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The Big Call w/ Bruce Intel Notes 3/5/20 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

The Big Call w/ Bruce Intel Notes 3/5/20

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The Big Call w/ Bruce Intel Notes 3/5/20 Empty The Big Call w/ Bruce Intel Notes 3/5/20

Post by RamblerNash Fri Mar 06, 2020 10:11 pm

Welcome everybody to The Big Call tonight – it’s Thursday March 5th and you’re listening to The Big Call – Thanks for tuning in everybody - all over the globe

Let’s go into where we are today on the RV – we were under the impression – especially today that this was coming – and I mean today - we had the impression that we were looking for a timeframe between 11 and 1 for notifications - and then we had a later time given to us that was brought by 2 different sources that mentioned 4:15 PM – 4:15 as a possible release time or a kick off time –

Now, what we didn’t find out was whether that happened or not for sure – we think it did but we don’t know what it was; and secondly, if there is a protocol to release – and I understand it could take up to 4 different stages or phases of release what exactly are those – and how do those come into being – how do those take place? And what is the timeline for those?

Is it something that is virtually immediate or is it something that could drag out and take a while?

Now, we knew last night that one of the international banks which was Royal Bank of Canada had not yet connected to the Quantum Financial system – My understanding was – I don’t know why they wouldn’t have been connected but they were told that they needed to do that and I believe they complied around 3 or 3:30 yesterday – so the final bank was connected – that was big –

We had a release when we found out at 3:40 pm yesterday that we had confirmation that the sovereign groups had been paid out and these are the groups we have talked about forever – the Fines & Penalties – CMKX - adjudicated settlements – Indian Claims – Farm Claims - Mormon Church - etc – those groups – because their rates were fixed fall under Tier 3 – but they were considered the Sovereign Groups-

The theory is those – at least we had verification – sufficient – to say that they have been paid – that puts us now to the point where – according to the World Court - everything should have been moved through – we made a certain time line – we were under a time pressure to get that started – it was started - that part was completed under ‘Tier 3 – Let’s see what’s next –

What’s next would be Tier 4 A&B – well guess what? The banks don’t even refer to Tier 4A and 4B – they just call it Tier 4 – so maybe that means essentially we are going at the same time as the groups – the Core and 120 that are based out west – is that possible?

Does that protocol exist where we start with notification at the same time – notifications from those multiple groups which are 346 groups – not including our internet group by the way – and that is apart from the sovereign groups –

346 groups would be contacted by the paymaster to let them know they have access to 1% of their total exchange – which they did in many cases 4-5-6 years ago - that puts them in a situation where they just need to receive that information and get into in some cases – get into banks to open up their new accounts –

In some cases they just need to receive that information and access those accounts and then possibly go to the bank and get their liquidity - because they may not have the credit / debit card tied to the account and they may need to go to the bank and get that done - 

All of that is conjecture on my part – because I don’t have the actual layout of all of the steps that are required by those groups –

However, for us it’s a lot simpler - you know we have 401,163 emails or more, or less, on the Wells Fargo servers – that were supposed to blast those out – with the toll free number contained inside –

Also at the same time, my understanding is that the 800# would come out to me to be able to put out on our website and give out so that anyone who doesn’t have an email tied to this – they anticipate 24% or more people who do not have that they have – its either changed or they never got it – or did not buy currency from a dealer but were gifted by someone - 

Those people would need to know how to get in touch with a redemption center in their area so they could set their appointment and do their redemption of the Zim and exchange their currency - 

That’s what my job was and still is to do to put that info out – I am batting cleanup - I am like the guy cleaning up with bases loaded – we’ll see – but that’s what it looks like would be happening

Now, we had the impression that today was our “Go Day” - it wasn’t – at least it isn’t yet – and you know there is always more information that I get after every call – but for right now let me tell you what the traditional thinking is –

Tuesday- Wednesday – Thursdays are our most likely days to go - why? Because all banks internationally are opened all of those 3 days –

It could mean that it takes Monday and Friday and the weekend out of play but it does not necessarily mean that – We could get faked out – it’s possible this goes over the weekend – but I can’t say that it will -

I can’t say that anything is going to happen tomorrow – Saturday – Sunday – Monday – until next Tuesday – which happens to be a Tues Wed Thurs timeframe again –

I look at this thing more on what is happening every day to move this thing closer to us going – and we had a lot of info coming in saying things were complete and now it was time to notify Tier 4 today –

Now, we have not been notified today – and as far as I know – the groups have not been notified – Tier 4A groups have not yet been notified – although their paymasters have been given the instructions to do the payouts – but that requires the green light to come –

No, there’s a number of individuals – over 2,000 – that will be tried in 5 different countries – sort of that total number being divided by 5 countries for prosecution – that is something the world court was to be approached about this morning 3-3:30 am Eastern over in the Hague Netherlands –

The theory was that subject had been broached and that movement was to take place - and we do not want to go into any details about it but that is something else that was done as far as we knew that was the last so called hurdle / obstacle – other than RBC coming late to the game with the QFS –

Both of those were handled as far as we know – I always tell you guys kinda what kind of things we know and we don’t know –This is a gray area – but we think it’s something that’s been spoken for –

Now, is there another thing in the way? – Is there anything – is there something in these 4 phases of release protocol that I don’t know about that needs to take place? –

Is there some time line there that may drag this through the weekend?? You know? – I don’t know guys – I am going to try to find out – but it won’t be on tonight’s call –

So, I think all we can do is to continue to do what we have and that is pray into this situation to do a complete restart or a reboot - for yourself- we want to do something positive to move us closer and closer to this event horizon and I really think right now we are looking for brand new rates this morning to come up on the screens –

I know Iraq is not going to show anything – until we go - until we absolutely are going forward – starting with our groups – so don’t look for anything out of Iraq to make or break what we are doing

I think we are really at the point where – if there is anything else I sure don’t know what it is - but we will see what it is that – is either moving this thing forward or pausing - whatever – I know that there were six or seven 6 or 7 – people monitoring everything going in with the treasury – our treasury - to move this forward

We know that our treasury secretary – Steven Mnuchin was /had signed off on everything - on Saturday and therefore had completed what he was involved in and had stepped aside – essentially – in this process and so now it’s just up to whatever the DOD and Treasury agree to give the green light to move forward

We’ll see what that looks like – I know China has been ready for a long time for this to go – We know the Zim contract is good through midnight on March 14th – so obviously we want to get this thing started

We understand that the public – we call Tier 5 – is supposed to start on the 16th of March – so we will see if those times hold up - if those dates hold up –

In the meantime, we stick with plan A – we do what we can to be prepared

Are we further along? Yes – because we do have the sovereign groups paid – Are we ready for Tier 4A and 4B to go? Yes -- We do need to find out what the protocol is and is it moving forward – it did not happen today – so we’re just going to have to see when it does happen - Thank you all for listening

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