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The Big Call w/ Bruce Intel Notes 2/11/20

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The Big Call w/ Bruce Intel Notes 2/11/20 Empty The Big Call w/ Bruce Intel Notes 2/11/20

Post by RamblerNash Thu Feb 13, 2020 12:08 am

Welcome everybody to The Big Call – it is Tuesday February 11 – and you’re listening to the Big Call and we thank everybody for tuning in – here we are once again and we’re looking forward to having a great call with you tonight Ok let’s get into what has been happening and sort of recap where we are on our intel portion – So, let’s just start this way – We’ve had – first of all I want to say

– I understood and I did not hear it - but I understood that Okie did a call on Sunday with Blondie and Texas Snake – who I don’t know – I don’t know either of those two - but I am glad that Okie is back – and I’m glad that we had something to do with that – with the kickstarter campaign we had to raise money so Okie could have stem cell injected and get back with the living –

Now, I know he is not out of the woods yet but I understand he has been home for a while - that’s good - and I am just thrilled that he is back in with the intel community and trying to find out what he can find out and so I am just glad that Okie who was one who was really early in this whole thing – primarily with Iraq back in the days – in the old days - I’m part of that because I’ve been in it 15 years – 16 coming up

So Okie was one of the early pioneers in this and I’m just glad he’s back with us and I’m glad we have something to do with that – I am proud of all of you – really for caring enough about him to give to his campaign to keep him alive – that’s what it amounted to – so thank you for that –

What I’ve been getting is - yesterday - which was Monday the redemption centers are getting at 2 o’clock their final briefing - “final briefing” - from 2 – 5:15 PM – Now, that should have been occurring all over the country at redemption centers – Today, (Tuesday) starting at 10 am in the morning, the redemption – this is for the banks and

redemption centers -This was Tier 1 – Tier 2 – Tier 3 and Tier4 banks - all of the banks – okay – Got final instructions today – at 10 AM - that was by email and believe it or not also Fax

- By email and fax the final instructions were given at 10AM this morning Eastern Standard Time – Noe, that should be significant to us - the fact that all banks have received their final instructions and the fact that yesterday the redemption centers and Tier 1 banks have got their final briefing for a little over 3 hours – that put us in a position to be able to get started anytime now

– We know that the Dubai 1 account was to fund the Core Group that’s based out west - We know that Dubai 2 is to fund the rest of the Admirals groups – We know that the Tier 3 was to be funded - all of these were to start in some form or fashion today – this morning

– Now, I can say this – I believe we have some evidence of Tier 3 exchanges going on with some of our legislators today – and protection for them today - and I think that’s what would be expected – as part of Tier 3 – that was happening in a big way – So, Where are we???? Where is Tier 4 A???

– I think what I heard is that Tier 4A should get access to 2% of their funds due to their previous exchanges – they have already done - They should have access to 2% of that at about the same time that we could get notified for us – in that case Tier 4A and Tier 4B would be going almost together – at the same time -They are supposed to have access to it tomorrow mid to late morning-

Now, does that mean we have a start tomorrow mid – late morning? It could be – It could be that’s when we get notifications – on the other hand we don’t know it – it’s not absolute – I have not been given that heads up exactly – that that would be the case - but you know what? I may not get that heads until right before those numbers become available – I have heard from another source entirely that this will be a week for us like no other

– Now, I know we’ve heard things like that in the past – I’ve heard – this is one thing that is on the expression list with the line through it - “This is the week” - this is another one – “This is our week” - yeah, all of these things that we’ve heard that are going to be deleted from our vocabulary in the future

– I can just tell you maybe this is a week like no other – It could very well be – we’re not quite half way through it – tomorrow would be the halfway point – I will say this too - we have heard – you guys remember Kuwait – revalued their Kuwait dinar on a Wednesday

– My understanding is Iraq wanted this to go for them to revalue on a Wednesday – Just saying The other thing is we have heard that the Forex will update their rates tomorrow morning between 2 & 2:30 in the morning – and we understand that the Iraqi Dinar will be one of those which will update to a new rate

Now, we’ve had their rates updated and on screens before but whatever they come up with the Iraqi Dinar rate it could affect obviously the rate of the Dong which has been agreed to already and it could affect some other rate – Some of them in a way are tied to the Dinar

– We know the Dong is supposed to be on the front screen now – on the front screens in the bank – no more than 25 – 40 cents lower than the Dinar – and we believe the Iranian Rial was supposed to be 25 - 40 cents lower than the Dong - So we will see how those come out

- we’ll see how they actually come out on the front screen – We know that we are the only group – and the Chinese Elders set it up this way – that we would be the ones who could privately negotiate our rates – all of the other rates so far in the groups Tier 2 Tier 2 Tier 3 and even Tier 4A have been fixed rates

– pre negotiated or pre agreed on rates – We are the only ones with the internet group that have the ability to negotiate their rates – Now, we can negotiate within a certain framework

– we know that we have some longitude and latitude on how we negotiate these rates and some of it depends on how well you come across at your redemption center meeting and how strong you appear with your projects and what they look like and what they’re going to require

– No one in this group should be intimidated by going in and sitting down and having a really valuable session with the banks – I can tell you that the DVD that we’re going to watch - a friend of mine saw that DVD and basically knew everything that was going to be on it already – before he actually saw it

– Because he was familiar with The Big Call and familiar with everything we have talked about So, I think if you’re a regular Big Call listener when you see the DVD you’re going to be nodding your head and saying “yep I got that” “yep I knew that” “he said that on the call” - you’ll just kind of acknowledge that you are aware of what they will be playing on that DVD Now, there’s one thing I have not talked about that I understand was on that DVD – and that is that when we go in and talk about our projects

– they will have an opportunity with the algorithm – which searches for key words and so on after the exchanges are done – let’s say 4 or 5 - a week to ten days after the exchange – you could get called back into talk about your project – Now why would that be?

They will see evidently by comparing the algorithms from all the different projects that have been talked about – they will see whether there is too much duplication in any one project area - and that made me think – what about the thousands of people that want to do something with us on The Big Call regarding “Rebuild America” or possibly regarding the Veterans Retreat Network – Well, I can tell you

– here’s how I think we should handle that – it’s quite possible you could go in there and just say well I’m going to be working with some guys that have put together something called “Rebuild America” – That would be okay – But what you need to let them know is – if you want to be a part of that – let’s say you are in Albuquerque – let’s say you’re in San Francisco

– Let’s say you are in San Diego – or you’re in Phoenix – or another town – or another city- What you want to know is – What I do with Rebuild America is applicable to you in another city – another town - in another community across this country - and what I’m trying to do is to set up a plan whereby you will see what I am going to do in certain areas of the country – certain cities I’ll pick – certain towns - that I’ll choose – and what I’m going to do is create a template – a to do 1-2-3-4 -5 all the way down the list of how I’m going to approach it So, what I’m asking you guys to do

– we’re not going to be partners in a legal sense – but I think you could think of yourself as a n affiliate – as being affiliated with “Rebuild America” because you’re going to be doing basically - if you wish – all your choice – you’re going to be doing basically the same thing in your city – your town – or your community that you choose that we’re going to be doing in a town or city that I choose – We will let you know more about that as it comes out – What I really want you guys to do after this goes and you walk out of the redemption center a new person basically – I want you to go pay your debts off

– I want you to have a little fun – do a little shopping – I want you to maybe take a little vacation - all of these things that you haven’t been able to do because of lack of funds – I want you to enjoy it - It could take you 2 weeks – 3 weeks – a month 2-3 months – whatever it takes for you - that’s fine – we’re going to be going to work behind the scenes putting things together – we have to do the same things that you do – we have to get with our attorneys- CPA’s - our bank personnel

- whoever that is – if we need to move some money or open a new account – whatever we need to do for our structures - whether we’re using LLC’s or trusts – or whatever we’re using we need to create all of that and get it together – From here to end more talk is about Bruce and his personal projects – not Dinar Intel - not transcribed – I want you guys to be prepared and I wanted you to know that we are very, very close

– let’s just see what happens for the balance of the next couple of days and see if it comes through for us - I really believe we are about as far as we can go without having it – so let’s see how it goes - Have a great night everyone.

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