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FBI - MarkZ: "My bankers swear we are right here" 2/10/20 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

MarkZ: "My bankers swear we are right here" 2/10/20

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FBI - MarkZ: "My bankers swear we are right here" 2/10/20 Empty MarkZ: "My bankers swear we are right here" 2/10/20

Post by RamblerNash Mon Feb 10, 2020 9:57 pm

MZ: Very busy weekend for everybody…..Bankers, paymasters , sources are squarely looking at tomorrow for something to break loose and spendable dollars by Wednesday right now. I am also hopeful that they are correct.

MZ: I am hearing from one of my best Wall Street guys they are looking for major actions to happen in the markets on Wednesday . No specifics…but I was told to watch the markets on Wednesday. It’s going to be big. Will they start selling off or adjusting? I just don’t know.

MZ: Folks in Zurich are looking at tomorrow as well

Q: Any word from Isaac?

Issac:  Wednesday Thursday should be liquid day… Appointment tomorrow at hsbc

Q: Does your paymaster have actual funds?

MZ: No…not yet…

MZ: In Iraq- Allowi is fully in control….my folks over there are just tickled at how things are shaping up.  Sadr is out and heading off to Iran. I have not seen those guys over there this excited in a long time.

Member:  Iraq PM Allawi is POTUS Trump's man for the plan

Member:  Trump has known for 3 years that Iran has used the theft of Iraqi currency auctions to fund terrorism but Trump reuses to stop those auctions.

MZ: My bankers swear we are right here- on top of it……for package deliveries and settlements….but I still havn’t seen arrests start happening. I would really like to see a couple arrests start.

Member:  Possible big arrest today or tomorrow that will shock and make people wonder!

Member:  arrests are starting this week...declass of Obama's Fast and Furious!!

Member:  Arrest....Jubilee.....BOOM !!!

Member:  According to be GESARA compliant, all corrupted individuals have to be removed, indicted, or both.

MZ: Watch Glen Becks report on Ukraine and the weekend X22 reports  which were very good….. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dCSwqca8KXU

Member:  Trumps new budget could be a catalyst for payment, he has infrastructure, the wall etc in the $4.8T budget

Q:  hey Mark what's about the 3/15

Member:  China trade deal goes into effect.

Member:  Since the currencies are in phase 1 of China trade deal I would think this would happen by the 15th when trade deal goes into effect.


Member:  seems to be a confluence of events timed for this week...I'm patient

Michael Cottrell joins the stream about minute 15:00….Please listen to the replay for all the details on the gold treaty, history, rats, George W assignation attempt,  Cheny, Bush Sr., CIA, FBI, and much more.

MZ: Touching on the Corona virus…..a Chinese whistleblower with a lot of documentation says that the death toll in china is over 150,000 now. And that they are hiding those numbers. Any thoughts on that?

MC: Corona Virus could be a great cover to sanitize their operation over there and take care of the bad guys….who knows? 

MZ: Would be a heck of a good cover.

Member:  Noticed that the protests in Hong Kong stopped with the corona virus outbreak. Hmmm.

Member:  Corona virus is a financial Black Swan happening

Member:  I have believed from the beginning that this Carona virus thing is like the mall shootings etc., are a red herring

MZ: Mr. C Have you heard anything new?

MC: Yesterday I received confirmation that Trump did indeed sign off his part on the Gold treaty and handed it off to the military and the Chinese families.  . That is done and the whole operation is “in process” quote. 

MZ: Glad you found that….i had been unable to confirm that rumor….was it a good source?

MC: Oh yes…first class….I quizzed him on it…..he said it was signed and handed over. Given where we are politically this made good sense.   Also the wall street info you got about Wed…..well that is very possible.

MZ: He rarely makes predictions and in the past has never been wrong. Whenever he says something I know something big is going to happen ..I will be watching the markets Wed. to see just what it is. What if it’s the market moving to asset backed?  Markets would have to change drastically whenever what backs the dollar changes.

MC: In 05 they knew they would be making this transition to asset backed. But it couldn’t happen until rats were no longer in control.

MZ: Do you think it will happen after the election?  I don’t see it dragging out that long?

MC: After I submitted that package to Trump in Oct. . I really thought he would wait until after the election.  But now that he signed off and is not in control….i see it going soon….maybe the same time as the arrests.

MZ: Regarding the IMF director stepping down…looks like Trump can put his suggestion in there now. An actual Pro-Gold Standard person taking over the helm at the IMF…this may be big.

Member:  imf resignation seems huge

MC: Well, when the Gold Treaty is executed the IMF will come crashing down. So imo it makes no difference. Like the new board members at the Fed…..Frosting on the cake but makes no difference now.

MZ: So it’s all smake and mirrors…don’t pay any attention to the man behind the curtain….

MC: yes.  


Member:  Okie: A Zurich contact that I had said Tues/Wed may finally be our time…There is a possibility we may get 800 numbers. That is the last I got from the source who has the authority to make this happen.

LINK TO OKIE BLONDIE SNAKE ON RECAPS - https://dinarrecaps.com/our-blog/okie-blondie-and-texas-snake-qampa-sunday-night-2-9-2020

MZ: Next stream is Tuesday 10AM est……unless something happens and I see you sooner.

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FBI - MarkZ: "My bankers swear we are right here" 2/10/20 Empty Re: MarkZ: "My bankers swear we are right here" 2/10/20

Post by Tinef Tue Feb 11, 2020 11:31 am

Best Wall Street guys, really? 

Yet not a peep from a single hedge fund.. ready to stock up & corner the market on funny colored toilet paper.  Thank you #DOJ.gov #FTC.gov #IRS.gov #FBI.gov for your concern, care & oversight for all who've been defrauded.

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FBI - MarkZ: "My bankers swear we are right here" 2/10/20 Empty Re: MarkZ: "My bankers swear we are right here" 2/10/20

Post by Tinef Thu Feb 13, 2020 1:57 pm

Dear #DOJ.gov #FTC.gov #IRS.gov & #FBI.gov .. according MarkZ, we all hit our heads & got amnesia .The big market shake up for Wednesday that was supposed to trigger the RV, GCR or a deep-dark state revolution sadly didn't happen. So we didn't need to buy anymore uniquely colored toilet paper or click advertisements until our fingers bled (again) 
Interesting, what did happen, Tesla issued a press release stating they're issuing a billion in new stock .. 

Smart investors / bargain hunters & of course not 'dinarian's' capitalized on the market correction, as of 1pm today the stock price jumped back up close to 90pts .. 

That "Shake Up" aside.. The good news, since Tesla is a well recognized energy company and not just a car company, they're doing great! 

MarkZ on the other hand is not recognized as a  seasoned currency expert, or a global economist but is known as an unlicensed parasite who makes his living singing Happy Birthday off key & from promoting fake insider news for profit.

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