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MarkZ: "I do not believe that will affect our rates or contract prices" 3/12/20 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

MarkZ: "I do not believe that will affect our rates or contract prices" 3/12/20

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MarkZ: "I do not believe that will affect our rates or contract prices" 3/12/20 Empty MarkZ: "I do not believe that will affect our rates or contract prices" 3/12/20

Post by RamblerNash Thu Mar 12, 2020 9:27 pm

MZ: I am still hearing they want to have this out the door and some people in the banks by Friday.

MZ: I hope this is true…we need it especially with so much fear running around. Look for a lot of news to come out today.

MZ: We still don’t have any spendable dollars. One Zurich contact isn’t looking for actual money in their accounts until Monday because of the way the banking system works. They believe they will get a release of funds later tomorrow, but no spendable funds until the first of the week because of the banking system.

Member:  Isaac in Zurich; Today hsbc told me I will be liquid in 72 hours and credit suisse the same , as of today all was approved and 6 banks are involved so let’s keep the faith…Maybe I will be liquid Monday

MZ: On deliveries, I hear the goal is to have the first packages out the door today. I will cross my fingers because I am one of those. If they have some kind of NDA I may have to go away so I don’t lose dollars. Until we see the NDA- we don’t know what to do.

MZ: I assume we are all staring at the market today….Less then 10 minutes in and there is the first halt…..Federal Reserve announced they are positioning themselves to purchase stocks to prop the market.   Wow…that’s one way to bail it out I guess…. 

MZ: Deutshebank down $5.74…this is one of the things we are watching because of the banking implosion.

MZ: This should be one of the biggest news days we have seen in quite awhile

MZ: I will do a second stream tonight at 7pm est……it was with CBD gurus but know I will have lots of news by then as well.

Member:  Today is the day the dinar will start floating as soon as the UN gives their blessing.….all sanctions have been lifted.

MZ: I am hearing the same thing…..today should be a very busy news day.

Member:  Oil prices is a major reason forcing Iraq to float their currency. The rate was set at $56 + a barrel. Trump is pushing Iraq to unpeg from the USD, which needs to happen for this RI to take place.

Member”  Oil prices is a major reason forcing Iraq to float their currency. The rate they had valued was set at $56 + a barrel. They are into their reserves now and Trump is pushing Iraq to unpeg from the USD, which needs to happen for this RI to take place.

Q: Do you think Iraq will float their currency?

MZ: Yes I do…..It makes the most sense to me……I do not believe that will affect our rates or contract prices. They know roughly where its going to float to……I always assumed it would float. It’s the easiest way for them to buy it off the street. As soon as it starts to float a lot of people will go ahead and exchange. The float makes economic sense.

BowlerAddict:  I heard yesterday that another short delay took place that stopped it happening last Tuesday. 24 to 36 hours from yesterday is suppose to be a 'Go".

Member:  ALL markets rocked today! Stocks, crypto's , metals

Member:  Dow down 1867.20

Member:  Dow was down over 2,000 points a few minutes ago

Member:  Federal reserve offered  $270 Billion in loans to wall street today

MZ: It would be way better to give every man, woman and child in the US about $1k…It would be way better than giving it to wall street.

MZ: Central banks in other countries are giving funds to the people instead….When Iceland went through their crash they gave it to the people…not the banks….not the markets…… and arrested the bankers.

Member:  When the Fed bails out the banks as is predictable, Trump will use that to show the people how useless they are. Also the Fed move is perfect for Trump to overide/cut them with RV.

Member:  all Fiat $$$ from the Federal reserve to bail out wall street is a fraud. new banking system coming in, the QFS OR QUANTUM FINANCIAL SYSTEM!!

Member:  Does anyone remember when Kim Clement prophesied that dinar would exchange when Dow Jones hit 20000? Could it have meant on the way down, instead of up???

Member:  every one will ask why now . when things look the worse it will happen


Member:  Dow 21,790.61 and falling

Member:  Varney on Fox said stock investors had to sell their gold to cover their positions as the market crashes.

Member:  Nikkei tumbles close to three-year low on pandemic declaration and Trump speech

Member:  One way looks positive some of the deep state will be ending from Corona virus!

Member:  This is the year when the CABAL will be finished and flushed into the toilet

Member:  Federal reserve and IRS GOING DOWN SOON

Member:  They’re extending April 15th out, or are they killing the IRS?

Member:  Trump is ending the FED period.

Member:  pedophiles will be rounded up under the guise of Corona virus Tom Hanks rounded up

Member:  the actors will get the virus to avoid the arrest

Member:  Princess Cruises suspends operations for 60 days; Viking Cruises cancels all cruises due to coronavirus

Member:  they are using this Mark for the arrests.. this is a way to shut down the country so they can get all the bad guys come on people

Member:  Trump hides a lot of his intentions behind this virus. Arrests, No payroll taxes - getting ready for Vat Tax. DEMS in panic.

Trump looked very tired last night

MZ: It would be a very good time to say a prayer for him

Member:  I think Trump is easing us into Nesara. These are big changes in our way of thinking and doing things. Its kind of like getting use to the idea that might be aliens the past few decades. Change makes people panic.

MZ: This is setting the perfect stage for Nesara/Gesara in my opinion.

Member:  Europe has suspended all mortgages and Rent for 90 days. We need that.

Member:  I believe that forgiving the payroll tax was the 1st step towards debt forgiveness = debt jubilee.

MZ: Good point…it really does set the stage for Trump to start a Value Added Tax (VAT) or sales tax instead of income taxes….He may be playing a 5D chess game .

Member: So the deep state corona virus is working to destroy the economy…how can you not see it has deep state written all over it.

MZ: I think it was engineered by the deep state….but, I don’t think they expected it to come out at this time….

Member: Many believe this market crash is from the corona  virus

MZ: This was a house of cards waiting for the right thing to topple it….and the right thing came along…. We are in the middle of a storm right now….


Member:  Zimbabwe announced float yesterday expects to show rates on REUTERS soon

Q:  Mark how long will it take to float till it’s worth to exchange

Member:  I think there will be a lag time for the bank to physically turn over collected currencies to countries for bulk of payments. and that country verification.

BowlerAddict:  Fellow Dinarians, I know what you are saying or feeling. I am in for 9 years, but, I can honestly say this is the closest we have ever been to the RV/RI. Keep hanging in there, we are closer than we have ever been .

MZ: Amen…we are in a front row seat to history…it seems like it is coming unglued…its all helter skelter….the sky is falling….this is a fantastic position for us.  I know its scary, but we are watching it happen right in front of our eyes. .

Dr. Harry joins the stream at about minute 40:00…please listen to replay for all his informatin

MZ: I will be back tonight at 7PM est on the CBD Guru call with any news I may get today…..See you then

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