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 The Big Call w/ Bruce Intel Notes by WiserNow 3/10/20 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

The Big Call w/ Bruce Intel Notes by WiserNow 3/10/20

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 The Big Call w/ Bruce Intel Notes by WiserNow 3/10/20 Empty The Big Call w/ Bruce Intel Notes by WiserNow 3/10/20

Post by RamblerNash Thu Mar 12, 2020 12:21 am

Welcome everybody to The Big Call tonight – it’s Tuesday March 10th and you’re listening to The Big Call – Thanks for tuning in everybody - all over the globe

Alright, Let’s do this, let’s talk a little about where we are in the grand scheme of things - I think what’s interesting is – I was watching the news to try to see if we get an official announcement from the President as far as the plans for stimulus - of income or stimulus economically whatever that was going to look like –

We got a pretty good picture from one of the economic systems that helps the President Larry Kudlow - I call him Kuds – Larry Kudlow did a wonderful job of explaining that we’re anticipating the President; I don’t know exactly when, maybe tomorrow – but he is supposed to come out with something official so that our payroll taxes if you’re an employee that your payroll taxes would be suspended in his opinion - through the end of the year – that’s a nice long time from now – that’s another 9+ months – to suspend those payroll taxes or more basically give us a moratorium on payroll taxes through the end of the yr - Than means you keep more of your money-

Now, I’m going to suggest something about that and there is more to the economic stimulus - but this is really interesting to me – because this makes it look this is dealing with our economy and making sure everybody has a job – keeps their job – no lost paycheck - everything like that, right? As a way to protect ourselves in an isolation status where we might not be going in to work or maybe limited times going to work or whatever – but work from home where it’s possible and works out with the employer –

But the thing that’s really interesting about this is - you know that NESARA / GESARA is coming into our lives very, very soon – To me this is the pre cursor and I’m even going to call it the “first fruits” of NESARA in terms of the idea – you guys know that part of NESARA is NO income taxes – NO Federal Income Taxes – that is supposed to go away under NESARA –

Now, I haven’t talked a lot about NESARA – I know a little bit about it but I will say this – to me by suspending payroll taxes for the rest of the year is a pretty good indicator that something is coming – and there is another tax plan that is 2.0 – tax cut 2.0 – there is another plan behind the scenes –

One particular Senator that was interviewed today – because President Trump had lunch with a number of Republican Senators – and this particular Senator - I don’t know if he slipped or whatever, but he said in that meeting that the President would like for there to be no more payroll taxes – period –

Now, I don’t know if this means what I think it means – but I think it might be saying get ready for a whole new tax plan which does NOT include Federal Income Taxes – and that could have been a hint about that 

Now believe me if I am way out on a limb on this but I think it is a really positive advancement - regarding what’s going on as you guys know in Iraq/ Iran – is really a hot spot for this virus and so is Italy – and you know Italy went from sequestering about one third of their people in their country to sequestering 100% of their people in the country – and not allowing border crossing or tourists coming in right now –

I saw something come through and I have not examined it completely but it was information in the form of a picture that talked about Italy giving a form of debt forgiveness in terms of not having to pay their mortgages – I don’t know if this is a temporary thing or part of GESARA - which would mean no more mortgage payments – other bills – household bills – were suspended and not have to be paid -

Like I said – it’s hard to say right now with what I know whether this was a GESARA move by Italy to sort of bring that out as one of the first countries to do so or if strictly based on a temporary type basis – we’ll see what it turns into –

I thought that was very interesting that came out this morning, today and here we are looking at getting some help too in the way of suspending payroll taxes and other things that could come in – other industries like the cruise industry – airline industry – travel companies – all of these things that are being greatly affected might receive some form of compensation and some form of stimulus and we’ll see if that happens –

I know that he wants to strengthen what the middle class is going to get and I think that’s a very positive thing for us -I really do – I think that this is interesting to watch over the next day or so to see how that materializes

Now, let’s talk about where else we are in our process – we were looking for the Tier 4A’s to be notified over this past weekend and we heard they would be notified all the way up until yesterday at about possibly 1 pm in the afternoon – but I have yet to see any evidence that even the notifications to the 4A’s took place –

Then we find out, well, the CMKX packets are supposed to go out tonight – so we’re a little behind the curve in terms of where we thought those were – but it looks like they are supposed to go out tonight

Now, what about everything else? We have been told for a long time that Tier 4A and Tier 4B’s would go together – and it very well may be that happens – that the notifications for the groups that are based out west – the cores and everything else, the 120 – all of those groups - which there are a lot of groups - a lot of groups that we put under that category – Tier 4A –

We are hearing 346 groups but there may be 360 groups – but whatever it is doesn’t really matter – the point is – the paymasters have been lined up – they have their instructions – they’re just going to need the green light to go ahead and notify – and with notification of this groups comes by email in most cases – there may be phone calls also- but the notification will allow them to have access to 1 – 1 ½- 2% of their total exchange they did 5-6 yrs ago –

So this is something that we are looking forward to take place- My understanding is that is supposed to take place tonight and I don’t know if that means by midnight tonight or overnight sometime in the wee hrs of the morning - could be both

With that and the notifications go out – and they have liquidity tomorrow which would be the plan – they have access to funds – now would not be a lot – 1-2%; but hey listen – 1% of gazillions of dollars is A LOT of money – and we are talking about a lot –

So, here’s the point – if that happens tonight – that is my “if then” statement – if that happens tonight for them – it could very well trigger notifications for us – Tier 4B as early as tomorrow

This is not calling it – it is telling you what I am hearing from several sources that are pointing to activity that should happen overnight –

Obviously as in every call – Tuesday and Thursday I do learn more after the call is over from sources but I do have that to share with you today – I’m feeling very good about this going-

Now, I want everybody to be completely safe – because what good would it be if you pick up something and your older- say in your 60’s or 70’s or 80’s – you have a little higher proclivity to have other things go wrong in your body - we don’t want to lose anybody over this is my point - 

I don’t like the word quarantine - I’ve used the word sequestered – I’m using the term isolation - I want you to self-isolate yourself to an extent – I want you to obviously do all the things that you can – wash your hands in soapy water 20-30 seconds – pat dry - do this often – it’s going to help you –

Something like plastic gloves – surgical gloves you can buy in boxes – those are great ideas if you are going out - I like the idea of Clorox wipes – if you fly or go to a restaurant – you can wipe off your table and chair or bench - 

I would say to stay away from crowds – instead of shaking hands and fist bumping you can elbow bump – just basically stay what they are calling social distancing – keep the 5-6 foot social distance from people – don’t get into that European 1 foot social distance from people – I bet the Europeans are starting to move back –

One good thing I heard from a doctor today was that and she was referring to the flu virus that comes up every year and she said that when it gets over 60 degrees temperature outside that the virus tends to die – I did not know that they were temperature sensitive like that – and this was a medical doctor that said that and I am going to trust her – and let’s hope for a little more heat – we are almost into Spring –

We are in daylight savings time – let’s believe that we get a little more heat and keep this virus from spreading and maybe kill off and not be the pandemic that it looks like it is right now

I’m only telling you guys this because if we have come all this way 15-16 years now I’m in – for me – if I came all this way – I want to make sure my health is good enough so I can withstand this and any other attack – and this is our crucible – this is our time for refinement – for pulling out impurities in our hearts and minds and maybe even in our bodies – detoxify

We did have the market rebound today – I did not know for sure it was going to happen – it did go up 1100+ points – every day is a new day when it comes to the market – you know that –

I think oil has come back up to where it’s in the 33 dollar range from being down to 29 or 30 dollars a barrel – that could very well effect in my opinion the rate of the Iraqi Dinar and that’s why no rate came up this morning as we were told it would on the Iraqi Dinar –

I think they are still trying to let this thing settle a little bit but I do feel when it’s time for us to go Iraq will have their new rate – This could have affected the rate in their budget so that is another thing that they have to be looking at because the rate per barrel in their budget was set at $56.20 -

Now I’m not so sure what the rate would have to be changed to in their budget - they’re going to have to work on that – so we’ll see if this causes anything to come through for us in the next day or so –

One thing I wanted to tell you that Sue eluded to was that we did get a whole new protocol on the time of our redemptions – Our appointments use to be were going to be about a 55 minute to 1 hr 15 min appointment – that’s okay – probably enough time to get everything done we want to do –

Now, over the weekend I got the word that well, they really want to run us through much more quickly - our first appointment you’re going to have the opportunity to do your presentation and everything – let me put it this way – the new appointment time is set to go between 20-25 minutes – that is quick – that is New York quick –

I don’t know how realistic that is but I know they want to cover these basic things in that 25 min period –

1 – know your customer time - passport – driver license – utility bill for address verification – then you’ve got to have time for the 12-15 min video – there’s not time for that now – forget about it – what they are going to do is either 2 things – they had intended to as of yesterday to play 4 minutes of the video – not the whole thing – just part of it – if you have been listening to The Big Call you know everything that is on that 4 min video – so don’t sweat that –

Here’s the other thing - they may when you call to set up your appointment they may send you a link on your email to a longer more seriously concentrated CD / DVD that you can then watch before your apt

Now, obviously that would work in many cases and not work in others – that is what I heard today – that they might do - I don’t know if they’re going to suggest it or you have to suggest it if you call to set your apt - but when you do call you might want to be aware that they might be able to email you a DVD that you can watch before your apt –

If you do watch that it may mean you do not have to do the 4 min video during your apt – this is why I’m bring it up - now what else are you going to try to get done in 20-25 mins – You’ve got to pony up your currency – have it run through the delarue machine – each currency has a different setting - so they have to go through all of those – making sure it is all what it is –

You guys will need to have a total of each currency you’re bringing in – of how much of each denomination but each currency you have – you need to let them know – here’s what I say I have – and then a copy of it – you have XX number of Dinar – XX number of Dong – XX number of this – and XX number of Zim –

So they have an idea that you know how much you have - if you go in there with old wrinkled up paper bag of currency they ought to throw you out of there – Get it together!! – Get organized!!

What else do you have to do after they pony that up? Guess what? It’s presentation time – it’s time to give your show and I suggest that if you have 4 projects that your presentation last 4 minutes - 5 projects 5 minutes –

What about rates? Oh yeah, those – we’ve got to talk about the rates – there’s the negotiation portion that we have under Tier 4B – got to talk about the rates – you’ve got to talk about going in to a structured payout if you have Zim - they want to think in terms of 25 years but will they accept a 50 or 75 year plan for you if you ask them –

Then you need to talk about and get your interest rate agreed upon – that’s what you are going to earn on your money – and you have a range of things to work with on that –

Then you’ve got the ability to get – oh don’t let me forget about your debit / credit card - yes you are going to get a debit / credit card – let’s call it a black card – that card will allow you to have up to 15 million dollars on your debit/credit card –

That is going to be based on your exchange totals - what your needs are – they want to know who much money you’re going to need in the first 90 days – in the first 3 months how much are you going to need personally and how much do you need for your projects – Let them know how much that is and that should be available to you right then in your accounts –

By the way we need to open a new account for you maybe 2 – at least one - if you already have your accounts set up – that may not be necessary – then you’re going to say – well I’d like to deposit XX number of dollars into this account and that account – they will allow you to do 5vor 6 cashier’s checks at the time of your exchange - I don’t like the idea of cashier’s checks but I like the idea of wiring funds or so called ledger to ledger transfer – that you could do – I believe at least one – to an existing bank

There is another card we have talked about – made of titanium – what I call your “access card” - that is punched out and used in conjunction with your thumb prints on the bio metric reader to give access to your master account – or mother lode account – when are we going to get that?

Does it come at that particular time - on the first appointment or later? They want you to come back to a second appointment within 10 days – I’m sure you going to set that up while you’re there – maybe not at the redemption center but at the Tier 1 bank where you started your exchange – you will go to a specific branch – meet with some specific people and get some things ironed out on your second meeting –

What would be covered in the second meeting? Obviously you’re going to want to have trust information started if you don’t have it completed – you’re going to want to have any other business opportunity like LLC – or any other things ready to discuss – you are probably going to talk about security – your own personal security – who knows what else will be covered in that second meeting –

You will probably talk about having a CPA or accounting firm to work with you – possibly a family offices it’s called by the bank - there are a lot of things that can be followed up on – but did you hear everything that I told you that will be done on the first appointment? Did you catch all of those steps? Do you think we can get that all knocked out in 20-25 minutes? This is a big question mark – I will be honest with you guys – I will be completely candid with you – I think it is a push – I think that is a slam bam thank you mam – I think it’s fast but that is what they want to do and cover more stuff in the second meeting alright - whatever 

They do want to get the Zim holders in – they want to get the majority of them in – from what I understand before the 15th – today is the 10th so I don’t know how well that is going to work – if we do get started here in the next day or so – I know this much we u se to have a deal where the Zim contract was going to be honored through midnight on the 14th which is Saturday now that has been changed as of last Saturday – signed off on and the extension for the Zim contract is taking us all the way to midnight April 1st

So we have plenty of time – take a deep breath to get in and get your Zim exchanged – after that I think it’s game over – there won’t be anything after that that you can do – under certain circumstances where you called to set your appointment in the first 2 days that we can set appointments – if you were on a cruise - out of the country – having difficulty getting back – in hospital – whatever it was – you could probably set your appointment for when you expect to get out – but you need to set that appointment in the first couple of days – no guarantees on that one – I’m just saying that is what I understood –

Now, that is a lot of information right there – this could be right around the corner – or it might not be – every indicator that we have – the market dropping – the significant amount yesterday – to satisfy what needed to happen – the price of oil dropped to touch below 30 dollars and settled to 30 for a 25% drop in the value of oil west Texas intermediate crude - that was sufficient

There are a few other factors out there – one factor that need to be done by 6pm tonight that I do not even know what it was but supposedly was accomplished – that may be nothing – I’m just saying that it appears on the face of it that we are in a new game and ready to enter in a new paradigm

I think it’s interesting like I said before about the payroll taxes going away through the rest of the year – I think that’s the first fruits of what we are going to see with NESARA –

Alright guys I’ve said pretty much what I wanted to tell you tonight and I thank you for listening to me for so many years – and want to encourage everybody

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 The Big Call w/ Bruce Intel Notes by WiserNow 3/10/20 Empty Re: The Big Call w/ Bruce Intel Notes by WiserNow 3/10/20

Post by Kevind53 Thu Mar 12, 2020 12:44 am

More long winded blah, blah, blah from someone who knows nothing.

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