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MarkZ: "My Paymaster still expects liquid funds tomorrow" 2/18/20 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

MarkZ: "My Paymaster still expects liquid funds tomorrow" 2/18/20

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MarkZ: "My Paymaster still expects liquid funds tomorrow" 2/18/20 Empty MarkZ: "My Paymaster still expects liquid funds tomorrow" 2/18/20

Post by RamblerNash on Tue Feb 18, 2020 10:22 pm

MZ: The news coming in is so great……When so much good news comes in from all sources it’s a bit scary……….I’m tentatively excited but consider all as rumor until we have money in the bank. 

MZ: Bankers are excited and they just tell me what they are being told. 

MZ: Well, nobody has received money yet……Noone in Reno, Hong Kong, Zurich has spendable dollars yet.

MZ:  My Paymaster still expects liquid funds tomorrow with package deliveries today or tomorrow.  I really hope that is correct…other rumor is something should start around 7pm this evening.  Hopefully this is not just another false start.  If anything happens I will come back on and let you all know.

MZ: My last conversation in Iraq was Saturday Night. Rumors they have a new rate from others but I cannot prove or disprove it. 

Member:  I am hearing things should start later today. so let's see what happens.

Member:  Latest Q post : "Game Over"

Member:  Our military intel contact just said something major has been released at 4:30 PM Reno time today, Monday 2/17 - for security, he could/would not say exactly what…. message was sent to me today but it referred to it being released yesterday at 4:30 Reno time. Might have been the release of the funding...could not confirm , but timing was about right with the Chinese arrival.

MZ: I keep hearing from the banking side that tonight is the actual release……but there is stuff happening behind the scenes.

Member:  HSBC, the latest bank with a big Wall Street footprint will announce job cuts. Their 2019 profits fell by about a 1/3, they said would cut 35,000 jobs over the next 3 years…. Some of the job cuts are expected to fall within its investment banking business in the U.S.

MZ: All the banks are going to have to re-assess how many employees work for them

MZ: We know we are close…we can see it in the metals market,,,we can see Mnuchin and Powell going all over the country doing town halls and  talking about the need for a digital currency…and for currency changes. They are telegraphing what’s going on. . Christine Lagarde has been talking about the new gold asset backed digital currencies.

Member: China is burning their currency to not spread the Coronavirus

Member:  China is burning money. Of course! They are about to go digital.


Member:  Drake said we will have a GCR and everyone will receive a card with money on it to use and it won't be a debt instrument...it is equity

Member:  The bill for a Gold backed currency has still not passed…It’s stuck in Congress…Even the flat rate tax bill is still in committee.

MZ: I think they are still in committee for a reason. There is a fast-track system so when this goes….it can be presented, voted on in the house and moved to the senate in the same day. Then sent to the President.   I believe its positioned and parked in “committee” ready and in the que to move fast.

Q: Will the QFS protect our accounts? If it does do we still need trusts?

MZ: These are 2 different things……We hear the QFS will protect our funds…..a trust will protect us against lawsuits and stuff. Example : your dog bites someone and they sue you for millions. A court can go after you if they know you are wealthy. If your money is in a trust…they cannot touch it. A trust will protect our money for future generations and from liabilities.   Protects us from ambulance chasers…..I do not think we will need trusts for tax reasons as I think our tax structure will change.

Member: Do we have to wait for Iraq?  I wish Zim would just go ahead and go

MZ: So do I …I hear they worried about “double dipping” If they let one go before the other then nefarious people will be double dipping…..

Q: What is the rumored rate for the Zim today?

MZ: I hear everything from that they may drop 6 zeros and a rate of .11 cents to .37 cents and everything in between. Which means a 100T note could be worth 11 million to 37 million. But, I firmly believe no one will know the rate until we are at the banks.

MZ: The dong I still hear the street rate will start at .47 and float up….while we will get a contract rate of about $2.

Member: My sources in Iraq say the street rate will be about $3.45.

MZ: I also hear it may be around $3.45 to $3.50 now.  Contract rates may be close to $8.00…I really hope that is correct.

Member: I believe our money will only be good digital as a blockchain currency

MZ: I beleive it will be a blockchain currency based on gold and precious metals.

Dr.Rich joined the stream toward the end….please listen to the replay for his Q&A

Member:  Lord we lift Okie up to you, have mercy on him, heal him in Jesus name

MZ: I will be back tonight if something big happens….if not…see you all Wed at 10AM est

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