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Bruce and the BIG CALL NOTES -

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Bruce and the BIG CALL NOTES -  Empty Bruce and the BIG CALL NOTES -

Post by Ponee Sun Feb 23, 2020 8:43 pm

Bruce’s Big Call Replay Link – intel begins at 54:25 min mark


Hello everybody and welcome to The Big Call – it is Thursday Feb 20th and you’re listening to the Big Call

Now you remember last time on The Big Call - on Tuesday nights call we did something called “What I know” and “What I don’t know” (laughing) things I know and things I don’t know - well, we’re going to play that game again tonight - try to have a little fun with this – and there’s a lot that’s been happening since Tuesday’s call –

Yesterday (Monday) was a very, very active day - Today (Tuesday) is a very active day behind the scenes –and I’m going to try to recall to the best of my ability what we know and what we don’t know –

Let’s go back about 2 days ago – Tuesday - there were about 80-85 things on a list that needed to be accomplished before we went forward - and they were whittling these down to where they came to about a dozen and then we got it down last night and this morning down to about 2 more things that needed to be done - that is what we know –

Now, some of the things that were done had to do with the gold that was repatriated from other countries to the United States and that was accomplished and brought in and weighed and measured and the paper work generated for that and that was accomplished at 11:45 last night - the accounting of it – the measurement of it – that was a major deal – so let’s call it before midnight last night all of that was accounted for –

What did that do for us? What that did was it gave us the asset the resource that is backing our currency and effectively gold and other strategic assets are backing the currencies globally – all over the world - the gold – having a global gold standard started again is really very, very big –

If anyone has been watching the price of gold – yesterday it went up $6.00 – then it went up another $12-$15 – it’s just moving up – and I’ll tell you why - there’s several reasons but the one thing I think is – they know that these strategic metals – these gold – silver –palladium – these metals are really, really not at their actual value –

I am not trying to say go buy this or go buy that – I’m not saying that – I’m just saying that it looks like silver is way below where it should be – and gold is on its way up –

Now, what helps to make gold on the way up – in my opinion is the fact that you’ve got it being used as a basis for valuing our currency and the world’s currency – it’s not just the US – its China – a gold back yuan – obviously the Dinar is backed by gold and other valuable gems – metals and oil – and this is the case around the globe with other countries – even places like Zimbabwe that has tremendous wealth in the ground that they know about – in fact we actually believe the Zimbabwe dollar will be used as the regional currency for the continent of Africa – which is pretty cool –

Now, let’s talk about the other things we know - we know that the US dollar hit an all-time high today and we know that the US dollar index hit a number which was 99.770 …… 99.770 –

I remember several years ago we talked about having the dollar at a US dollar index of 96 or 96 and above – high enough for us to go ahead and revalue for the GCR to take place from our perspective – we’re way beyond 96 – because we are at 99.770 and I’m sure that number will vary based on the strength – relative strength of the dollar with other currencies –

but what is really interesting is this is another thing we know – remember we’ve talked about derivatives – the bank derivatives - this is debt that was pushed and sold and re-sold and packaged – and re-sold and guess who that stuck with most of it? The Deutsche Bank - Deutsche Bank in Germany got stuck with holding a lot of that derivative debt – But we still had some I believe and other countries had some –

Bottom line – here’s another thing we know – Tier 1 – we talk about Tier 1 - Tier 2 - Tier 3 - Tier 4A & Tier 4B and Tier 5 – Tier 1 is comprised of the countries and corporations that held these currencies – ok – that held these bonds and currencies – Tier 1 is part of their deal or the ones that paid off the derivatives – those derivatives were paid off to where they evaporated from our balance sheet, if you will, at 11:00 am this morning (Tuesday) Eastern Standard Time – 11 am the derivatives had been paid for with USN not USD as we thought but with our USN – new gold backed currency

Now, that we know, what do you think helped to get that dollar skyrocketed to its new highest US dollar index of 99.770? That’s right – the evaporation of the derivatives from the balance sheet – that is one reason that the dollar went up –

Now, what’s so strange is - they were talking on FOX Business this morning – Gold is up - Treasury Bond 10 yrs is up – Stock Market is still up – it was not up all day – it was down quite a bit earlier – the point was there are a lot of indicators that normally – bonds – bond value was up – in other words these things don’t normally happen at the same time – the gold and the bonds – and the market – all of these markets – all of these indicators were really pointing high – pointing upward

What allowed these things to take place was what happened yesterday and I am going to from today, go back to yesterday – what happened this morning – there was sort of that one more thing to do – one more agreement they needed to be signed –

Well, what happened was around 4 am this morning we had the treasury of China – the Treasury of the US working with the Dept of Defense – they signed an agreement okay – between our Treasury and China’s Treasury to agree upon the RATE for the USN – our NEW dollar –

They agreed on the rate for the USTN – signed off on it – handed over to DOD - and then DOD of course takes it and allows the green light to come on for the Treasury to contact the banks – let the banks contact the Paymasters – then Paymasters contact their participants in the groups –

So it is sort of a chain reaction – that started this morning with the Gold Standard with the USN becoming gold backed and agreed upon – that not only allows the US dollar, the USN, to be gold backed but also to allow the Chinese Yuan to be gold backed –

Now, what is the story on those 2 currencies? First of all, the fact that we are tied to – I’m going to say pegged to the value of gold that backs our currency – China being backed by and pegged to gold to back their currency – it doesn’t mean we are on par with China’s rate for the Yuan – But it did allow us to be equal – on an equal playing field by backing our currency to the value of gold -

The same thing happened for the EURO which might be short lived – to be honest – and not that I wouldn’t be honest – and the British Pound - all of those are now in a situation of being relatively but connected in that sense – by being gold backed in a Global Gold System or Global Gold Standard

Now, that we know – that moved this morning – that signed off – that propels us now to where – not only are – this is back to “what we do know” - the Tier 3 SKR’s are being paid out and that started somewhere in the 4-4:30 range this afternoon –

I told you that the derivatives are paid off with USN – digitally, I’m going to say digitally, at 11 am this morning – they vanished – so everything is moving to the point where now – in fact, let’s go back to yesterday – yesterday we were getting word in the midafternoon that the sovereign groups – this includes fines & penalties – sovereign adjudicated settlements – the Indian claims – farm claims – the larger church groups and so on - all of these groups started being paid out yesterday (Monday)

We are now looking for the Tier 4A – the groups based out west to be notified – and to receive notification – but I really believe that because they are Tier 4A and we are Tier 4B the banks refer to us all as Tier 4 – I believe their notification will come out when we get our toll free number to start setting appointments for our exchanges – in other words I think that release to those groups is going to occur pretty much simultaneously with the release of the 800 number that I am supposed to get

Now, that’s what we don’t know but that we believe is going to be the case - now let’s go further – in terms of yesterday’s start – whew, this is where it gets a little difficult to recover and pick up every single thing I’ve gotten over the last 2-3 days –

We know, we talked about this Tuesday – we know that the Iraqi Dinar revalued their currency and we know that it was traded somewhere in the $3.35 range but was trading upward and was over $5.10 yesterday (Monday)

Now, where is it now? I don’t know- Where’s the Dong? I don’t think it’s lagging too far behind – because the front screen rate on the Dong is supposed to be between 25 – 40 cents below the Dinar on the front screen rate – I think they’re both going to do just fine – they are both going to get where they need to be – and I believe that is a very positive thing for us –

Trying to think if there was anything else – along those lines – suffice it to say that enough happened yesterday and a lot happened today to where we understand that things are being said – such as – good luck tomorrow – good luck for the rest of your life – what we don’t know guys is “are we as close as it looks”?

You know me – I am very optimistic – I tend to think it’s coming this day or that day – today was one of those days where if everything is accomplished – if we did get those 85 things down to 12 down to 10 down to 2 – down to 1- down to where we’re sitting on movement now happening – really happening - things going forward – I was told by one Treasury source that this could happen at any minute

My personal opinion is - and I’ve been told this by people in the know – that this is a daytime event – that the numbers will come out in the day time – we will set appointments during the day time and we will go in for first exchanges during the day time –

So do I expect it tonight or overnight? No, but is tomorrow in play? Very much so - We know that the intent is for us to complete this with Tier 4B that’s us – the internet group – by the end of the month – which is 9 days from tomorrow – the 29th since we have a leap year this year -

That’s 9 days – to get in all the Zim and the rest of the currency is not as crucial but obviously they want to bring it in too – and so I’m going to say it’s kind of important that they get this thing started - if we are to have 8-9 days to bring in the Zim

I know some of you think well gee it would not take that long maybe 4-5 days – well, maybe you’re right – some areas and some states you could bring it all in in 4-5 days – Don’t try to do that in Florida though – Florida has by far almost double the Zim holders as the next closest state which is Texas –

So, yeah, if you are in Florida, set your appointments – if you’re in the hospital or if you’re on a cruise this week make sure someone sets an appointment for you or you set your appointment within a couple of days after the numbers come out

If you do it within the first couple of days the understanding is – this is an “understanding” that you would have up to 90 days to do your redemption of Zim – “UP TO” that is if you have extreme circumstances such as if you were in the hospital or something like that –

So, obviously, if you’re here – stay here – don’t be leaving on a trip in the next couple of days - I wouldn’t do it – but that’s just me

Everything is pointing toward this could happen at any moment – that we are that far along – finally we’ve seen evidence of things that have been waiting to happen - we learned a few more things today about why Paymasters seem to be paid over and over and over again – and we finally realized why that was and it’s something you wouldn’t imagine – I don’t really want to get in to –

I’ll just say this the Wells Fargo has a major role in this - they are the new Federal Reserve bank for the United States - under our new Restored Republic – they are tied closely with the Treasury also and this is just the way it’s been set up -

I think we’re going to work with Wells Fargo very closely as our mother lode account bank and move money as we need from that mother lode account – the machines are all out that all redemption centers and Tier 1 banks to stamp out our titanium access cards, I’ll call them, our titanium cards that give us access to our accounts – mother lode accounts – they also have the ability to stamp out other credit/debit cards at the exchange for us – which will be used to purchase things – the titanium card is not used to purchase something - it is only used to access the account – the mother lode account at the bank and then move funds from that account to another bank -

We’ve talked today about the NDA - you realize that probably you will come back to the bank – that you did your mother lode account with and get back and communicate with them somewhere between 3 days - a week – maybe 10 – somewhere in that range after your exchange appointment so that you can go over the fine tooth aspects of your structured payout –

Make sure you negotiated to your ability the interest rate for your structured payout – the terms of that – all of the fine details that could be overlooked in that initial time with the bank during your exchange – and redemption of the Zim –

You’ll probably be invited to come back in and meet with your private bank individuals to go over the details – and maybe go over the details of what it is you plan to do with your humanitarian projects –

I think that’s about what I was going to bring to you tonight – I think that tells you most of which tonight of what we know – what we don’t know is - are we all set? Is there one more thing or did that do it? We know this morning about 4 am we had that meeting with the Treasuries of China and the US – that effectively started the RV / GCR – that effectively started it – because we’ve got gold backed currencies now that have been agreed to with rates of the US dollar agreed to and I’m sure the China Yuan was agreed to as part of this meeting this morning – that was the final signature or 2-3 signatures that were needed – now it’s just up to the DOD to release the Treasury - the Treasury releases the banks – the banks release the Paymasters -- and BOOM --

Oh and one more thing – this is what I was trying to remember before - we did find that about 50,000 emails went out from Abbott downing yesterday afternoon and I believe another approximately 50,000 emails went out from wealth management offices of Wells Fargo –

This was NOT the 401,163 emails on the Wells Fargo servers we’ve talked to you about - which have the toll free numbers to send out by email - these were customers of Abbott Downing – customers of wealth management for Wells Fargo – that were being notified and spoken to about the currency and about Zim – that’s what that was – these were current customers – VIP’s with Wells and Abbott Downing –

That was unclear yesterday – we clarified it today - and that’s what I’m bringing you tonight - that’s another thing that we know –

So, with that said – I believe you guys are as ready as I can make you - Thank you guys for listening and being here once again .


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