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MarkZ: "The news has been phenominal since last night. I’m excited" 3/6/20 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

MarkZ: "The news has been phenominal since last night. I’m excited" 3/6/20

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MarkZ: "The news has been phenominal since last night. I’m excited" 3/6/20 Empty MarkZ: "The news has been phenominal since last night. I’m excited" 3/6/20

Post by RamblerNash Fri Mar 06, 2020 10:08 pm

MZ: There is a whole lot going on……Redemption Center contacts believe they are looking at a long week of exchanging people next week.  They are on call all weekend.

MZ: I am hearing fantastic things. I am hearing settlement packages may be going out this weekend.

Member:  Things Appear to at least be moving

MZ: The news has been phenominal since last night.   I’m excited. Looks like the floodgates are opening for us.

MZ: I did hear from Zurich and now they are expecting money moving on Monday and liquidity and full access on Tuesday.

MZ:  No News from Iraq since yesterday

MZ: Economic news….markets are dying and imploding. 1 in 8 businesses worldwide are borrowing just to keep the doors open.  Ports are empty……no freight is moving……whether this virus scare is real or not….the economic realities are…….schools are in lockdowns……its best to be prepared just in case. This is getting crazy……the perfect storm for the RV!!

Member:  I wonder how long they will have to keep the economy shut down after the RV takes place? ie how long will they keep the ports closed to receiving product?

Member:  This corona virus happening in corrupt countries like Iran, Ukraine etc. is a scheme that moves money to those countries so they can be laundered and kicked back!

Member:  It's to cover for the arrests and economy imo

Member:  Trump just signed 8.3 billion Corona bill

Member:  Markets getting crushed!!

Member:  Market dying is a good sign for RV

Q:  mark if the market continues to drop, maybe  that moves up the gold standard implementation?

DEE GROSE Stock Market Liquidation Will Continue Until The Fed Does A 75bps Emergency Rate-Cut | Zero Hedge https://www.zerohedge.com/markets/stock-market-liquidation-will-continue-until-fed-does-75bps-emergency-rate-cut

DEE GROSE MSCI Warns US Stocks Could Fall Another 11% As Coronavirus Outbreak Worsens | Zero Hedge https://www.zerohedge.com/markets/msci-warns-stocks-could-fall-another-11-coronavirus-outbreak-worsens

DEE GROSE https://www.kitco.com/commentaries/2020-03-06/Panic-in-the-streets-gold-bonds-exploding-higher.html

Member:  @theoriginalmarkz I came across a treasury anon post saying that Team Trump has printed billions of UST notes and they are in every state waiting for a black swan event

Member:  Arrests to happen next week per Q. 1,2 year deltas

Member:  The big arrests will be cover for the RV. When we see that - we will be ready to exchange

Member:  Remember those that scream the loudest have the most to lose! WWG1WGA

MZ: I am told they will try to keep the exchange appointments down to 20 minutes. I am told we will receive a debit card with some access….and told when to come back to meet with a personal banker. They want the first appointment as quick and concise as possible.

Q: What happens if we are quarantined and cant go to xchange apt?

MZ: I am told as long as you have made the appointment you will be ok….

Q: any idea of what might happen to those who had layaway was Sterling group

MZ: No idea yet…..no idea if there are plans to compensate anyone yet….If I hear anything I will let you know.

Member:  the Sterling layaway required 10% purchase

Mr. Cottrell joins the stream ……

MZ: I spoke to a bank contact or two…who swears that new bills are being distributed as we speak…..

MC: That’s interesting because new bills were supposed to already be in place. As far back as 2008.

MZ: My personal opinion is they were kicking the can (on the reset) and would have continued to kick it , maybe up to the election…….but this crises happened. The Virus is forcing their hand and they have to make things happen now.

MC: I agree with that analysis. I always thought that Trump would not want to give up this authority….but when I sent him that package of information in November and that’s when he signed off on it. It seems they needed an impetus to force the issue, and this Covid 19 is doing it. The panic is widespread.

MC: I was watching Varney this morning and it’s amazing to me how many countries are going spastic over this. They are shutting down cities and its absurd, but it’s the right time, right place, to put the panic on to slow down the economies and allow this thing to take a natural upside down turn.

MZ: I hate any unneccesary suffering, buts it’s creating the perfect opportunity to push things out. Now  we can rolling crash the markets and not just implode them……markets can adjust themselves each day as people move out of companies without assets. Of course pharmaceutical companies love it….they are making a killing on the stock markets.

MC: I think the panic is outweighing the reality.

MC: Trump said this morning that the Federal Reserve should be more pro-active in cutting interest rates more to stimulate the economy….if they do that, they are going to end up with an 00 balance sheet.

MZ: I think Trump is taking advantage of this….he knows they only have so many tools to kick the can. He knows they are painted into a corner and may have no other choice but to reset.

MC: I agree

Member:  Larry Kudlow was just on Stuart Varney’s show…..he mentioned a stimulus could happen this weekend. He said it was not your normal stimulus that we are used to seeing….but something that could pump money into the economy

Please listen to the replay for topics on the reset, gold standard, Corona virus, post RV fall-out, debt jubilee, and the entire Q&A: 

MZ: The next stream is at 10AM est Monday.   If anything big happens I will be back sooner.

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