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 The central bank will not be blackmailed DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

The central bank will not be blackmailed

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 The central bank will not be blackmailed Empty The central bank will not be blackmailed

Post by claud39 on Sun Jan 19, 2020 8:18 am

 The central bank will not be blackmailed


 The central bank will not be blackmailed 18518

From time to time some social media outlets and some yellow channels owned by people whose orientations and purposes are poorly intended to offend national economic institutions that have clear success experiences and work with competent Iraqi national cadres come out to us.

And that these channels are driven by special interests inside and outside Iraq, and they are reported and paid for, and they are always hunting with murky water and targeting our national economy and its institutions that have made clear achievements during the economic and security shocks that Iraq passed after mid-2014 and contributed to achieving economic resilience and supported our national economy. Trumpets and their press and media reports targeting the central bank on recurring and consuming topics and that the aim of ruminating them from time to time is personal projection, public extortion, and coverage of the accomplishments achieved during the past five years.

So why target? The reason, as I see it, is that the central bank insists on the need for all relevant parties to carry out its daily work internally and externally to adhere to the instructions, controls and regulations that maintain economic stability in the country, which will lead to fighting corruption and the smuggling of the dollar abroad and maintain the strength of the Iraqi dinar and the stability of the exchange rate and building the national economy properly.

Although I respect the other opinion that is issued by non-specialists or from economists and monetary policy in particular, but I may disagree with the opinion that attempts to dwarf, minimize and personalize the achievements made by the central bank in facing the economic and financial crisis during the past years, which is the most difficult stage Iraq has gone through.

Therefore, I invite these people to consider, even once, to preserve the reputation of the Iraqi economy and its distinguished institutions, because it is not logical to allow a well-known Arab media channel against the economic steadfastness and monetary stability in Iraq that has not been achieved in countries that have gone through circumstances similar to what Iraq is going through.

Assigning accusations to the central bank and damaging Iraq’s economic reputation internationally without clear evidence or facts and without anyone being held accountable.

These parties are known before others through the evidence and achievements that the Central Bank of Iraq has proven to be the first economic institution through its important achievements in supporting the national economy and achieving economic resilience and seeking to achieve economic stability in accordance with its strategy drawn up to the year 2020.

 The important thing that has been achieved is the stability of the exchange rate and the reduction of the gap between the official price of the US dollar and the parallel price, which is a basic goal of monetary policy and the application of policies to restore confidence in international banking transactions of Iraqi banks with Arab and foreign banks and strive to build a solid and solid banking sector.

In conclusion, I invite these people, leave the successful economic institutions to work with high effort and double efforts for Iraq, and they are interested in addressing your economic and banking problems in your countries because the Central Bank of Iraq and the Iraqi banking sector will never undergo blackmail.

* Financial and banking consultant

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