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The Big Call w/ Bruce Intel Notes by WiserNow 2/27/20 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

The Big Call w/ Bruce Intel Notes by WiserNow 2/27/20

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The Big Call w/ Bruce Intel Notes by WiserNow 2/27/20 Empty The Big Call w/ Bruce Intel Notes by WiserNow 2/27/20

Post by RamblerNash Sun Mar 01, 2020 10:06 pm

Welcome everybody to The Big Call tonight – it is Thursday February 27th and you’re listening to The Big Call - Okay, let’s talk about where we are now and it shouldn’t take that long because there are some things I would like to bring out that are new since Tuesday night’s call –

First of all we did have a certain amount of resistance in the House and the Senate - Two members of the House, both Democrat - one member of the senate, a Democrat – that were resisting the release of everything - Believe it or not - it came down to that - whether they were on finance committees or other things – they just held this up –

They were given until 1:15 today to acquis (?) and if not they would be removed – and I believe they ended up getting removed - That means clean up on aisle 3 and you know what I mean by that - alright – that happened today –

That cleared the way finally for the sovereign groups to be paid out which we have waited a long time to see some action on those - that is started with the I believe the Mormon Church Group - was actually paid out today – and I believe this includes the Indian Claim / Native American Claim – The Farm Claims – The adjudicated settlements – The Fines & Penalties - all those other larger groups that were part of the sovereign groups or sovereign accounts were to be started paying out this afternoon sometime after 3 o’clock –

Now, we did have some good movement in that area today – but we also know for us that remain which is Tier 4 A&B – we’re hearing notifications could occur anytime tomorrow or Saturday – possibly Sunday –

The theory is if we got notified tomorrow we could start Saturday – some people say – no way we are going to get started on a Saturday – I’m hearing that if we even got notified on Friday afternoon we could start Saturday - If we get notified on Saturday we could start Saturday afternoon –

We probably won’t skip over Sunday unless we get notified prior to that and it could put us into a Mon-Tues start again – notified and start on Tuesday which is march 3rd – so this thing has really – really dragged out - to a very slow roll –

We know that some of the Zim platforms that are being done in Zurich and Hong Kong- Miami and other places are moving along but they need to get their contracts out to their individuals - get them to agree on a rate – and then send it back – and that’s really the next point I want to talk about –

We don’t normally get deep on this but it’s important enough for us to understand that what’s happening with the Zim – you remember back in the old days – it was not that long ago – several months ago – we found out that we were going to be 1 to 1 with the Zim – on par with the Zim – Well, found out last week that is no longer the case – we are NOT 1 to 1 with the Zim – we are not 1 dollar equals 1 dollar

We have been knocked down dramatically – to where towards the middle of last week and toward the end of last week – we were going to be between 1 cent and 5 cents – 1-5 cents – on the Zim – there are no zeros coming off – forget that – but a penny to 5 cents per Zim dollar

Now, with this delay – this hold up – China, the US and Zimbabwe got together last night and decided - here’s the over & under – here’s the background - from the Zim exchanges we were going to be a situation – the US would get 60% and China would get 40% - I don’t think that’s going to hold up –

Sure enough they ended up settling each party – the US and China would each get 50% of the Zim exchanges - 50/50 – sounds fair right? Then we found out today that the US would be giving 10% of their half to Zimbabwe – and China – this was agreed upon last night – China would give 20% of their half to Zimbabwe –

Okay, as a result of that change and update in the relationship the rate was extended from 1-5 cents to 2-8.5 cents with anticipation that it might go to 10 cents on Saturday – so we would be able to negotiate a rate between 2 cents and maybe 10 cents after Saturday

Now, that does not sound like a big deal – you guys going a big “wow” – well, guess what? If you had a 100T note – every penny increase in rate adds what? A trillion dollars - that’s right!! (100 Trillion Zim dollar note times 1 penny equals 1 trillion US dollars) It’s very big!!

So the idea of moving – now what’s going to qualify you for getting a rate even over 2-3 cents – what’s going to qualify you? It’s going to be how well you present your projects – How well you are comfortable with the idea of your presentation – and doing your projects and maybe you could captivate a rate of 8-10 cents ok, which is huge –

Some of it will depend how much Zim you have - the more you have overall – the less your rate will be – If you don’t have but a couple notes – and your projects are worthy you could go to a higher rate -

Normally I do not zero in on this kind of thing on The Big Call but this is so important that these changes have taken place – that you understand the only way you’re going to get these higher negotiable rates is to be sure you are prepared to have a presentation like a world class presentation

We might have a little more time before we actually start – we might not start till Monday or Tuesday - but there is the possibility we could get notified tomorrow and start Saturday – I am not going to give the odds on it but that is a possibility –

It kind of depends realistically, it depends on how many of these sovereign groups get paid out – because they need to be paid out before we get notified along with Tier 4 A – we’re all going to get notified Tier 4 and Tier 4 B at the same time – the emails from Wells Fargo servers – the 401,163 emails and the toll free number to me should come out at the same time the Tier 4A’s get notified by their paymasters to the group participants –

Now, we’ll see how that all shakes out – that’s the plan – that’s what they are trying to do – but we’ve got to get these sovereign accounts knocked out – maybe that gets done by tomorrow – maybe it takes a little longer – all I know is they got started and got the Mormon Church paid out – so, that’s very positive-

Now, the other thing I was going to tell you is – remember I mentioned on Tuesday night that the central banks were being crashed – they were not knocking down the resources – you know the fiat dollar is going away – you know the USD we have now is no longer going to be used – rather our USN – our gold backed dollar is being substituted as part of the Global Gold System –

Now, the other system is the QFS – Quantum Financial System – is being connected – remember the RTGS – those “Real Time ? Settlements” – are going away – that is part of the old Cabal system – part of the fiat dollar – part of the Rothschild and Bilderberg design – that is all going away –

What’s happening is – all the banks around the globe are connecting to RTPS – Real Time Payment System – which should not take longer than 32 seconds to send a wire – which is essentially a ledger to ledger transfer – that is globally –

There is no more holding – there is no more hold and trading on your money while it settles – none of that – the settlement occurs immediately – that’s what Real Time means – that’s Real Time Payments –

Now, that is being transitioned into – and even the central banks – there’s 3 central banks that are not connected to the QFS and the Real Time Payment System - 3 to go of all the central banks around the globe – so they will connect up and we will have all banks connected by midnight Friday night

Midnight Friday night all central banks and all banks around the globe have until midnight Friday night Eastern Standard time to connect to RTPS and to the QFS

Now, so our belief is that tonight and overnight tonight there should be some action taking place on the sovereign groups – if they get the sovereign groups knocked out we have a good chance of being notified tomorrow –

When I say notified – I’m talking about email notification from Wells and the 800 number to me and putting it out so everybody can set appointments and go – so we are either very very close or we might not get it until past the weekend and we start Monday/Tuesday - That’s the latest I’ve got on that –

That overall I think will take us up to where we are today – I’m sure I will get more information after the call like I always do – but that’s enough to get you excited and motivated and know we’re just about to the end of the ride – You know this thing has dragged on guys – I know it –

How many times has this RV been stopped? 251 times!! That’s right 2 5 1 -- 9 times under President Trump – 242 times under Obama – I’m just saying …… that’s what it is – so – President Trump is negotiating – he’s negotiating – he’s knocked this thing out with China – he’s knocked out everything with Zimbabwe – it’s all going to be good and we’re going to have all the rates on the front and back screens through the 14th of March – Midnight I believe on the 14th the back screen rates disappear – they go away – ain’t happening - okay –

So, if you know anyone that has Zim make sure they use the 800 number to set an appointment – there will be no public exchange of the Zim after the 14th – it’s gone – okay?

We are Tier 4 B – internet group – we are the only group that gets to privately negotiate our rates- alright? – You heard what I said earlier about the Zim - you will have some flexibility on the Dinar and Dong – the Rupiah and the Rial – the Iranian Rial is in the first basket –

I’ll just tell you this - we should have the Dinar at whatever rate it comes in – I don’t know where it’s going to end up – but the Dong should be 25-40 cents below the Dinar and the Rial should be 25-40 cents below the Dong – and the rest of it I don’t really know – don’t care – I don’t have – Let’s see what happens between now and Tuesday - End of Intel --

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