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The Big Call w/ Bruce Intel Notes 3/3/20

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The Big Call w/ Bruce Intel Notes 3/3/20 Empty The Big Call w/ Bruce Intel Notes 3/3/20

Post by RamblerNash Thu Mar 05, 2020 9:18 pm

Alright Bob, it’s that time again – we’re going to talk about some intel and I’ve got a few things to bring up  that I need to clarify and I’m going to do that first because last Thursday we had been under sort of a different protocol as far as the Zim was concerned – and you remember I got out there toward the end of the call I believe it was on Thursday  and told you guys that the Zim rates were not going to be what we heard – and they have been compressed – and blah blah blah - and we were hoping to get 2-8 cents maybe even get to 10 cents by Saturday - realized that was all an effort by certain people to reduce the amount of people who got more Zim –

Now, I don’t know if that effort worked or not but I’m here to tell you that we had talked originally about the Zim being on par with the US dollar - meaning 1 to 1 – 1 US dollar equals 1 Zimbabwe dollar –

Now, that is STILL  the possibility – I’m saying it is a possibility because that is still what you can ask for if you have the projects to support it -  Some people have 2-3 projects and some have as many as 8 projects – I’ve got 5 – all good size projects – I don’t think it’s a matter of “how many” you’ve got – it’s a matter of job creation – longevity – and being able to go fund your projects and have them last for a long period time – That’s really more of what it’s about –

Now, will additional projects come in as you go? Let’s say you start a project that only needs 10-20 years to go – and you’ve got more time to give and more money to give – Well, let’s say you couldn’t create another project 10-20 yrs from now  or even 5 yrs from now  - of course you could - and the projects Sue was referring to – there’s about 250 MAGA (Make America Great Again)projects that the President has created – that the banks have a list of – so if you didn’t have Rebuild America – or something else in your sight you could ask for one of those MAGA projects on the MAGA sheet - you could do that –

That would be something that would take care of your projects and in that case you are no longer getting a default package which would include a Zim rate of 2-3 cents maybe but you would be getting a project package that would be worthy of a higher rate –

Now it might not be worthy of a dollar but maybe 20-25 cents maybe a little more – but major projects will command a higher rate on the Zim – and we’re supposed to have that flexibility as part of Tier 4 B, the internet group - that is STILL in play – so that is the clarification that I got a few days ago about the Zim and about our projects –

Now, let’s go back to what’s going on with the timing of this – we know that the virus that is going on – the Corona Virus – has been a little bit of an issue – we don’t know exactly where it came from – I have my idea where – but we know it has affected a lot of people in china and some other areas around the world – and here we had unfortunately 4 deaths to report in Washington State– I believe today those came in –

Now, has that slowed us down? Maybe – Is it something that has been created to distract us from going? Maybe – Will it work?  NO – and here’s why – because – even though we don’t know exactly what the origin is  at least nobody has told us definitively what it is – it has been a factor – is it still a concern –

I’m not going to play it down anyway – we need to be prepared for it – we need to wash our hands – we need to keep our hands off of our face and eyes like we’ve been hearing – the face masks aren’t really supposed to be doing a whole lot -  don’t get too excited about that – but the idea of self-isolation is something that’s been talked about  for a couple of weeks now –

It’s like putting yourself into a situation like you’re not thrown into crowd situations maybe as much as you use to be – and you might think twice about traveling areas that might be really crowded – that kind of thing –

Now, I want you to be aware of that and I want you to be prepared in the sense of make sure you do have plenty of fresh water at the house – make sure that you have plenty of stored food that you can resort to should there be something to disrupt the food chain entering into the system – I would say just be as prepared as you would be for something that might go on –

Now, we’ve not talked about this yet – we do have a self-preparedness manual on the website – on The Big Call Universe website – that should have been transferred over and we call it “Self-Reliance Manual” SRM – check and see if that link still works – if you haven’t ever seen it – we did it years and years ago  - and it has a lot of links that you can go to – probably about 100 – to get specific information in some of those areas - I have not seen it in years but supposedly it transferred over – so just a heads up you may want to go take a look  and see if you find anything there that could help you to be prepared –

Now, I think it’s important to realize that yeah obviously certain factions have been holding this up from going – I told you on the last call we had 251 times where this did not go under the last 2 presidents – including under our current President there were 9 times that it was held back from going and under President Obama there were 242 times that it was stopped or not allowed to proceed –

My understanding is now as a result of lawsuit that was brought to World Court – that we have very specific instructions – the Chinese – somebody in the Chinese filed a suit to get this party started – and we’re under the impression that that was a real thing and a real verdict came down to where the United States is under orders to proceed with this and there was a date given they wanted it started by – That Date was TODAY Tues March 3 –

Now, did some aspects of this get started even as early as Monday which is when they wanted it to go - that was yesterday? – The answer is, from our research, Yes, it did get started – We’re thinking it got started in the sense of some of the Humanitarian Groups or some of the Sovereign Groups as we have called them in the last week or two – Some of the Sovereign Groups we believe actually started –

I couldn’t tell you exactly whether CMKX was completed but we understood that it was at least started and we understand this could be some of the other sovereign groups

Now, further to that my understanding is that the core group and the other groups based out west are to be started this evening or if not this evening  which would have been by the time of this call – it would also be over night – now that could very well be the case - and I know you guys are thinking – yeah yeah Tier 4A’s – whatever – that’s right - but – the Tier 4A’s would be notified and those people in all those groups – which are quite a few groups – I believe  346 groups –

If I remember right – of those groups they’re supposed to get 1% liquidity – and I don’t know if liquidity day is going to be tomorrow – but I believe it’s going to be tomorrow when they get access to 1% of their funds – we will surely see

Now, based on that and the Tier 4A and Tier 4B theoretically going together could we be notified and start tomorrow? The answer is an outstanding YES – possibly – because we could very well start tomorrow – I will tell you this as we switch over in the intel segment to what’s happening at the redemption centers –

We know that by noon time today that all Tier 1 Tier 2 banks and redemption centers were to be notified with the latest update – now is this the last update? I believe it was to be the last update – it would have come by email – it would have reached all Tier 1 & 2 banks and redemption centers by noon today – Tues

Further to that, because I do not know the contents of that, unfortunately; however, further to that we understand that the redemption centers were to receive their schedules that would take them through Saturday March 14th until midnight –

In other words, us – the internet group – we would get started and continue all the way through midnight on the 14th of march – the so called Tier 5 John Q public will start on the 16th of March and there will be NO Zim redemption for the public –

If you know of anybody who you consider to be Tier 5 you better let them know there’s a number to call to set up an appointment by this 800 number to go in to redeem their Zim - enough said

Now, additionally, so we have a schedule that theoretically would take us to and through the 14th which is Saturday – a week from this Saturday – the 14th of March – okay – Do we have any other indication that we’re just about there? – We got an indication from the World Bank – yesterday – that talked about 2 days – today and tomorrow - then we heard further from the World Bank that there was emphasis on tomorrow’s date (Wed 3-4-20)

Now, obviously, at this point; do not have a toll free number; however, I think – I am not trying to call it; however, tomorrow is definitely in our sights – definitely a possibility – It could go Thursday -  we don’t know – it could go tomorrow - but we won’t know that until tomorrow –

I can tell you that redemption center staff is to be in and seated at their desks by 11 am Eastern – tomorrow - that might give us an indication that we could get notified – notice all the conditional tenses here - might could – get notified – before noon tomorrow - that’s what it appears to be – we don’t have that definitively though  - I wish I did –

It’s not absolute by any means and you guys know that what I’m giving you is the gleaned truth of what I am getting – as much as I am able – let me put it that way – “as much as I am able”  giving you what I understand to be the real deal – I’ve never told you anything but that – and so, obviously, things changed – this is a moving target – we love it when we get absolute – you know I’m excited when I get something that is absolute – and definitive – but that is a little hard to come by sometimes –

Really, we are down to the wire – if the information that we’ve got about the World Court is true – this is not going to last much longer – we need to get started  because they want Tier 4B, our internet group to be completed – to be gone - to be out of there – before midnight on the 14th -

So all you have to do is the math and count backwards – if we started tomorrow --- that would be yeah - 11 days including tomorrow – so let’s see what happens let’s see what they do – many, many of you will get an email from the Wells Fargo server – with the toll free number – just make sure it's genuine – that’s important –

Now, what am I to do with the 800 number?  I am going to put it out on our website on the home page but will also do our own mailing – to the people that are registered

That’s the way I have been selected to  use – to put out the number – I’m sort of like clean-up – everybody should theoretically get it but  you know emails change – sometimes emails – like mine are no good anymore – it’s like people change and emails become invalid - so I am here to give the number in case they are not - I am here to back clean up – they estimate 24% that they don’t have emails for – or have changed - or the people that have been gifted that did not purchase the currency - all of that –

It may be more that 24% by now – but I am here to take care of that part – okay – that’s my role in this – so I want you guys to be aware of that – I thank you so much for listening to the call – yes we’re in our 9th year – and yes if this tarries much longer it will be 16 years that Bruce has been a part of this situation

I think guys we have what we need – remember you’re going to see a video – an orientation video – when you go in – oh I’ve got a couple little things – one or two more things - you heard about getting a black card – it probably will be black but it might not have to be black – that is going to have the benefit for you to put up to 15 million dollars on that card at the day of your redemption –

Also you want to let them know how much money you’re going to need personally for the next 90 days after the redemption as well as how much project money you anticipate using or needing in the next 90 days – the first ninety – because you figure after the first ninety days – if you’re on a structured pay out which most of us will be - you have Zim - you will be getting your first interest payment –
If you select to be paid quarterly - I personally like it – I am going with quarterly – I am going to take that and pour that interest into a spillover account that will probably be in the same bank that my mother lode account is in – just for convenience- alright – and then I’ll transfer whatever other funds I need from my spillover account into my various projects LLC accounts in my case – could be different kind of accounts for you that you could take that and transfer into your project account –

There is a card I told you about wanted to be sure to remind you  - there is a titanium card – made of titanium – that is used to access your mother lode account – it is NOT used to purchase anything with – it is used for you to go in to your mother lode bank facility which will probably be Wells Fargo -

You will use that along with your thumb print on a bio metric finger print reader to access your account for money movement – to move funds from your mother lode account to another bank account –

Realize now under the QF System and under the Real Time Payment System - the RTP System – that will take funds and translocate those anywhere in the world in less than 1 minute – and when I say real time payment – that means in a minute your money is “there” and should be accessible “then” at REAL TIME -

I have heard in 32 seconds - let’s just say – in less than a minute – globally – not just here  - anywhere -  those funds are being wired to – that is new – the other old system – The RTGS is part of the old system under the Rockefellers - under the Swift - all of that has been done away with - if not yet – it’s being done away with – all banks should have already been connected to the RTPS and connected to the QF System –

Let’s just believe that no other hindrance will keep us from starting and everything is set and Tier 4A’s get notified and paid out effectively and it will be our turn.

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