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Bruce’s Big Call -- Jan 20 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Bruce’s Big Call -- Jan 20

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Bruce’s Big Call -- Jan 20 Empty Bruce’s Big Call -- Jan 20

Post by Ponee on Wed Jan 22, 2020 5:21 pm

Bruce’s Big Call 

Replay Link   

 Intel begins at 42:00 min mark

Alright everybody, let’s talk a little bit about where we are from the intel point of view – Here we are - today is the 21st – we don’t have that much longer to go we are already 2/3 into the month but do not despair because I believe we are moving through and we have some good news I believe it’s coming very very shortly --

Here’s the plan – Let’s talk a little about what has happened between our last call which seems only a few days ago - it was Thursday and today is Tuesday - 5 days ago – a lot has happened - you remember last week prior to Thursday’s call we did have the first phase of the China Trade Deal complete

– we had the USMCA on Friday I believe that was voted on and passed - actually it was voted on and passed on Thursday and President Trump signed it on Friday in the Oval Office – Since then, well we found out that Russia had made a decision to decentralize their government to their outer most I call them provinces , Bob knows the correct term for it - It’s a good sign because these things needed to happen before everything really got underway for us - Since then we know there’s been a decision to green light the emails to the individuals in groups 4A which we call the groups out West - sometimes we call it the Core and then the remaining 120 Paymasters groups – known as the Admiral’s groups - those have been given a green light now to get underway with notifications which we believe for the most part will be by email and then of course their ability to have access to their funds – see their funds in their accounts and then be able to get access to that -

My understanding is that could take place tomorrow for those groups – In the meantime we know there is a lot of liquidity – right now – today (Tuesday) moving around – I believe it’s more having to do with the tier 3 SKR’s being made liquid and possibly the military SKR’s being made liquid and other possible groups that we’ve talked about in the past There are things happening that are moving us closer and closer towards what we are looking for which is a combination – notification from 401,163 emails on the Wells Fargo server for the tier 4B – that’s us

– the internet group as well as notification that I should receive to put out the toll free number to get it to Bob to put out on a series of emails that we have as well from our web site So we will be doing that as soon as I get notified and my understanding is that some other things have happened for us at the redemption center – Let’s see how many I can think of that are maybe new

– First of all you guys know that we’re going to have pages of “perks” – benefits - - perks are benefits to bank with a particular bank - these are things as far as I know are going to be considered “free” to us – I don’t know how many we get to pick from the perk list - but we know it is either going to be 96 different perks all the way to 106 different perks depending on the bank –

So you will want to get in touch with a banker that is at the redemption center – maybe more than one to see what the perks list is – I think they will be very similar – one bank may have a slightly better version of something that another bank but it’s a way for them to try to earn your business and retain your business

My understanding is the perks are not only just on a one time basis but they may be something you can renew in your 2-3-4 year ect

– We’ll see how that shakes out Now let’s talk about something else we have not mentioned much of and that is the NDA”s - non disclosure agreements - we know that if you’re a Zim holder - say that’s all you have - in the way of something to redeem there is a new 4 ¼ page NDA for you – and if you are any currency holder including Zim - you would get a new 5 ½ page NDA to sign and adhere to –

It’s very important that we do that – that we read those NDA's seriously and understand them – know what we can say and cannot say – or do after our exchange and redemption – Okay, so that is all new just in the last 2-3 days -the new NDA’s Now, here’s another thing that is new – for us at the redemption centers

- They have created a DVD for you younger people – a digital video disc and that is something they do have players connected to their desk top computers – they will have these available for us to play – a 12-15 minute DVD – depending on which sections are applicable to you It’s going to be played after we identify who we are with the bank – meaning with your license / passport / utility bill / your KYC phase of the redemption which happens as soon as you walk in the door - You’ll be doing that – then taken to a room

– I understand and be able to watch this DVD You say, why do that? Because what they’re going to do with that is educate us about the process – about certain aspects of our future – I believe it’s going to include what is backing our new money – what is going to be -how our money is going to be held in the bank or how it’s going to be held and protected

It will talk about the Quantum Financial System - and I believe it will also talk a little bit about upcoming changes to our tax system – We’ll see what they bring in about that That DVD is designed to streamline the process and take care of a lot of questions that might be answered – this will answer before they get asked

- That’s a really cool thing that should streamline the process even though it will take 12-15 minutes to play – it could help us run through the process a little more quickly and be more knowledgeable about what we’re doing before we even get to that section of the redemption So that’s new and those DVD’s had just completed delivery by Fed Express to the redemption center on Saturday - and that is fresh – I think that’s a great idea and something that we’re going to appreciate

- that aspect of it Beyond that we know that - “NO” we did not get an official rate yet in the Gazette for Iraq last Saturday but we do know that the new Prime Minister of Iraq and the new Finance Minister along with Dr Shabibi and a total of seven (7) in that delegation

- let’s call it - have made their way to Davos for the world economic forum Our understanding is Iraq will have by morning which will be late tonight our time a new rate for the Iraqi Dinar as well as it will go into tomorrow’s official publication for Iraq known as the Gazette – More than likely it will go in at first light when they have their early morning prayers and the theory is it probably will be in the Gazette at that time

– So that is one of the things that is happening right now and through the world economic forum in Davos, Switzerland – Our President is representing very well - even though I did not hear this statement – my understanding is the President made an announcement

– I don’t know if this went to President in France or if it went to another group of people today but my understanding is he said we, the United States will be returning to a Constitutional form or law – to me that represents Common Law - it represents us returning to the original Constitution and Constitutional form of government – it implies a return to a Gold backed currency and it could imply additional things as well –

But that is a very positive thing that was mentioned today by our President in Davos – Now, my understanding is only 2 more days which would be Wednesday & Thursday before the end as far as I’m concerned – that is what I understand and we’ll see where that actually goes

– We are looking very strong for this to occur between tomorrow and the rest of the week – it’s looking very very strong and I would not be surprised if we do get what we’re looking for which is notification and the ability to go in for our exchanges as early as tomorrow (Wednesday) We’ll see how that goes Obviously we have been very close before but I don’t believe we’ve been as far with everything that needed to be done as we are right now Our understanding is that the DOD

– Department of Defense - has released a report indicating they are content with where we are with what we’re doing right now and we don’t know if that’s the last of it or whether there’s anything else that needs to be done I know the 3 things last Thursday still needed to be done are done and I just discussed those at the beginning of my intel – So we are in very good shape we will have new Dinar rate tomorrow morning (Wednesday) and we should be able to get this party started – I’m going to call this a “pre- celebration call” tonight

– Obviously it’s hard to celebrate when you don’t have it yet but I do believe we have this in spirit and the manifestation is coming very, very soon So, everybody be prepared – I think you can go to sleep feeling good about where we are – Like Sue said – be a good steward of what God has entrusted you with - I think we are golden right now – I think we are all set and let’s see what tomorrow brings for us – Thank you everybody for listening for all these many years - Have a good night.



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