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Bruce’s Big Call Intel Thursday Night 1/23/20 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Bruce’s Big Call Intel Thursday Night 1/23/20

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Bruce’s Big Call Intel Thursday Night 1/23/20 Empty Bruce’s Big Call Intel Thursday Night 1/23/20

Post by RamblerNash Sat Jan 25, 2020 8:45 pm

Welcome everybody to The Big Call tonight – it is Thursday Jan 23rd and you’re listening to The Big Call – Thank you for being here tonight – We look forward to having a good full call tonight not going to go super deep / long but I think we’ll give you what we know and that’s a lot –

Ok, let’s get into the intel a little bit as this is Thursdays call, 2 days from the last call we did and we’ll just take it from where we left off - what’s interesting is – we’ve heard the concept that this was going to go from East to West – we’ve heard it for years – I mean 6-7-8 years or more we’ve heard that concept - things will be coming from East to West --

Now, realize this - the rest of the world got a head start onus Monday because they did not have a ML King Day that we have- this past Monday – and so they kinda got a head start on us – our markets were closed - our banks were closed – so we were a day behind the rest of the world – and so what happened was – the rest of the world got started before us and that includes the Far East – Europe – and I have a feeling Canada and Mexico are pretty much with us - and did not get started ahead of us - but I do know that some things have been happening in the Far East – regarding making yourself liquid as a result of exchanges and so on –

That was interesting – we got some more confirmation yesterday (Wednesday) about that – on exchanges done in Europe and they were exchanged and completely paid out – they had full liquidity and full access to funds - this was an individual – somebody who was a player – It was good to know that was happening over in a country in Europe – So, that’s really great

Now, what I want to say tonight is we have the indication that what we’ve said that was happening Tuesday regarding tier 3’s and their liquidity apparently was continuing through yesterday and may have finished up today (Thursday) - That’s tier 3 getting access to 2% of their funds and having liquidity –

Now, in addition to that we knew that the military that have exchanged received SKR’s for their exchanges and they were made liquid and they I hope have finished – My understanding is they should have finished today along with the other tier 3’s –

We’ve also heard that the groups – and these are the groups as in the Farm Claims – the Native American claims – some of the adjudicated settlements – fines & penalties – all of that has been in process but I don’t think even those have been completed yet – at least I am not aware of it –

And then we go to us – not only us but tier 4A which are the groups we’ve talked about out West - we’re talking about them receiving emails – now we have heard that emails were to go out to them already – we heard last night (Wednesday) around 7:00 – 7:30 – we heard this morning (Thurs) around 3:00 – 3:30 am – and I can tell you if they have gone out – I don’t know it – I don’t have the proof of that –

I’ve also been told that – here’s what happened - President trump came back yesterday from Davos – he got in – somewhere in the 5:30 range – Eastern - he did get on the phone with 5 different countries to talk with them about everything and he did - after the Treasury had signed off on everything to release this - around 4:00-4:30 yesterday (Wed) – President Trump signed off the 7:38 PM last night (Wed) – yesterday evening - ok, so he made the calls he needed to make then he was able to sign off for us and get this to a point of being released

Now, China wants it all done yesterday – and some of it was - but they really want this thing to go by tomorrow – Friday 24th - 2x4=8 they love the number 8

Now they want it to go by tomorrow because they are planning the Elders in Atlanta – San Francisco – and Reno are planning to fly back to China late tomorrow afternoon (Fri) for their Chinese New Year – For the Celebrations to start Saturday -- I don’t know if it’s Saturday here or Saturday there – just suffice it to say They Want This DONE -- They want it to be complete or not completely finished but initiated /started for all groups - except the public – the public won’t go until probably mid February – we have another 2-3 weeks to finish up groups – Zim platforms - to complete the bonds and boxes of bonds that are being hypothecated in the 7 cities we talked about before – which would normally be - New York – Atlanta – Miami – Chicago – Dallas = San Francisco – and Zurich – and Hong Kong -- that’s probably more than 7 but you get the idea

We know there’s activity going on in Zurich – Hong Kong – and in one un named US city – take a guess which city that is - my guess is it begins with the letter “R” – now, I don’t know that though but I do know that the Chinese are ready for this to be done -- meaning “underway” -- President Trump signed off on it yesterday evening after he got back from Davos – so we know its underway – we know the process is going – we’re just trying to figure out when tier 4A’s will see their emails to witness their accounts and when tier 4B – that’s us – the internet group will see our notification which will also come by email and from me - when I get the toll free number – ok --

We believe that’s going to occur hopefully that comes in at the same time - meaning the tier 4A then tier 4B’s could quite possibly start at about the same time – what I mean by that is the emails that should go out tonight or overnight get received tomorrow morning (Friday) - quite possibly we get notified tomorrow morning (Friday) – I’m just saying -- and if that does happen – “IF” – If that does happen they could have their access to their funds and their liquidity as we start our exchanges and get access to our liquidity through our exchange and redemption centers

Now, this is all speculation on my part – I’m saying I have some other people that agree that may be the case - may be what the plan is – for tier 4A those groups – inner core and the so called 100 group of 120 which is thousands of people that, as you guys know, are all part of another group or series of groups - and if those get notified - which they should be notified by email they have accounts – they have access to their accounts and the start of liquidity – maybe tomorrow – maybe tomorrow in that sense is the value date – and I don’t like that term - I hate that term - I don’t like it - it never seems to be valid - but if tomorrow is our start date we could be really really good to go – if we are to coincide – I do believe tier 4A’s will be notified between now and morning by email

Now, they may also – they may get an email as a heads up notification to expect the one they are looking for to come - You guys remember Wells Fargo has their own servers which have 401,163 at last count -emails ready to go – Some people say they have already been launched but with a block on the server to not to complete the transmission to people quite yet – I’m not sure of the technology on that-- but I would say this - I do believe they are launched and ready -

Could those emails from Wells Fargo also get a heads up email prior to the real deal – the real email that will give them the toll free number? I think it’s possible – it’s conceivable that they would get that as well –

I am supposed to get a heads up call prior to getting the actual call with the toll free number –so I may get a heads up call – I don’t know when - I don’t expect it at night – I do expect it in the day time – So that would be a heads up I would get so – theoretically the 800 numbers coming from Wells Fargo – from their servers coincide very closely with the call I get with the toll free number to put it out

You say why do I need to get a number that’s coming in an email? Because some people were gifted currency and they have no record of them as having their email – they don’t have an email that’s been used yet and so I think that is why I am batting clean up – I get to put the number out and some people that don’t receive an email from Wells Fargo may rely on me having that number to set their appointment- and I’m saying that we are supposed to get this party started here pretty darn soon and then go for about 8-10 days at the redemption centers and then after all of that the Joe Q public is going to get started probably around mid February

Now, the rates are obviously adjusting and they will adjust after tire 4A gets started for us – they will adjust just for us at the redemption centers – the redemption enter staff are all on a 45 min response now – that means once they get the call / text or however they are notified – they are to respond and be at their stations in the redemption centers ready to go in 45 minutes

So, that gives you some idea of just how ready everything is to go – and yes I did think we would get notified before – I thought today was very possible – as it gets later tonight I am looking at the possibility of tomorrow (Friday) and also if for some reason we don’t get started tomorrow – I want us to consider that it may not be a Tuesday Wednesday or Thursday – it could very well go tomorrow (Friday) – Saturday – Sunday - Monday - all the way up to Tuesday morning

Now, we don’t want to wait 2-3-5 more days – we are ready to start right away and we hope because the President signed off on it yesterday evening at 7:38 and that China is ready and ready to head back – The elders that are here are ready to head home to China for the celebration – I hope – and they want to get the part started here –

So, I’m hoping that we are not – remember we have the go ahead – the green light from the treasury at 4:00 or 4:30 yesterday – The President signed off and gave the green light yesterday evening as I mentioned -- so we are moving – the question is are we going to move and get these emails out – out to the tier 4A’s tonight and overnight and possibly tomorrow maybe tomorrow morning for tier 4B- that’s us

Now, I told you that was hypothetical - this is speculation on my part and all I can tell you is that we have evidence that it has started in the Far East – it started in Europe – we are a day behind them because of ML King Day - and we’re looking like we should get started and join the rest of the world pretty soon

My understanding is NESARA and GESARA have started as well in some limited capacity – I believe we will get information on those – we will have the video as I mentioned on Tuesday’s call at the redemption center for between 12 – 15 minutes depending on which currencies you have – you’ll be able to watch those and get up to speed on a lot of things we’ve talked about –

You may watch the video and go “oh yeah” Bruce talked about that – “oh yeah I’ve heard that on The Big Call” - lol I’m being facetious - but really I think we know a lot of the things that will be on that video and I’m excited for everybody – I’m excited for all of us – I’m excited for our projects –

I’m excited for everything up to getting this thing started and to begin creating a new heaven and new earth – In a sense ok – look, we’re going to be able to do a lot of things to bring kingdom living to this earth and I’m excited about it -

Thank you everybody for listening – I hope it’s helpful - I’m telling you basically what I get with a lot of details and I’m excited I can share that with you and I look forward to this being over as do you

Stay tuned and let’s see where this thing goes in the next few days maybe we’ll get a win tomorrow – we will see what happens – Everybody have a beautiful night and thank you for tuning in to The Big Call.

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