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 The Big Call w/ Bruce Intel Notes by WiserNow 2/25/20 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

The Big Call w/ Bruce Intel Notes by WiserNow 2/25/20

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 The Big Call w/ Bruce Intel Notes by WiserNow 2/25/20 Empty The Big Call w/ Bruce Intel Notes by WiserNow 2/25/20

Post by RamblerNash Thu Feb 27, 2020 12:12 am

Bruce’s Big Call Intel Tuesday Night 2-25-2020

Call Transcribed by WiserNow

Hello everybody and welcome to The Big Call – it’s Tuesday February 25th and thank you for tuning in all over the globe –

Let’s see if we can knock out this intel in about 12 minutes – I think we can - Here’s what’s going on guys – boy, it was relatively quiet over the weekend – we did get some information yesterday, a little bit and we did get some today – but it – it’s interesting – because – here’s what’s going on – President Trump with wheels up – Air Force One out of India at about 3:36 in the afternoon Eastern Time – on his way back to the White House – and we’ve got things that have been going on with the various Central banks –

You guys notice the Market dropped 1000 points yesterday – a little over -- and I did not see the final today – a 1000 points today – you realize these drops – these losses in the market were something that was talked about – you know I had to shake my head on it – because we had heard years and years ago and this is what the language was – that the Market had to crash before this went –

Well, I’m not calling this a crash – but these are definite dips a 1000 points one day and a 1000 points the next day – are significant losses – a 3000 point loss in the Dow represents about a trillion dollars in market value –

My understanding is these projected events need to happen to take the fiat dollar that is represented by these stock purchases and ownership – and they needed to change – essentially reduce the revenue in the market so as to get rid of the USD or fiat dollar and bring in the USN, our new gold backed dollar –

I did not do a very good job of explaining that but that thing that we witnessed yesterday and today – I don’t know what tomorrow is going to bring – I don’t know – I don’t know if this is an ongoing trend or the Market is going to dip like this – I didn’t think it would be overly significant as it did this –

The business channels are pretty much looking at China and the corona virus as the main reason for this – and I’m sure that’s part of it – absolutely - because the idea of not being able to get our suppliers – listen, there are places in China where people have been ordered back to work in these factories, manufacturing and they might not be quite so sterile yet to do that – in other words it might not be the safest thing in the world to get everybody back to work that way –

We don’t really know what the real truth is that’s coming out of China with respect to this virus – we don’t know still where it originated – I have my personal belief on that - but it really seems like this is something that is spreading – so it needs to be quelled and it needs to be stopped – and we need to be able to make sure that the people who have the virus can get whatever will straighten them out/ fix them / and make them healthy – whatever that looks like – we would call it a cure –

But, that is something when it comes to the market, the stock markets, we always look to the DOW and the NASDAQ - when it comes to the DOW, it’s just going to be interesting to see whether or not we need to go through more of these downward adjustments on a daily basis or not –

What’s happening is – what we’re going to find is the central banks around the globe are taking a hit based on this – and I think that it’s something that we want to see – in other words, this whole financial system – you realize that the Tier 1 bank – all banks – had until Sunday night at 9pm to be on the QFS (Quantum Financial System) - If they were not connected to the QFS and some of it had to do with if they were Basel 4 or Basel 5 compliant – but if they were not connected they were not to open on Monday – (yesterday)

They were NOT to be open unless they were connected and part of the QFS – Quantum Financial System – and the RTGS (The Real Time Global System) - The RTGS allowing for the deposits to be credited immediately – for bank wires to become ledger to ledger transfers that are also immediate –

Those things really – you can wire funds now around the globe in less than a minute – 41-45 seconds – this stuff is moving way faster than it ever did before under QFS - It’s a very secure system - all banks were to be on it and my understanding was that if Mom & Pop banks – Tier 3 Tier 4 banks – small independent banks were not on it they would not be able to do business this week and they would not be able to come back on line with the QFS until this Sunday March 1st

Now, let’s take a Iraq at Iraq – we’ve heard forever and a day that Iraq was going to post a new rate – put it in the Gazette - CBI was up - all of that good stuff - well, Iraq is basically waiting on our lead to go – for us to move forward – then they will essentially show their rate on CBI –

Now, I’m not worried about it because I think that they are so closely in step with us on what’s going to happen – I would not be surprised if finally overnight tonight and into tomorrow which is Wednesday that Iraq finally has their rate - finally has their new Iraqi Dinar with a new rate on the front screens of the banks and also that the Forex with an update again in the 2:15 in the morning range with an Iraqi rate

Now I’ll tell you what I’m thinking about Iraq – next door is Iran – I heard a couple days ago that Iran was going to be in the first basket - so we would have the Iranian Rial in the basket – and you know – whatever that front screen rate is on the Dinar the Rial won’t be too far below it –

In fact let’s talk in general – the Dong is supposed to be within the 25-40 cents of the Dinar and then the Rial was supposed to be within 25-40 cents of the Dong – that’s sort of the progression - so that’s sort of something you can check into if you have those currencies –

I’ll say this – a lot has happened – late last week with the gold standard being affectional into play with the US and China – I think I mentioned on last Thursday’s call that China had agreed to a rate on the US dollar – the new USN dollar and you know I mentioned the US dollar index was probably the highest I had ever known it to be at 99.770 – and that is tremendous – a big number –

so - I tell you – I think things are coming together for us and I will say this – I have heard of major reduction in the value of the Zim dollar – This was something that has been all over the boards and that is why I don’t really ever talk about the rate – and I’m not supposed to talk rates anyway – I’m not – but I’m just saying that I understand that that has been reduced dramatically –

Now - there’s still no zeros coming off the notes - it will be face value but the rate might be much much lower – like 2-3 cents – something like that –

Now, I did hear of a situation where somebody had gone in for a Zim exchange and found out they were only get access that day to 2% of their exchange total – and they were completely blown away and upset – so much so that they had to be dragged out of there - other words – escorted out – shown the door – was not a good situation –

So be prepared if you are a Zim holder - you are not going to get full amount – it could be - ?? I don’t know how long – I have heard 90 days – I’ve heard a couple weeks - I’ve heard several things – and if you’re going to be a structured payout like most of us will be take - up to 25 years - which is what I am going to do - then you’re going to be subject to getting paid quarterly or annually or semiannually with interest from that account -

I personally like the idea of getting paid quarterly – 4 times a year – and just working with those funds that I’ve earned with projects - You’re not really touching the mother lode account – which is creating that interest - You guys do what you want on that – but it won’t bother me if get 2% access - that’s still a lot – a lot of money –

Now the currencies – the Dinar – Dong – Rial – Rupiah – those currencies- my understanding is that you should have full access to the full exchange amount of those currencies from the get go - We will see if that is the case but I understand it’s a totally different game with the Zim and that’s why we always refer to it as “redeeming” - because it is a gold backed bond – it’s a bond -

The currencies that we have – the Dinar – yes it’s going to be gold backed – I know but it is more of a currency – so we are going to get those rates and should be able to have access to those funds immediately- you’re going to need to let them know at the redemption center how much you actually need in the first 90 days – before you get any interest from let’s say a structured pay out –

Let them know how much you need for your personal – for your projects - you know and keep those separate and they may say – well you want to set up this account for personal and this account for your structured payout – however they help you organize and set that up – and make all of that work

We are under the impression from some very high up sources in the know that we are in a 24 hour window now – right now - it should end about 11:45 am tomorrow – Eastern Standard Time –

We’ve been hearing some good things about late tomorrow morning – we also know that Tier 4 A and Tier 4 B’s – that’s us guys – the internet group are supposed to go together – They don’t even use A & B in most cases – they just call us Tier 4 – we make the distinction that they don’t really make – but they’re saying I believe that we are to start the same time

My understanding is there were some emails that went out from Abbott Downing – I think 50,000 – there might have been 50,000 that went out from wealth management from it – Wells Fargo – but these are Not – I repeat – those were not the 401,163 emails on the Wells Fargo servers - that would contain the toll free number that my instinct is that those will come out at the same time I get notified with the toll free number

So, does everything happen at once? Can everything go?? We don’t have evidence that the sovereign accounts have started yet we’ve heard that they are – we have heard they are but I don’t have the evidence that has occurred – so that’s one of those “What we don’t know” –

We think and moving along but we don’t have evidence of it so I am going to say that is a question mark under “what we don’t know” 

But, is it conceivable those could be released – the paymasters could release their groups – we could get release with our toll free number – Wells Fargo could release the 401,163 emails all around the same time try to think so – kinda think that’s where it’s going – so we’ll see

Now, what about the Zim – we had a cutoff date of March 1st which is Sunday at midnight – and my understanding is that we literally have for them to make that and they don’t extend it which they have done 17-20 times – they’ve extended it – so –

But if it works out – where we could get started tomorrow we would have Wed Thurs Fri Sat Sun – we would have 4 -5 days let’s say to get the Zim in – is that enough time? Most of the banks think it is enough time – it could be a challenge – but we will see – let’s see what that looks like-

I think; finally, with everything that’s been done and happening behind the scenes – we’re moving in the right direction – we’ve got the gold repatriated to the country – we’ve got the US dollar rate – everything is sort of lining up – we’ve got the central banks going away - I just think we are really really just about ready to go –

I cannot call it - but you hear the information that I’m getting - we are in the 24 hour window - from 11 am today till 11:45 tomorrow and as far as we know from sources we’re moving right on through –

We know we have major waves of clean up on isle 3 – continuing – I don’t know if it’s significant or not but the President was out of the country – that was always something we thought that needed to happen – of course on his way back – probably just about in – I would think by 10 or 11 tonight Eastern –

I was confused on whether he was on a Rally maybe tomorrow night in SC – not positive about that – don’t hold me to that - I think that’s the case –

I think really guys, that is about everything that I consider important for us – Oh I’ve got one other thing, maybe two –

Starting this morning at 8:10 am Eastern we started something called the 12 Days of Disclosure – These may not be the actual announcements but they could be items – information - that is disclosed to various agencies or various people –

The first one today – today was the first day – but I don’t know what it was – I don’t know - they are geared u for the second one tomorrow – I don’t know what it is – all I know is that things are moving to where we could have some kind of surprise – which we hope is the toll free number for us – that is what we hope it is

Things are really getting to the point where if they want that the Zim to be pulled in by Sunday midnight under the existing agreement with China and Zimbabwe that – they kinda need to get this party started – and I believe we are – but I want everybody to be in Faith for this and pray it in – that tomorrow becomes our start day – Let’s hope so

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