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MarkZ: "Great expectations of this being finished and we move forward tomorrow" 3/3/20 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

MarkZ: "Great expectations of this being finished and we move forward tomorrow" 3/3/20

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MarkZ: "Great expectations of this being finished and we move forward tomorrow" 3/3/20 Empty MarkZ: "Great expectations of this being finished and we move forward tomorrow" 3/3/20

Post by RamblerNash Tue Mar 03, 2020 9:53 pm

MZ: Sam Oliver says today “ Today is Super Tuesday, Expect the markets to start correcting themselves after today”

MZ: I agree…I’m looking for serious corrections after today.

MZ:  Paymasters are all sitting in place. I spoke to 2 who said that the gold audits are still underway as they are proving amounts. They hope to have this wrapped up today. Great expectations of this being finished and we move forward tomorrow. This is what they are being told on the banking side.

MZ:  I know you are tired of hearing it…..i am tired of saying it but watch the markets….it’s going to be a big week.

Member: I’m intrigued by the market implosion leading to a parity of currencies!

MZ: You are in the right place then.

Q: Any news on CMKX Packages??

MZ: I am hearing we could see package deliveries starting tomorrow. I am trying not to get excited. It seems whenever I get excited nothing happens… CMKX is waiting on the reset.

Member:  My paymaster is saying 126k cabals need to be arrested before we can GCR

MZ: I am hearing it will all happen at the same time.

Member:  A lot of elites are stepping down. They know what’s coming.

Member:  Heard George Nadler is in federal custody, Adam Shift and others have received there indictment

Q: Any truth to the rumor that no RV until after the elections?

MZ: No….expecially with the corona virus , the pandemic, the shut down of the global economy is going to force it…..I still think this is the perfect storm to see the reset. S. Africa is officially in a recession, Most of Europe is in a recession…..Aisian countries are in big trouble.

Member:  I guess the world has to come apart so that it can be put together again. Seems a little sad we have to do it this way.

Q: How would a market crash affect the RV?

MZ: It would force the revaluation. If the market crashes we lose faith in fiat. They you can expect bread lines like we had in 1929.  So market crash forces revaluation.

Member:  fiat money will be history soon

Member:  Reuters @Reuters BREAKING: In an emergency move, the Federal Reserve cuts interest rates by a half percentage point to battle coronavirus

Member:  Trump just told the Fed we are not playing

MZ: IMO Trump is playing a 3D chess game to force the complete implosion of the central bank system.

Member:  The corona virus seems like an event planned for evil being capitalized for good by patriots!

Member:  Vietnam announced Corona virus free yesterday.

Member:  Banknotes May Be Spreading Coronavirus Yahoo Finance UK Kalila Sangster March 3, 2020 World Health Organization Warns Banks in China began disinfecting and isolating used banknotes last month as part of efforts to stem the spread of coronavirus.

Member: I am tired beyond belief

MZ: I think we all are

Q: Can you explain why someone would pay more then 1 to 1 for a currency when all currencys wil go to parity soon after?

MZ:  Currencies have to find what will be their parity value. They need to revalue first and then go to parity or you will be shorting that nation and the people of that nation. So they revalue and then reset before parity can exist. If they don’t readjust that currency you will be locking in that trade imbalance.

Q: Will dealers shut down when its time for appointments?

MZ: No, the dealers will stop selling at one rate and keep selling at another within a short time…..maybe they will shut down for 30 minutes oe so…but that is about it. .

Member:  Mornings Mark and all the rest of you guys ! I returned from Nepal and Malaysia and Corona or not, The World still stands and all is well everywhere more or less. Lots of poor people as usual wherever I go. We and the World needs the RV / GCR so BADLY

Member:  Fed just cut interest rate a half point in a supposed emergency move related to virus...

Member:  Trump is doing what needs to be done with the fed….. HAVE cash on hand ….there will be a run on the banks


Member:  In iraq…..with the PM stepping down now it sounds like everything is back to square one - sounds like Iraq is just too corrupt to get something done

Member:  IMO Iraq is just fooling around delaying things.

Member:  As for the RI of the Iraqi currency if I'm not mistaken the Iraq constitution says if they don't come out with a budget by the end of March they have to wait until the next fiscal year begins and this would be terrible for the citizens of Iraq and cause more chaos.

Member:  After April 6th those countries manipulating their currency will have to either raise the value of their currency or pay tariffs

MZ: I think we will see a lot of activity this week….whether or not we see the reset. Don’t panic…..this is happening…..listen to Max Kaiser, Bix, Maloney, economists……we are knocking on the door to the reset

Member:  inteldinarchronicles .com reports Okiie , states that the delay of the RV was up today Mon.2 march and Issac in Zurich has a Tues. 3 March appointment with HSBC.?? HMMM

Member:  Remember.... GOD Loves us all so very much !!! ALL IS WELL and..... The Best is Yet to Come !!!!!!!

MZ: Will see you all tomorrow at 10am est unless there is big news and I will come back sooner.

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