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Calls to support the oil and manufacturing industries DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Calls to support the oil and manufacturing industries

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Calls to support the oil and manufacturing industries Empty Calls to support the oil and manufacturing industries

Post by claud39 on Sun Jan 26, 2020 10:18 am

[size=36][rtl]Calls to support the oil and manufacturing industries[/rtl][/size]

Saturday January 25, 2020

Calls to support the oil and manufacturing industries Alsabaah-28863

Baghdad / Al-Sabah

Iraq is moving towards diversifying its revenue sources for the federal budget and reducing the mono-oil resource, by restarting productive factories and stalled factories, as well as supporting the private sector to be a key partner in the advancement of the national economy, in conjunction with national campaigns in support of the local product, 

Economic experts called for the necessity of supporting the oil and manufacturing industries to achieve self-sufficiency in the products of petroleum derivatives and petrochemicals and the export of surplus thereof, in order to promote the local product and to develop the resources of the Iraqi economy.

 A member of the Baghdad Economic Forum, Ikram Abdul Aziz, said in a statement to "Al-Sabah": It is "in light of the commodity dumping that the Iraqi economy has suffered since 2003 until now, and the increasing calls towards supporting the Iraqi private sector, overcoming obstacles and red tape, and eliminating corruption so that this vital sector can play its role." A pioneer in development, pointing out that "supporting the private sector in the fields of agriculture, industry and even various services enters into diversifying the structure of the Iraqi economy."


A national imperative

She added, "Supporting the local product is an imperative and patriotic necessity to protect society by securing work opportunities for it and encouraging the private sector to stand on a solid, patriotic and protective ground for the community and supportive of their activities and orientations."

And stressed "the need to reduce import and go towards the advancement of the private sector," noting that "the Iraqi product should be subject to specifications that secure the citizen buying it with high quality."

Abdel Aziz pointed out that "the element of competition should be present between companies operating in the Iraqi industry, as well as with regard to other aspects related to the Iraqi economy," noting that "support for the national product is a public demand and needs national awareness towards the revitalization of the local industry, including It enhances the sobriety and support of the local product by providing soft loans, protection and other means that make it a desirable product for the consumer, and enhances the trade balance and its diversity after it meets the local need.


Oil resources

"The dependence on oil resources to supplement the public budget must be ended by supporting the productive sectors and exporting the surplus of local products to bring in the hard currency to the country," she said, calling for "there to be an enhancement of the oil industry and a rebirth of its structure by supporting the manufacturing industries, oil derivatives and petrochemicals to diversify the structure The Iraqi economy and the dismantling of the largest cordon that controls the economy, which is the oil resource. "

She explained that "after the advancement of the private sector in all its aspects, we will have self-sufficiency from different products and the surplus can be exported from them."

She stressed "the necessity of supporting expertise and competencies and investing Iraqi minds to advance the economic sectors", pointing out that "most Arab countries depend on resources that are devoted to building knowledge to ensure diversification of various fields related to real and service sectors."


Real sectors

She drew attention to "the importance of there being transport channels, that is, what is allocated from the oil resources is diverted to build universities or research centers through the private sector channel as well to be a marketer for everything produced by these entities and thus it enters into another relationship with real sectors such as agriculture, industry and service towards achieving effective development through Take advantage of sectors, experiences and patents in this aspect. "

And she added in saying: "The more we seek the help of the private sector and the Iraqi innovators and innovators who are elite in society, the more we can get a product and service with good specifications that meet the market need as well as stimulate the establishment of projects and absorb unemployment and diversify the structure of the Iraqi economy."

She pointed out that "the local product, which is unnecessary and characterized by high quality and high quality, to re-work towards the petrochemical and oil derivatives industry, pharmaceutical and manufacturing plants, and all that comes out of these activities enhances the sobriety of the Iraqi economy and makes the private sector a leading sector in its industry."


Industrial projects

She pointed out that "Iraq needs to establish industrial projects with production lines and good international specifications to ensure the quality of the industry," calling for "investing Iraqi minds that are essential pillars to develop, diversify and restructure the Iraqi economy, by supporting the Iraqi private sector promising a sustainable development horizon that joins with the sector The year to develop the existing economy by reducing dependence on oil and enhancing local production and supporting it, which is enough to achieve all progress for Iraq, especially as Iraq controls natural resources and human competencies that can be invested in the best way. "

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