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MarkZ: "My paymaster is still on stand-by and still in Reno" 1/20/20 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

MarkZ: "My paymaster is still on stand-by and still in Reno" 1/20/20

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MarkZ: "My paymaster is still on stand-by and still in Reno" 1/20/20 Empty MarkZ: "My paymaster is still on stand-by and still in Reno" 1/20/20

Post by RamblerNash Tue Jan 21, 2020 10:01 pm

MZ:  No CMKX deliveries over the weekend……Sources say we have a big chance for seeing the release by Tuesday- tomorrow.

Q:  What happened to Iraq unveiling their rate this weekend???

MZ: Everyone was positive it was going to happen this weekend…it was planned to be in the Gazette by Saturday……...all I could say is I am very positive…..hoping to see it by Wednesday

Member:  supposed to be assigning an interim prime minister in Iraq today. I think that could be the missing piece to move the RV into our hands.

MZ: My redemption center folks are on call today….not at work….yet

MZ: It really is looking like it could be a Tuesday event…I’m terrified to say this…..but all sources are saying this.

MZ: Isaac (in Zurich) is also very hopeful for Tuesday.

MZ: My paymaster is still on stand-by and still in Reno.

Member:   Judy Byington put out some amazing information last night everybody should be excited..

MZ: I don’t know what she put out but I am excited…..with all the chatter I am hearing I am guessing it has to do with inside stuff in Iraq whether or not they will have a restatement or a Re-valuation.

Member: I think Nesara and then the reset.

MZ: I think they will go at the same time

Member:  Packages will go out when RV. Rates in Gazette when RV......Shotgun!!!! Just what I believe.

Q: Did any tier 3 payments go out this weekend?

MZ: I cannot confirm any payments…yet…plenty of money has been positioned….no one I know became liquid and can spend it……and I have done a lot of digging.

Mark reads a email he got…..A number of gurus say we will not see this (reset) until the fiat financial system collapsed.

MZ: That is one of two secenarios….The plan was for it not to collapse….but to get it out the door BEFORE it collapsed……it will collapse…its inevitable…..you will see the death of fiat with the new monetary system…….if it does collapse before they get the reset out the door it forces the issue….so we are watching that one as it’s a clear indicator ….they can only kick that can so far…the question is do they do it the easy way before the collapse or the hard way…after it. …either way is ok for you and I but if it implodes first then the reset….the average citizen will have a tough time. 

Member:  i drove a Fiat and it collapsed everytime just like my money

Member:  The end of January is the end of the US corporation and the beginning the US Federation! Things will change!

Member: Fulford said the Us corp will default on a payment on Jan 31st….bankrupt.

MZ: There is no way we can touch that payment……we can’t pay it…we can’t even come close……I’ts not even a legitimate debt unless we continue to play that game. The original amount borrowed was a hundred grand….the rest is fractional banking using make believe money…..I say we tell the Central bank “We don’t owe you…you never put up a real asset”

Q: Does Dubai 1 and 2 have anything to do with the reset?

MZ: Yes and no……yes, because they go at the same time and they are part of it………no, does the RV have to have Dubai 1 and 2 or it cant happen…?   No …..but they are inter-related just like CMKX.

Member:  I want to see some big names get arrested

Member:  Will they really let this go with impeachment trial starting???

MZ: I think the impeachment trial is a last ditch effort of desperate people which will backfire terribly for them.

Member:  I think Pelosi switched sides to save her on behind

Member:  Did anyone notice the day after Pelosi turned the articles of impeachment over to the Senate, that she wore a RED dress? Isn't that odd?

Member:  right? She had to flip or go to prison

Member:  That is why she sent the Impeachment papers to the Senate. They know it's a set up. lol

Member:  Trump had to be the best he could be for the US Corporation in order to be trusted to lead the New US Federation which will be 2 terms!

Member:  I think the RV won't and can't go unless the currency is asset backed, like with gold. Where are we with backing our currency with gold at least with the 209 countries involved in this gesara?

Member:  If the powers that be, really want to fool the cabal and crooked bankers they should try actually releasing the RV........

Member: Q posted yesterday “The shot heard around the world….the Great Awakening…..a week to remember….Q”

BowlerAddict:  Just a thought: Let us do our part by staying United and holding the vibration of this happening now. Some things to consider: get a computer that only does your banking and never anything online. Get a new phone number. Get a security plan in place. Set up your trusts post rv and foundations. There is no rush to do anything. Take your time and go slow.

MZ: Prayers for all the patriots in Virginia today and the “Anti gun ralley” may the day be free of incidence.

Member:  I think we need to be prepared for tomorrow. IMO

MZ: See you all tomorrow at 10AM est….unless something big happens…then I will be back sooner.

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