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The Big Call w/ Bruce Intel Notes 2/18/20

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Post by RamblerNash Wed Feb 19, 2020 9:49 pm

Welcome everybody to The Big Call to night it's Tuesday Feb 18th  and you’re listening to the Big Call – thank you for tuning in once again

Let’s talk a little bit about where we are – we’re going to do it a little differently tonight – I’m going to talk in terms of what we know and what we don’t know - What we know is certain things that have happened that have occurred that we have enough evidence to say they have happened – and certain things we don’t know –

Fortunately we have a lot more of what we do know than what we don’t know - but this is an interesting time right now because – Let’s see what we’ve just finished – we just finished our 3 day weekend  yesterday – (Monday)  with President’s day -  and  you guys know over the  Sunday the Daytona 500  - some of you guys saw that – some of you saw the news clips about it  - some of you guys realize that our President and First Lady were there and made a great appearance – at the race –

President Trump was considered the Grand Marshall – He announced the race as in “Gentlemen start your engines” – and there were no women in this race at Daytona – so it was accurate to say gentlemen  start  your engines – and that was cool -  but I tell you  - before that -

I’m sorry I don’t know the name of the woman that sang the National Anthem - I know she was a core person in – just not sure what branch of the military - Navy or what - all I know is – I have to tell you she did the best job I personally have ever heard on the national Anthem - that is a hard song to sing –

I don’t know if it is over 2 octaves but all I know is she carried it without going into falsetto – she did a beautiful job – I was very impressed with it – very impressed – she hit the notes and stayed on the notes and her tone was perfect – perfect pitch – perfect tone – I just thought it was wonderful – I recorded it and listened to it again I liked it so much -

So that was a big deal - a big event - you noticed that the President made a victory lap in the Beast -  you say What is the Beast? - That’s the 22,000 lb limo that the President drives around in and the President and First Lady were cruising in the back of the Presidential limo as fit made its way around the inside loop of the track - I knew that was going to happen – I was told about it – it’s highly symbolic – they called it a victory lap at the race - they called it a victory lap on fox – even today –

I think it’s symbolic of two things – I think it was symbolic of the fact that the impeachment trial – you know that he was acquitted of that – that was a victory lap - for that – and I also think it was a victory lap in terms of the gold that was repatriated to our country that was ours that we got back – and we got it all back and accounted for by yesterday afternoon or last night – so that’s one thing that we know –

We know that amount – and it was a significant amount – 422 1/2 metric tons was restored and returned to us –

Now, what’s interesting is that was enough to back our – with what we had already and that was enough to back our dollar – and we know that the dollar – the USN – our new dollar is supposed to be at least 50-60 %  gold backed – I’m not sure we’re 100% but I know we’re highly backed by gold and other precious metals and oil and intellectual property – other things that make our dollar valuable – or will make our new USN dollar very very valuable –

We also heard that as a result of that repatriation that the world was going to go on a Global Gold System – Now we’ve heard – we don’t know this – this goes in the “Do Not Know” column – We don’t know if all 209 countries around the globe – we heard there was representation for those to actually be there with an official person to take part in the fact that we are part of a GGS (Global Gold system)

Was that to happen in Switzerland?  And we heard specifically the town of?? wasn’t  Zurich - ?? let’s just say in Switzerland – there’s supposed to be a get together of representatives of all these countries – I don’t know - that is in my “I don’t know” column - I don’t know if that happened –

I know the President was not there for that - but did he need to be there?  I don’t know – but could Mnuchin ? or Pompeo been there and through that at that time? Maybe – that goes under the “I don’t know” column-

So, we really don’t know whether our USN dollar is actually tradeable or live yet and to be used as our new currency – I know we are very close to that – We needed to have all of that gold repatriated which was done and completed by yesterday – but I don’t know if we’re as far as we need to go – with having that gold to back our dollar to where we can have the USN’s and go live – That’s a question – I think we should be there –

Now, here’s another thing we know – we know the forex updates in the morning – tomorrow – between 2 and 2:15 am – Eastern Standard Time – we are looking for new rates to show on all the currencies that we’re talking about - We believe the front screen bank rates will reflect the forex rates - the back screen rates are another issue entirely – because we know the Chinese Elders wanted us to have the ability to negotiate our rates – not just on some currencies but also the Zim – so we have back screen rates for those –

Now, we – this goes under “Believe I know” - because we’ve been informed by people that speak directly to Iraq and to some Iraqi’s that yes they did revalue their currency on Sunday – today is Tuesday – they had revalued their currency on Sunday – and there should be a new rate showing – but I don’t know if we can see it yet – on the Central Bank of Iraq website –

Now, that goes under the question mark column right now until we get absolute proof that it occurred – I believe it has - by what I’ve been told –

Now, today was supposed to be considered  “Freedom Day”  - today was going to be called – we heard this from several people – Was it Freedom Day ? Was it a day we were to start and get our toll free numbers – and get started setting appointments – I know this much - this morning – more like early afternoon there was a possibility of redemption centers for us to – if we did receive our toll free number - to set our appointments  and get started today – but it didn’t happen did it?

Now, this goes under the column of “I don’t know” - We know that we have groups that we call the sovereign groups or sovereign accounts – this is the Native American claims – this is the farm claims - this is fines & Penalties - the adjudicated settlements - and some of the other groups like – the large church group - these groups that are considered sovereign groups or sovereign accounts – they fall under Tier 3 –

Have they been completely paid out? This goes into “I don’t know” - I cannot get any confirmation that has occurred - even though we were told that it would occur over this past weekend- that is what we were informed by Thursday or Friday when we did the call – actually I think when I did the call last Thursday – I think we had the impression we were to get the sovereign accounts paid out over the weekend

We also heard that the Tier 4A’s which are the groups that are based out west – the core and then the other groups – the admirals groups - would be paid over the weekend or would be notified to have access to 1% of their funds over the weekend – I have to put a question mark (?) on that –

I do not have that -  I don’t think that occurred - I don’t think it has occurred yet -  and today is Tuesday – So, where does that put us in regards to us receiving our toll free numbers -  there’s information  out – talking about those coming out early in the morning tomorrow (Wednesday)

I’m not saying they couldn’t – they could but where are the sovereign accounts and where are the Tier 4A’s notifications? – now I’ve heard recently that they want Tier 4A the groups – the groups that went and exchanged already and are waiting for their notifications – I’ve heard that they may go right with us - that we may go when they go - Tier 4A Tier 4B going together – it would not surprise me if that’s what actually happens – because they have not been notified yet –

The Paymasters are upset – they are ready to go - they need the go ahead – the green light to release the notifications to those group members- so that is something that we know that has not happened yet – the release of those emails notifications to the groups –

Now, we know that the Wells Fargo Servers are all set with 401,163 emails unless they’ve added or subtracted since then – that’s ready to be released - and my understanding is Tier 4B the internet group and that is supposed to take place when at the same time I get the toll free number to release it to people that they do not have emails for - which there’s about 24% they estimate of people that don’t have emails for that have been gifted currency –

So that is one thing that we do know – Now, what about clean up on isle 3? Oh yeah – still going – and it’s going – there is a lot happening – even today - through the end of the month and into next month – there’s a lot of clean up to do – and we can’t talk about that – in any detail – as you can imagine – but the question is - Will Dept of Defense and Treasury - will the DOD give the green light to Treasury to give the green light for all of the groups to be notified and to get toll free numbers –

Has enough occurred to where we are prepared to see the green light go into effect for us?  That we do not know – When it gets as quiet as it’s been today - for the most part very quiet - we have to look at that as a good sign – it either means more people are under gag orders - or NDA – and we are just waiting for that to happen but we just can’t tell – what is going on behind the scenes – beyond what we are saying tonight –

On the one hand I feel like we’re obviously as close as we’ve ever been – that’s an understatement - but I do feel a lot of things have occurred – we did not have all the gold repatriated - we did not realize until this weekend that needed to happen - the victory lap that the President took I believe is very symbolic – the Global Gold System - that we are theoretically on - does it need to be announced? Does it need to be brought out “Iraq’s Dinar has been revalued Sunday” – where’s the rate? When are we going to see that?

There’s a lot of questions that we just don’t have the really, really good answers for – and so it’s frustrating – I know you’re frustrated – so am I – I am frustrated because I know that we are very close and you know what?  This is really trying our patience – it’s trying our faith - it’s trying our ability to stay with it – and allow this to happen – allow it to come to us - and that’s what we have to do  - we all have to do that –

Maybe we’ll get a surprise in the morning - maybe we get that – on the other hand maybe we don’t – but I am going to do the very best I can to glean the truth from whatever intel I get – I get a variety of it – let me just try to glean the truth and to take these various pieces and create a new puzzle every day from what we get –

So we are looking for new rates to populate in the morning   2:00 – 2:15 in the morning on Forex – maybe they will reflect on the bank screens tomorrow

We know the redemption centers were prepared today – and will be tomorrow - they are going in earlier tomorrow than today - so maybe – just maybe – it’s quiet for a reason –

I just want to thank everybody for staying with this and staying in the Faith – what other choice do we have - right?  Either step away from The Big Call - step away from blogs – I get that - many have done that and then come back - I get that – But I am just going to suggest that you hang in there with us on The Big Call

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