you as well –

Will you need a billion dollars in 90 days? Probably not – Will you need a few hundred million? Maybe, yeah – We’re going to be buying properties that need to be completely redone - buying vacant properties - existing properties that need to be restored – there will be a little bit of everything-

Remember that you will be able to get at least 3 Proof of Funds letters for buying real-estate – that’s really for your own personal real-estate purchase –

When you tell them what currencies you have – dong – dinar – zim etc – you let them know that – if you are a multi-currency person or Zim plus – they will be able to send you probably the full 10-15 min DVD video link that you can watch on your computer – supposedly they can send this as an email - a text – or a twitter feed - you just let them know when you call in which way you would like it sent

By seeing that video ahead of time that saves 4 minutes at the redemption center where you just see a portion of the video – It may be beneficial to watch and more than once and learn something that you had not thought of before – so that when you go in – you will be doing a few minutes of Know your customer – proofing up your passport – driver license – electric bill - gas bill – so they see you as a real person – then you go right into counting the currency and verifying it – coming up with totals – then you go into your presentation - then rate negotiation – then setting up account – maybe one or 2 – then get the access card

By the way – if you have any other currencies besides Zim you are going to have access to all of the value of that exchange of currencies NOT ZIM – of currencies – in 31 hours – thirty one hours – from your initial appointment you will have full access to those funds

I am personally going to keep those funds separate in another bank in an account just as I will keep them in my mind to what I got from the currencies – the Zim is the 80/20 rule 80% humanitarian and 20% personal – will go in a structured payout – which could be 25 – 50 y ears – in my case I will ask for 50 and just take it all the way out - both the 80 & 20 will receive that interest and in my case pay quarterly – that gives me 90 days to figure out how to spend and invest it all – before the next quarter interest payment comes in

It’s a great problem to have and we’re going to figure out ways to do it believe me – we’re going to do the very best we can to get this money out there to help people without dropping it out of an airplane – that is not the plan – to just throw money out there – you’ve got to invest in people’s lives – with help – education – job training – programs – mentorships – apprenticeships – a part of rebuild America

That is pretty much of what I wanted to bring to you tonight – we don’t know for sure if this is it but it sounds like it is but let’s see what happens tomorrow – mid to late morning – hopefully this is finally it – thank you everybody - keep the faith -

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