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MarkZ: "I spoke to folks all over and yes, they do believe this is our week" 2/3/20 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

MarkZ: "I spoke to folks all over and yes, they do believe this is our week" 2/3/20

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MarkZ: "I spoke to folks all over and yes, they do believe this is our week" 2/3/20 Empty MarkZ: "I spoke to folks all over and yes, they do believe this is our week" 2/3/20

Post by RamblerNash Mon Feb 03, 2020 10:19 pm

MZ: Really quiet weekend…I was hoping I would have more news by doing the stream later today… I spoke to folks all over and yes, they do believe this is our week  ….I am sure you are as tired of hearing that as I am of saying it.

MZ: But recently because I know we are so close I have had a peace settle into me….I am no longer looking for it minute to minute because I know it’s going to happen. I feel really good about it.

MZ: It is exceptionally quiet in Reno.

MZ: I do not have 800 numbers….yet

MZ: I was told they did do a test of the digital currency…the actual blockchain technology that is being used with the QFS over the weekend ….it went quite well…..and I am told to expect great things this week.

Member:  QFS is going to be a crypto blockchain system from what I am hearing

MZ: No package deliveries over the weekend.

Member:  CMKX will be paid, Read Naked Short and Greedy.

MZ: My paymaster went home over the weekend….he is now back in place today in Reno

MZ: As for Redemption centers…..they are back at work today

MZ: There is a lot of news happening this week. In Iraq…new Prime Minister and lots of talk about the budget…..impeachment wraps up this week….the State of the Union speech is Tuesday night. And don’t forget Brexit just happened……this was a big piece I believe. …

Member:  Heard that President Trump will talk about gold back tomorrow night

MZ: I really hope he does……


Q:  Will a married couple be treated as one person at the Redemption center?

MZ:  I am told they will be unless they want to do seperate exchanges.

Q:  @markz my paymaster flew to Toronto this weekend... any idea why he would have gone there?????

MZ: Yes a number of redemption centers will be there and in Montreal in Canada.

Member:  Mark, with all due respect, if the bankers are corrupt, what leads you to believe their intel is legit? None of the financial sites talk about , or believe in a reset

MZ: I usually talk to the rank and file in the banking world…the ones who actually do the work. I pay attention to what they are being told, where they are being put….what they are being trained to do …I don’t listen much to what comes out of Mnuchins mouth.  As far as believing in a reset…Jim Rickerds just talked about it…he is an advisor to Trump….all kinds of people are talking about how necessary a reset is and how we need to go asset backed….Even Christine Lagarde. Who is the former director of the IMF talked about it.  So how many people need to keep talking about resetting currencies until we all believe them?

Member: I don’t see this happening until the end of March. Pres. Trump still has to remove all of the corruption in the gov….thousands of arrests.

MZ:  I think we will see the arrests start at the same time as the reset.

Member:  Human traffickers are already being arrested. See Ivanka Trump speech on Fox News.

Member:  Ivanka Trump gave a good speech on new laws and efforts against human trafficking and programs to help survivors.

Member: Q said [Castle Clear] after Bolton left last month. They’ve already started arrests of many minions & trafficking rings, especially since the VA gun rally. We are in great position.

Member:  Most arrests pedophilia connected

Member:  He wouldn't have to clean out the White House ahead of this. As soon as GESARA is announced the Government is dissolved and all new elections. Good time to then make arrests.

Member:  One quarter of the judges in the US are patriot judges now! The BAR is being emptied or drained!

Q: Any updates on elders?

MZ: I am told there are still some on the west coast. They are in a very nice place that they like to stay when they are here.

Member:  Thanks! We are right here, over the target! It’s all going to happen... GCR/ GESARA & RV

MZ: Going to get busy and find out more….tomorrows stream is at 10AM est. A special guest will be with me ….Dr. Harry -a cardiologist

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