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DinarAngel - 7 RV Confirmations Coming Out Of Canada DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

DinarAngel - 7 RV Confirmations Coming Out Of Canada

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DinarAngel - 7 RV Confirmations Coming Out Of Canada Empty DinarAngel - 7 RV Confirmations Coming Out Of Canada

Post by Ponee Sun Feb 23, 2020 8:45 pm

From DinarAngel - 7 RV Confirmations Coming Out Of Canada

Just In from my contact: He sends a screen shot of his message, confirming the RV is flowing. Since his source is located in Canada, it appears that the paymasters there will begin to receive their funds next week.

 Note the time stamps...sometimes it takes a while for me to receive the original message and share it, as is in this case, where it was originally sent yesterday afternoon & I only received it this morning.

Keep the faith. DinarAngel


4:32pm:  "The US boss of local paymaster called my client and told him RV has started and clients will start receiving their funds next week. So your info matches. I now have 7 different confirmations from highest levels that RV has started. All good for next week."


DinarAngel Update - The Very Air Is electric!

Just a brief note of intel from late last night.

This is short but it tells me that all sources are singing the same tune right now.

Anticipation with everyone in my group is extremely high and even the air has the sensation of being electric with the intensity of the nearness to the release for us.

As my intel revealed over the last few days, they appear to be funding the largest holders in sequence and then moving down the list to at what appears to be our Tier 4 level today.

I would love to say "this is it" but as we all know, delays are a constant issue with this event. What is interesting to note is that we have all been told that this will be a daytime event for us, and the last 3 pieces of intel I received, each one indicated that payments began at 10 AM for the different groups and /or processes, which would line up with their daytime scenario. Keep the faith. 


From one of my sources: "The paying process began again this morning, (10 AM Thursday) and hopefully our tier will begin tomorrow, (Friday)".


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