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Mnt Goat News Letter 1/30/20 - 2019-2020 WHAT HAPPENED TO THE JANUARY REINSTATEMENT? DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Mnt Goat News Letter 1/30/20 - 2019-2020 WHAT HAPPENED TO THE JANUARY REINSTATEMENT?

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Mnt Goat News Letter 1/30/20 - 2019-2020 WHAT HAPPENED TO THE JANUARY REINSTATEMENT? Empty Mnt Goat News Letter 1/30/20 - 2019-2020 WHAT HAPPENED TO THE JANUARY REINSTATEMENT?

Post by RamblerNash Thu Jan 30, 2020 9:29 pm

In today’s FB NOTE I take a hard look and analysis at an article from way back in April 2012, yes 2012! Yes this was juicy one! You may even remember it. Fast forward.... so what is it’s relevancy to today 2019-2020? This article will answer our question today as to what happened to our January 2019-2020 reinstatement. I am not going to sit here today sounding pompous or writing excuses or some bullshit made up stories as to why it did not happen or what is the “hold up”. Instead we are going to get down and dirty into the FACTS and attempt to understand this mess. Only in order to do this we need to go down memory lane a bit. Are you willing to do that with me today? Then we can see where we are today and answer out question as to when we might expect the reinstatement.

So are you game for this adventure today?

In this April 2012 article, we can clearly see that the political takeover of Iraq by Iran actually happened way before the ISIS invasion. The ISIS invasion was the physical side of  the Iranian takeover and we will also address this too, but later. The past April 2012 article tells us a compelling story on how Nori al-Maliki slowly infiltrated Iraq with his pro-Iranian govt officials as if gearing up for the future ISIS invasion. This is around the 2012.

In fact Maliki allowed the erosion of the security forces in the provinces and in the military in preparation for the ISIS  invasion. Then once it occurred, it allowed for an excuse of the Iranian militia to legally come into Iraq and help fight them. In fact he begged them to come. Of course this was all a dog and pony show as he already  had this all well planned out. Fast forward to 2019-2020, we know that Iran now refuses to leave and are actually illegally occupying Iraq. They complain about the US military and its interference in Iraqi sovereignty but is Iran not doing the exact same thing they accuse the US of? What about their interference. The US hardly has 5,000 troops stationed in Iraq while the Iranians have hundreds of thousands. Go figure! Why is the US only taking all the heat as an occupier? The answer is propaganda and perception and nothing else....

So we can clearly see that Nori al-Maliki needed these Iranian militia forces as his strong-arm or as some say his “teeth” to enforce the will of Iran upon Iraq. I have been telling everyone from the beginning of my newsletters, way back over a decade now, that he is a double agent working for both the US and Iran. The CIA allows Maliki to exists for one reason and only for one reason and this is so they could use him to influence politics in Iraq when needed. Kind of like their “inside guy”.  But we know all the havoc and corruption he has bestowed upon the Iraqi people. Is any benefit for Maliki now outweighed by his massive corruption and suffering of his own countrymen? Is it time to get rid of this guy? Does it figure that one of the Iranian backed conditions of the new 2020 prime minister say “- Not to open and refer files of corruption”. Go figure again....

We see today by these live bullet  shootings in the protestor crowds that this has become a critical point for Iraq. Even now the protestors can’t force the needed government change to oust Iran out of political inference without paying the price of being martyrs. Look how long it is taking them to select a new prime minister once they got rid of Mahdi. Yes it has been almost 4 months already. Wow!

Remember that just before all this mess began the US, under Obama administration, had just pulled out of Iraq in December 2011, leaving it vulnerable and open to foreign intervention. All of us dinar investors really thought this was it and the central bank would RV the currency. But we did not know the central banks long-range goals this was our first mistake. Iraq was not yet strong enough to stand on its own. Bad, bad move on the part of president Obama just to fill a campaign promise. He got a Noble Peace prize too?

So now we witness the full effects of a terrorist state like Iran on the Iraqi wealth as they continue to plunder it’s riches. Meanwhile there are cities not yet reconstructed, hospitals needing repairs, schools still closed, lack of electricity, etc from a war that happen decades ago. Then we see a Central Bank with only half its potential monetary reserves from oil revenues intact as Iran finds ways to get their hands on this wealth too. This is at the heart of all the problems today with Iraq. This brings us to another Iran condition for the new prime minster - “ Continued sale to the hard currency auction in the Central Bank”. Does Iran not know we are wise to how they are laundering money to Iran through these auctions? How many economists and financial analysts have to write articles about this corruption in the CBI before something substantial is done to STOP it. Of course the protestors know about the corruption as one of their demands of the new prime minister is to “End the sale of hard currency auction in the Central Bank”.

The question we should all be really asking today is this - Will Iraq come out the other end successful, enough to allow the reinstatement of their currency, thus fulfilling the much need of currency reform for economic progress?

The article I refer to is below along with my commentary.


(note date of article)

Reuters Thu Apr 12, 2012

Iraq halts plans to cut zeros off dinar currency-cabinet

* Cabinet says stops plans to redenominate dinar "until further notice"

* Iraq has over 30 trillion Iraqi dinars in circulation

* Plan to trim zeros not seen as a priority

By Aseel Kami

BAGHDAD, April 12 (Reuters) - Iraq has decided to hold off on a plan to knock three zeros off the nominal value of bank notes of its currency because it does not believe the economic climate is suitable, the cabinet secretary said on Thursday.

The central bank said LAST AUGUST 2011 IT PLANNED TO REDENOMINATE THE IRAQI DINAR TO SIMPLIFY FINANCIAL TRANSACTIONS IN AN ECONOMY that is still heavily centralized and dominated by oil, and where deals are often carried out in cash.

The proposal to restructure the dinar to bring more liquidity into the market HAS BEEN AWAITING PARLIAMENTARY APPROVAL SINCE LAST YEAR.


"The economic committee discussed this issue and so did cabinet ... There is a possibility that it could cause some problems in the economic situation.

Besides that, this operation is so big that cabinet sees circumstances are not right to control this," cabinet secretary Ali al-Alaq told Reuters.

(Mnt Goat – So why is this old article from 2012 important? It is important because:

1)it shows use they do plan to delete the zeros and redenominate the currency and so this is real not just a get rich quick scheme or scam.

2)they are telling us in April 2012 even that they were going to postpone the project but yet we know from a news conference with Dr. Shabibi in 2015 that he told us they fully intended to reinstate the dinar in Jan 2013. I quote - “this was an unprecedented opportunity to complete the project”. So go figure why they published this article in April. Was it to fool everyone or was there a fight going on between Nori al-Maliki and the CBI over this project to delete the zeros?

3)the project needs parliamentary approval and can not be done in a vacuum with the CBI alone. Again more evidence that Nori al-Maliki was fighting against the RV. We know this since he refused to give his approval.

4)it needs the prime minister’s support. So we need a prime minister who will make this a priority..Maliki did not see this as a priority in 2011 or 2012. In fact he raided the CBI funds and decided to launder money to Iran instead. This is when this mess began in the currency auctions. Now its 2020 and so can they fix it? )

Iraq is slowly getting back on its feet after years of war and sanctions. Oil accounts for 95 percent of government revenues and the country's banking system is still highly underdeveloped.

5) So we can clearly see that in 2012 the banking reforms were not yet in place and this needed to be accomplished someday. But was it really a needed precursor to currency reform? Was (is) currency needed before economic growth can happen or can only happen once the economy has grown? This is the controvery of the Obama administration. But who was the financial expert at the time Dr. Shabibi, Maliki or Obama? Did Maliki stop the reinstatement later in 2012 because he was told to by the Obama administration and because Obama felt he wanted the banking reforms (and other reforms) in place first? Remember when Obama took office in 2009 it took a few years for him to catch up on foreign policy with Iraq. Then when he did he changed the rules for any reinstatement of the currency. He kept dangling the carrot. This prolonged the situation headed us for the disaster we have today. Just remember had Iraq gotten off the currency auctions prior to the 2018 US sanctions on Iran, how could Iran then launder money out of the CBI as they are doing today to bypass the US sanctions? This is all important to remember on our timeline. Its all cause and effect. Who  is really to blame for the mess in Iraq?


The central bank has kept the dinar fixed at 1,170 dinars to the dollar in its daily auction but it recently moved to revalue the dinar slightly to 1,166 dinars after demand for the U.S. currency soared.

The central bank said it also had to tighten regulations over who can participate in the auctions AS IRAQI TRADERS SOUGHT TO SNAP UP DOLLARS FOR RESALE IN NEIGHBORING SYRIA AND IRAN, both under Western economic sanctions.


(Mnt Goat – all the signs of money laundering were there in April 2012, yet the CBI did nothing to fix it. The Obama administration knew abut this too and  did nothing. )

"We have more than 30 trillion dinars in circulation. To withdraw this amount from the market and then to examine them and to dispose of them is a huge process. Even the technical and the monetary capabilities to control a process like this, we consider as insufficient and it is not seen as a priority currently," Alaq said.

(Mnt Goat – So let me go a bit further in analysis of this article:

Remember they are saying they were going to postpone the project and this is April 2012, then in 2015 Dr  Sahbibi comes out in a press conference in Switzerland and states they planned to reinstate the dinar to the global markets in Jan 2013 and they missed the chance to do so due to corruption in the CBI by the government (meaning Nori al-Maliki). So these are two FACTS we know and can sink our teeth into (sort of speaking)…lol..lol..lol…

So why would they say this then in April 2012 and yet all the news was so good in the summer of 2012 they were going ahead with the project? Why, Why Why? Then the project gets postponed for real in December 2012. What was going on in the background between Maliki and Dr Shabibi  in 2012? Sounds to me like there was a fight (a conflict of interest) between the GOI and the CBI over whether to conduct the project to delete the zeros and redenominate or not. It becomes even more apparent when I continue with my analysis below.

So if we dig deeper into the events of 2012 it does not make any sense other than the April 2012 article was a distraction of propaganda by Maliki going against the CBI. The GOI was broadcasting they did not approve of the redenomination the CBI was about to do. Later on in the summer of 2012 we see why the GOI put out this article.

Maliki and Dr Shabibi must have been fighting over this project to delete the zeros and at odds over it.  Remember it was the Obama administration who was really behind it all telling Maliki not to do it. The article tells us that they needed parliamentary permission to do it. Did Maliki want to approve it? In fact he might have even wanted to do along with it but the answer is probably NO since this stalling probably was giving him ideas that he could manipulate the currency auctions for the benefit of Iran. So Maliki, then the prime minister, decided to raid the CBI in December 2012 to STOP Dr Shabibi from doing the project to delete the zeros. He did not give the CBI permission but Dr Shabibi was attempting to go ahead anyhow. This is VERY CLEAR to us now.

This 2012 April article also tells us that at that time in April 2012 the currency auctions has increased daily from 150 million to 400 million and the money was being funneled to Syria and Iran. Today we know that in 2019 alone nearly $40 billion dollars was stolen out of the CBI this way. So, the corruption with the currency auctions had already begun even back in 2012 and has been ongoing since. So could this be why Maliki wanted to halt the redenomination Dr Shabibi was moving ahead with? Shabibi's plans to redenominate would have stopped the currency auctions and ended this "piggy bank" for Iran and Syria.

Fast forward to today 2020. Could this be why Iran insists on having a pro-Iranian prime minister? Could this be why the CBI is deadly afraid of conducting the redenomination without the FULL support of the GOI and the prime minister? Maybe Alaq does not want to experience the death threats and allegations of corruption that Dr Shabibi had to go through in 2012-2013? Remember Maliki staged fake trials for Dr Shabibi too and had he been apprehended and in-country in Iraq he would have been executed (like killed).

Remember what happened to Dr Shabibi in 2012? He was accused of corruption in the CBI by Maliki. What did this really mean? I believe this meant Dr. Shabibi was going ahead with the redenomination and Maliki thought he should have permission from the GOI to do it. But it goes deeper as this was only Maliki’s on-the-surface political excuse for shutting down the project.  The real reason was to launder money to Iran. Iranian General Soleimani was very active too in the region and needed funds to fund his army. We witnessed later how this all played out when Iran come into Iraq to help fight Iran and would not leave afterwards. 

Also lets turn the clock back to earlier times to late 2011 and even earlier in 2012. Remember all the articles about the CBI and it needed its independence? Why were all these article coming out then? Apparently there was something going on already in the making with these currency auctions and the GOI did not want the CBI working in a vacuum. The GOI wanted to make sure these currency auctions would not change.

I presented this explanation of the past to you today to try to make more sense of what is now happening with Iran and choosing a new prime minister. I hope everyone gets it now? We can’t forget the past and just knee jerk to the future and forget why we are in this situation today.

So how can Iraq fix this mess?

They MUST select a new prime minister that is pro-Iraqi and not go along with this plan to block the project to delete the zeros and redenominate the currency (currency reform) by Iran anymore. Oh yes- it will be painful and the pain is not over yet. But we have 2 choices. Start the process now and get it over with or let it linger on for years to come. Do you want the reinstatement sooner than later?

So the glass is not always half empty. There is still a ton of gold at the end of the rainbow for us but we just have to wait until the storm is over to see the rainbow to know where the gold is. Then to go get it.

Why are the protestors even not demanding more forcefully an end to the currency auctions? It has been already four (4) months since they have made this demand. Folks it all adds up. Do you see it now?

At this junction in Iraq this currency reform is a critical reform is needed NOW if Iraq is to move ahead with reconstruction and attracting investors. It is needed even for the deal with China and don’t forget the same sort of deal is also on the table with the US. So will Iraq screw it up again? So the protestors have been told by the CBI this demand is coming shortly and would have already happened if not for this mess ( I don’t personally believe this). So how long will the protestors wait for this demand to happen? 


“For all leaders of all nations, that they may be anointed by the Holy Spirit to do God’s will and work to bring about abundance and prosperity to their nation.

To fight this waging war on corruption, our freedoms, our liberties, socialist plans and injustice.

To bring all those corrupt to justice and pay for their crimes no matter how high up in the government they are.

That the FREE WORLD may be a shining example for the rest of the entire planet.

In the name of Jesus Christ our King and Savior, Amen”

Auf Wiedersehen

Much love to ya all,

Mnt Goat

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