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MarkZ: "I do know that most of the Chinese Elders….the ones calling the shots for the RV are on the West coast here in the US" 2/12/20 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

MarkZ: "I do know that most of the Chinese Elders….the ones calling the shots for the RV are on the West coast here in the US" 2/12/20

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MarkZ: "I do know that most of the Chinese Elders….the ones calling the shots for the RV are on the West coast here in the US" 2/12/20 Empty MarkZ: "I do know that most of the Chinese Elders….the ones calling the shots for the RV are on the West coast here in the US" 2/12/20

Post by RamblerNash on Thu Feb 13, 2020 12:06 am

MZ:  Okie was on a call this weekend.  He won’t be with us today but hopes to be soon whenever he feels up for it


MZ: There are great expectations for today…..I am always terrified of “Great Expectations” but someday it will be true. That may well be today.

MZ: I spoke to my contacts in Iraq and no new rate published in the gazette yet.

Member:  Iraq prime minister setting up cabinet preparing to re-evaluate currency...so close!

MZ: I was told to watch the markets today so I am

Member:  Stock market is up 200 points. Nothing to see there.

Member:  Gold 1,569.10 -1.00(-0.06%) Silver 17.48

Q: When will exchanges start on the west coast?

MZ: I hear exchanges will start at the same time everywhere.

MZ: Very little news coming out of Hong Kong right now.  Travel restrictions with the Corona virus has shut down most of Asia.  They are however expecting liquidity tomorrow…..so if something happens here today this is perfect timing.

MZ: Folks in Zurich are still in a holding pattern. They are having as much fun as the Reno people right now…..

Member:  Not many know the real truth behind China. They were attacked by a bio-weapon. That's what we're seeing. The question is who attacked them? When you find out the who it'll blow your mind.

Member:  All these things like the corona virus are cabal black ops intended to delay but nothing can stop what is coming because this fiat economy is crashing down faster than the World Trade Centre!

Member:  And whomever attacked China has gone to a lot of trouble to disenfranchise us. We must be very powerful. Let’s embrace it. It’s a big deal. 400 million people quarantined.

Member:  The VIRUS IS UNDER CONTROL. WATCH X22 FINANCIAL FROM YESTERDAY to understand what is going on. It is not what is being reported. Patriots are aware of this attempt to scare everyone.

Member:  Tonight on Glen Beck he is going to expose Biden with what he did in China everyone BE SURE TO WATCH GLEN BECK TONIGHT

Member:  Those who are hiding in the shadows are being forced into the light, there is no place to hide. Once in the light they will be exposed for their treasonous crimes.They will scream, they will lash out, but in the end nothing will save them, the people will learn the truth

Q: Are the Chinese elders impacted by the virus?

MZ: I have been trying to find that out. China has basically quaranteed over 60 million people……. I do know that most of the Chinese Elders….the ones calling the shots for the RV are on the West coast here in the US.

Q: Any news on CMKX possibly happening last night?

MZ: No confirmation of any deliveries…..i do have one contact who is hoping for a delivery sometime today. If I do get any confirmations I will send out a tweet immediately .

Member:  Presidents Day will be Monday, Feb. 17, and a variety of services will be closed across the United States on the day. ... but it also means that services such as the U.S. Post Office, banks and public schools will not open on the day

Member:  Admiral Mike Rogers = 17th NSA Director ……Q

Q: Has the OFS finished testing now?


Snake: Okie feels bad he missed your call today….he is really have trouble breathing today….his Dr’s told him not to overdo it

MZ: We added a section in our Telegram room just for Okie…..whenever he feels like sharing…He is welcome to call in at anytime he feels well enough to join us.

Snake: My contacts say we are in a very positive time…..they cannot give an exact date or timeline….but are very comfortable with where we are at.  We are very close.

MZ: I am hearing close to the same. Actually I was surprised not to see a new value this morning with how keyed up my diplomatic contacts are in Iraq. I am getting fantastic stuff from most sources.

MZ:  I hate pushing hopium but I am sure wonderful things from everyone. Exceptionally good, positive stuff.

Snake:  My main contact at WF who is in charge of Exchange Centers for 5 states including Texas. So he’s in the loop.   He has a skeleton crew in the banks now but they are ready to head to exchange centers . they need to be in the centers within an hour. He is very positive and expects to be very busy this week.

MZ: Same for my exchange contacts as well.

Member: Any new info from you wall street guy today?

MZ: All he says is to watch the financial stocks today…..so we are

Member:  Stay in a thrill of anticiptation than the universe will deliver your blessing fast. Stay away from doubt, that will kill your imagination. Neville Goddard.

MZ: Post RV remember to support your local banks, credit unions, businesses and economy.

MZ: Next stream is 10AM est Thursday. If anything big happens I will come back sooner.

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