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MarkZ: "Investment bankers believe that SKR’s will pay out no later than Wednesday morning" 2/17/20 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

MarkZ: "Investment bankers believe that SKR’s will pay out no later than Wednesday morning" 2/17/20

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MarkZ: "Investment bankers believe that SKR’s will pay out no later than Wednesday morning" 2/17/20 Empty MarkZ: "Investment bankers believe that SKR’s will pay out no later than Wednesday morning" 2/17/20

Post by RamblerNash Mon Feb 17, 2020 9:41 pm

MZ: I am hearing phenominal things……Keep watching the boards…my guess is they are going to start lighting up soon. I am more than a little hopeful today. I have giddy butterflies in my stomach expecting things to pay this week.

MZ: Investment bankers believe that SKR’s will pay out no later than Wednesday morning. 

MZ: I’m guessing you all are hearing similar news from others.

Member:  According to Philip Tilton, on Sat. 15 Feb. high level sources claimed that 800#s would be released on Mon. 17 Feb. in a “shot gun” approach where everyone went at once.

Member:  VERY CONFIDENTIAL Major news from Reno. A very large client spoke during the night with the Admiral who confirmed to him that they were obliged to await the return of the Chinese on the scene, and this return is confirmed for tomorrow, Monday 17 February 2020! It is without further discussion. The release of funds will therefore be made at the end of the afternoon on Monday (USA West time) and from Tuesday the operations will start. Be confident and determined. God bless all of you

MZ: I have heard that Chinese have returned to the table today…..so this does fit in to what I am hearing.

Member:  from the ground in little city in nevada. airport full planes landing at other airports and people being escorted with protection into tow

MZ: No new rate in Iraq as of late on Saturday…..no update yesterday

Member:  Iraq accomplishments yesterday was powerful and the PM in Iraq has A Trump attitude #

Member:  Iraq voted in seventeen members of their government and they couldn't agree on 3 so that's supposed to be voted in today or this week...

Member:  Trump and Q has known for 3 years that Iran has been siphoning 100 million US from Iraqi currency auctions per trading day to fund terrorism.

MZ: No CMKX deliveries over the weekend but I have messages out to US Marshalls and Homeland security to find out if there is any news of deliveries starting this week…..

MZ: I will tweet or post if I get any news on this

Q: Any news from Isaac:

Mod:  FROM ISAAC JUST NOW: (In Zurich) Just received a call from o other operation and confirm liquidity this Wednesday , it is looking very good!

Q:  Issac...Are you feeling Wednesday may be the day?

Isaac:  yes I really believe it….tomorrow I will have news

Q: Isaac - Why do you think you have not been funded yet? Just asking..

Isaac:  Because USA has not pull the trigger….. The information I got is that already started so liquidity should happen

Q: Issac do you have skrs?

Isaac:  yes

Q: Will 4a and 4b go today?

MZ: I am afraid to call a day….but, based on banking chatter it could…..

Q:  mark I have some 1910 Chinese reorganization bonds will they go at the redemption?

Member:  . We’ve been told to bring all bonds. They are cashing Super Patchellis so they’ll probably cash yours

Member:  Read an article this morning about China collecting and destroying a lot of their currency to slow virus spread.

Member:  China is destroying cash to stop the spread of corona!

Member:  China is in bad financial shape

Member: Waiting to see all those arrests start to happen.

Member:  No mid to top level politician or agency criminal has ever been charged or arrested for their crimes in the 3 years Trump has been president.Not one!!

Member:  be patient. There are many who have been arrested behind the scenes. The more popular will be soon.

MZ: I think even if there are arrests most will be kept very quiet.

Member:  My source says the GCR will never happen

MZ: There are so many doubters out there….the reality is its going to happen or the economy will implode…Let’s say everything derails today or tomorrow. At some point, (and it has happened throughout human history) whenever they use a fiat currency it crashes. There is nothing to sustain it…..and then we get gold or asset backed currency again. I do not understand people who ignore history…stick their heads in the sand. The reset will happen.

MZ: There is a special place in hell for bankers and politicians who have repeatedly delayed this for their own personal gain. Imo

Member:  When we flip to a gold standard, life will look very different. We will own our land, cars and taxes will go away, or go very low. Just be patient. We are starting a new country.

Q: For you people who don’t believe in the RV/GCR….whay are you hear and listening?

Member:  So many trolls- they are working for the deep state cabal …many get paid to dissuade or discourage the GCR-RV

MZ: That’s all that makes sense to me.

Member: the rich don’t want us rich….they do not want any competition.

MZ: they don’t want us competing for the first class airline seats, or red carpet treatments at restaurants…….they do not want us to be rich

Member:  faith is the substance of things hoped.for the evidence of what we have not seen

Bob Locke joins the stream and talks about Presidents day, history, the constitution, trusts, and much more…..Please listen to the replay for entire chat.


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