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MarkZ: "Redemption Centers are manned" 3/4/20 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

MarkZ: "Redemption Centers are manned" 3/4/20

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MarkZ: "Redemption Centers are manned" 3/4/20 Empty MarkZ: "Redemption Centers are manned" 3/4/20

Post by RamblerNash Thu Mar 05, 2020 9:15 pm

MZ: Anticipation is high…painful

MZ: Redemption Centers are manned…..sitting on “wait” Twiddling their thumbs…playing solitaire

MZ:  My last update from Isaac is he is very positive……he is feeling like today may be his day.

MZ: What I am getting from other contacts in Zurich is they are sitting on “go” and just waiting for a “green light” 

MZ: What I am hearing from a Hong Kong contact is they expect to see a “street rate” around Mar. 14th and that we would have gone and finished before that.

Member: Footforward26 thinks the RV will manifest by Mar.20th….What are your thoughts?

MZ: I think anytime from 2 seconds from now to the 14th. That is what I think ….

Member: So they kicked the can to the 14th?

MZ: I do not think they are kicking the can to the 14th…I think they expect to have our transactions done before then and the average person on the street will be able to go in after the 14th is what I was told.

Member:  Okie says we're on HIGH ALERT!!


MZ: I hope Okie is feeling much better now.

MZ: Now the question is will the corona virus mess with Iraq politics?

MZ: I have 2 contacts who are Iranian and they say it’s a mess and much worse there then the news is sharing.

Member: 8% of Iran’s parliament have the corona virus. It released 54 thousand prisonors as the country descends into chaos

Member:  Abadi knows full-well Iran must be kicked out and he knows the public is well aware of the main problem getting to the RI of their currency is Iran. He knows nothing short of an independent Parliament demanded by the citizens, which gives the citizen the hope and change they demand and more buying power.

Q: How does Iraq fit into the GCR puzzle?

MZ: Iraq is just the easiest part of this to watch…..They are not the end or the beginning…they are a cog in the mechanism of the Global Currency Reset. They are an important cog. And imo the easiest to watch progress. I believe you will see their government come together quickly. The CBI will be backed by assets and stable no matter what gov. is in power.

MZ: Is Iraq important? yes…..Are they the only thing to watch?  Iraq is pegged to the US currency and until we transition to an asset backed system...I think the US is the hold up 

Member:  maybe the virus was an excuse for countries to have a reason to pump in all that money in the guise of virus money for health issues

Member:  Zero hedge has an article on the Fed rate change just last night that has a picture in the middle of it that says GLOBAL RESET.

Member:  The Velocity of Money has completely died!! Liquidity is a Crisis!! Asset Backed Currencies must happen with a Supra National Currency or Digital Asset to have interoperability! XRP.

Member:  we need perp walks for our RV say Chinese.

Member:  Doug Collins said yesterday that there will be no Durham report. From how I understand it, he’ll just begin arresting. No report necessary.

Member:  Sara Carter said there will be indictments, no report from Durham

Member:  Never ever does a criminal investigation put out a report... NEVER

Member:  When will the Trump Card be played?

Member: I don’t think the market will crash as long as Trump is in office

MZ: I think you are wrong and I’m glad he is the one in office to soften the blow…. We are 70 years into this fiat experiment and its been 50 years since we totally abandoned gold backed currency. No matter who is in office the implosion is coming. At least Trump understands it and is working to fix it.

MZ: How much money printing can they do before people lose all faith in fiat. Printing more money will not fix the problem….By the Fed lowering interest rates half a point yesterday…well, they had only so many arrows left in their quiver and they shot most of them yesterday.

Member:  I think the GCR will be this month and St.Germaine in the middle of April close to Easter.

Member: This needs to happen soon….i am tired of people calling me crazy

MZ: Amen to that and I am tired of nasty emails

MZ: I will be back at 10AM est tomorrow unless something big happens….then I will be back sooner.

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