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Post by claud39 Wed Jan 22, 2020 9:58 am

[size=36][rtl]turn the corner[/rtl][/size]

January 21, 2020

turn the corner Alsabaah-28544

Yasser Al-Metwally 

The change in the Iraqi dinar exchange rate in light of the conditions in the country, we expected with the beginning of the crisis in October of the previous year in a previous article entitled (the exchange rate is stable) and we wondered how long it will hold?

We pointed out that the continuation of the situation may cause fluctuations in the exchange rate, and we cited the Lebanese experience at the time, how the exchange rate of the Lebanese pound deteriorated despite its stability over two decades and we called for hedging and caution 
And be careful.

We have emphasized that a successful monetary policy is able to maintain the stability of the exchange rate while supporting and assigning banks and exchange offices, and with national motives they all contributed to the stability 

Yes .. it is true that what we expected in the occurrence of fluctuation happened, but until the moment the change in the exchange rate is still receding in the borders of the tigers or tigers and this result is very natural compared to the size of the crisis represented by the international and regional conflict.

Contrary to what many analysts said in their expectations of a major change, they will get the exchange rate based on their reading of the speed of events and the size 
Its effect.

Remarkably, the results of this crisis, despite the size of the risks and challenges that accompanied it, the effects were less than expected. A really confusing equation.

What is the reason for your estimate of my reading of this phenomenon as a follower of the economic issue that implies that the national and responsible position of our merchants and our market owners not to take advantage of the circumstances and raise the prices had helped to mitigate the effects of the shock, this is mainly, and that the citizens held together and did not rush to the markets to store food, so I maintained The market depends on the smoothness of goods and stability 
the prices.

Then it is necessary not to underestimate the role of sound monetary policy, which was quick to address the crisis by announcing the pumping of currencies to maintain the price in an attempt to curb the expected volatility, as well as the commitment of banks to support these measures, as well as the role of banking offices not to speculate and exploit the circumstance, and this is calculated for them and their patriotism. 

This cohesion and cooperation between citizens, merchants and monetary and banking institutions has led to overcoming the crisis. Will we proceed with such a correct and correct approach? 
Yes. We all hope and trust that the future foreshadows goodness.

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Post by Jayzze Wed Jan 22, 2020 12:16 pm

claude the only corner Iraq is going to turn is iran and keep feeding them with stolen money. there will be no change since Iraq is and will always be in control by iran  until it is officially annexed by iran. this is why  Iraq is in the position that they are in
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