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Jeff  says  -- Who's in charge of the rate change?  Donald Trump... DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Jeff says -- Who's in charge of the rate change? Donald Trump...

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Jeff  says  -- Who's in charge of the rate change?  Donald Trump... Empty Re: Jeff says -- Who's in charge of the rate change? Donald Trump...

Post by Ponee Thu Jan 23, 2020 8:53 pm


  ...one particular guru...is saying that the timing at which they put in the prime minister has everything to do with the timing of the rate change...that basically once they put in a prime minister that roughly within a month that's when the rate is gonna change.  That's not the case...  Both the demonstrations along with Iran and along with the Prime Minister is just all coincidence.   Those scenarios have nothing to do with the timing of the rate change.  That's been scheduled since early last year...Who's in charge of the rate change?  Donald Trump...

The US has poured trillions of dollars into Iraq and shed blood for Iraq.  It wasn't the World Bank or the IMF...I showed it to you through all of last year.  This is linked to accounting periods...because Iraq came out telling you that the 2020 budget has to be implemented at the start of their fiscal year.  They're telling you that this is linked to accounting periods...Iraq is probably transitioning back to their original fiscal year.  April/March which is identical to how Kuwait is currently structured.  That's why Kuwait changed their rate around the end of March to align their rate change with their fiscal year.  You see Iraq is following suite based on their movements and the facts they have shown us...


 ...a lot of BS is coming out right now.  They're doing that to mislead us because we're getting closer to the finish line.  On Monday they came out saying that they nominated a prime minister and then today Salih says he withdrew it because political bloc's did not agree.  Now Salih is going to Davos, Switzerland to meet with Trump.  So after that Salih says he's going too appoint or nominate a new P.M.  So we're waiting now on Thursday until we get a new P.M.  We'll have to see how that goes.  Lots of BS in the news coming out right now so it's hard and challenging to really focus on the news but that's all by design...


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