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MArkZ: "I have heard that your rate goes down after 10 notes" 2/26/20 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

MArkZ: "I have heard that your rate goes down after 10 notes" 2/26/20

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MArkZ: "I have heard that your rate goes down after 10 notes" 2/26/20 Empty MArkZ: "I have heard that your rate goes down after 10 notes" 2/26/20

Post by RamblerNash on Thu Feb 27, 2020 12:02 am

MZ:  Some good news today…..Okie is in for his second treatment today thanks to everyone who helped so much…..

MZ: Still no change of rate in Iraq……

MZ: Bankers are still at the edge of their seats …….they are looking strung out with so much coffee, staying up and expectations.  Nobody is going to know the exact time on this….there may be only 5-6 people  who will know exactly when this is going to happen…and I am not one of those.

MZ:  We are still watching markets and metals rising…everything is going our way and now we have the global pandemic which means the banking system will have to change before it implodes. 

Member:  The perception of doom from this virus is a perfect cover to roll out the RV. The RV in China affects.0042 of 1% of the population. Normal flu is much higher!

Member:  Talked to a close friend I worked with for twenty plus yrs on the docks.. next nine cargo ships from CMA Orient to West coast have been taken out of the loop.. no cargo...things are gonna get tight

MZ: On the private banking groups…..There was a bunch of well -intentioned people trying to help as many people as possible. It did not turn out the way it should. We are choosing not to deal with it at all.

MZ: Private groups are out there and they are real.  We cannot add anyone to them. Lots of misunderstandings and its safer to not talk about private groups. 

Q: Is there a list of what we need to go to the bank?

MZ: Have all your currencies pulled together, and bring any paperwork you would need to open a normal bank account. I would also bring any receipts you can find. Its possible if you have a humanitarian project you may get a higher rate…so it wouldn’t hurt to have short statement of projects you want to do with your funds.

MZ: Regarding CMKX- No deliveries yet……I am told the funds are all in place. We have not seen the reset yet and I have not seen proof that the funds are in place for adjudicated funds.

Q: So is the rumor yesterday that the button has been pushed de-bunked?

MZ: Possibly  something was pushed moving us forward but the reality is the RV has not taken place and we don’t have any money. Until I see people with money in their accounts…..in my book, the button has not been pushed.

MZ: I do think it’s a juggernaut at this point….it’s inevitable, it’s happening, it’s moving ….and I think the Corana virus is going to force things.

Member:  the button is the seating of the government (Iraq)  is what I am told… not the RV.

Q: Have you heard if there is a limit on Zim bonds?  I heard its 5 max

MZ: I have not heard that…..I have heard that your rate goes down after 10 notes.

Member:  I see this as positive news...Bank Note World has not only cut their Zim costs in half, but they also want to trade your Dinar and Dong for Zim notes! It makes sense for them to unload Zim that will be worthless after the exchange period and replace them with Dinar and Dong "currency" which will always have value! Maybe they know something?

Q: What still needs to be done to release 800 numbers

MZ: As I understand it….from banking contacts….what’s left to do is for them to have permission. I am told they are 100% prepared and that has to be frustrating for them . You are in place and constantly being ready and hyped up….It has to be irritating. It’s frustrating for us…can you imagine how frustrating it is for them?

Q: Will the 800 issued in each country restrict you from exchanging in another?

MZ: I hear that they want you to exchange in the country you are a citizen of. If you are out of your country at the time of exchange my guess is they handle the exchange in whatever exchange rate and currency your country uses?

Q: What does your contact say in Iraq?

MZ: They are looking for it to happen after the government gets its vote of confidence. This happens today I believe…..I would say to start watching Iraq closely starting tomorrow. I think Iraq moves forward after the “go “ is given for the GCR . I don’t think we are waiting for Iraq. I think Iraq is waiting for us. But they are the easiest to watch…so we watch them.

Member: Bruce said we are in a 24 hour window starting last night

MZ: I definitely do believe we are close.

Member:  I've always said this won't happen until the big arrests take place!

Member:  The 1st Arrest will Shock the World and be BIBLICAL is what Q said. Maybe the Pope?

Q: Any news on prosperity packages?

MZ: Just the rumor over the weekend that the funds were put into place and the packages were updated and prepared for release. We were hearing they were releasing packages yesterday….but nobody I know (and I know a lot of CMKX’ers) got a delivery yet. Prosperity packages are to go out the same time as CMKX and the other settlements.


Member:  President a trump speaks tonight @ 6PM


MZ: Mr Cottrel will not be joining us on Friday.   Next stream is 10AM est tomorrow unless something big happens…then I will be back sooner.

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