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MarkZ: "I had a paymaster who was suddenly diverted to Zurich from Reno last night" 2/20/20 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

MarkZ: "I had a paymaster who was suddenly diverted to Zurich from Reno last night" 2/20/20

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MarkZ: "I had a paymaster who was suddenly diverted to Zurich from Reno last night" 2/20/20 Empty MarkZ: "I had a paymaster who was suddenly diverted to Zurich from Reno last night" 2/20/20

Post by RamblerNash Thu Feb 20, 2020 11:28 pm

MZ: I talked to Mr.C this morning because I am scratching my head over the reshuffling of people.  I had a paymaster who was suddenly diverted to Zurich from Reno last night.  There are military shake ups and misdirection going on. Perhaps that means we are in the middle of the release, but I am having a tough time making sense of it.

MZ: Noone has received dollars yet that I can find. Rumors of dollars….and lots of misdirection going on which could be a good thing.

MZ: HSBC is announcing that their RTP-Real time Payment system has launched. A couple other banks have done the same.

MZ: This is huge…..This is the QFS system….This is the new blockchain system….This is where they can do real-time transaction from all over the world in seconds. This process used to take 10 days. So this is enormous news. To me this is a big piece letting us know our banking system is online.  This means we are no longer on the Swift system as we know it.  This is really big news.

Member:  Just an FYI... I just received an email from my bank that they are changing the platform they use to process electronic payments.

MZ: Be sure to watch the video “The end of the road” (see below for link)

MZ: We don’t have a change of rate in Iraq yet

Member:  We will probably never RV if we are waiting on Iraqi, they will never get the political group together! just RV without them!!!

MZ: No package deliveries yet but I have one DHS (Dept. of Homeland Security)  person who swears deliveries will start this week.

Q:   if the elders have signed off on 2 17 why haven't we gone?

MZ: Probably because the QFS still needed to come online or there are some arrests still needed to happen before ?

Q: Any news from Isaac?


Member:  I like the choice of "VICTORY" for our code word!

Member:  great Trump rally last night! arrests are coming

Member:  trump rally speeches...Trump talks about farmers being paid already....i think Trump talks in *codes * ...ppl need to actually listen from the horses mouth...not media bs bias

Member:  Did you guys watch the PIR report this morning. Very good news too!

Member:  POTUS commenting and letting people out of jail for lesser crimes paves the way for arrests of those that really belong behind bars; Comey, Hillary, Obama, Brennan, Clapper, Lynch, etc.

Member:  Trump doesn’t just “say stuff”. He waits for hardened data. Then he plans. Then he executes. Then he discusses.

Member:  We The People deserve to see perp walks!!!

Q: Does POTUS still have to be out of the country for the RV?

MZ: Those protocols were written when presidents did not want the RV or reset. …..So is it still necessary now?   I don’t know. It could have changed. I personally think he will be in-country and secured somewhere safe like Camp David when this happens…..Just imo

etexfisherman48: I fail to see why the President has to be out of the country when the RI takes place. They say for his security but how can he be safer out of the country than in the country. Since he is largely responsible for this RI to take place, he is going to want to be available and speak on the subject touting how the infrastructure is going to take place now.

Q. Will it be a shotgun start?

MZ: I beleive it will be a shotgun start……so no double dipping for anyone.

Q: Do you know what the current delay is- it should have started on Tuesday.

MZ: It should have started on Tuesday….They had people positioned for a Tuesday start. I really believed that this was it and we were done….. Was this a misdirection?   Did we hit a stall or did they plan it this way to cause confusion……I wish we knew what was going on.

Member: In order to get to the currencies…they will be processing high value historical bonds first….which is in process since yesterday…..we are next

MZ: This is what Mr. C thinks…..he is pointing out that we should revalue and then reset. In other words settlements, Historic bonds, all these should be paid out first. They we reset and go towards parity. This makes sense. What you are saying makes sense.

MZ: Mr. Cottrell is planning on being with us tomorrow at 10AM est. If anything big happens – I will be back sooner.

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