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 "Michael Cottrell, Sue Judy for What?" by Ron Giles 1/16/20 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

"Michael Cottrell, Sue Judy for What?" by Ron Giles 1/16/20

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 "Michael Cottrell, Sue Judy for What?" by Ron Giles 1/16/20 Empty "Michael Cottrell, Sue Judy for What?" by Ron Giles 1/16/20

Post by RamblerNash Fri Jan 17, 2020 10:07 pm

The following is a quote from Judy’s Jan 11, 2020 post linked above. The quote is located in the bottom half of the post

"Judy note: ...though, you and I have a problem that stemmed from your MarkZ Call today. Just because I summarize information from Gurus that you don’t particularly agree with doesn’t mean that you have the right to encourage people to sue me. It’s called the right to have Freedom of the Press and Free Speech."

Michael Cottrell suggested people sue Judy for posting stuff from other gurus that Cottrell and Mark Z. don’t agree with. Now that is an interesting observation coming from an undistinguished “guru,” in the pile of prognosticators who have never been right, wouldn't you say? Go tell him his pants are on fire.

This is really unbelievable, I need to get this right in my mind. Michael Cottrell is calling out Judy for reporting on what she reads on other internet-based information centers, just like Mark Z’s. If that’s true, does this mean that Michael Cottrell doesn’t agree with the other shills and wants us to sue Judy because she is exercising her First Amendment right to free speech? What does that say about his holiness and his assumed takeover of the Global Currency Reset process that he has proclaimed for many, many months (years?) on Mark Z’s phone calls? Are there really more than five or ten people listening to these calls each time, one of which reposts the lies on IDC? That's hard to believe.

Can Cottrell ascend to the GCR podium with his gavel, on his credentials as an intellectual due to his commendation from other intellectuals at the University of Cambridge for a thesis he wrote surrounding the Central Bank system of finance? I do not think that pontificating while promoting the Central Bank System of Finance has any merit what-so-ever. Claiming oneself as a pivotal keeper-of-the-bank-codes for the Alliance with those qualifications is truly laughable. 

Vernacular, you got to use the right words.

To those who have not flown a high-performance aircraft, non-jet-pilot types, can baffle and bullshit their way through the talking points to where one could believe they are a true Pilot when indeed, they are not. Such is the case withMichael Cottrell, he's got some words about the GCR, but not all the words for his subterfuge.

Michael comes across as a knowledgeable person about the financial world, but his major talking points neglect the real truth about what the GCR is supposed to accomplish. The GCR is not just an event, it’s the intended results of the event that gives credence to the players involved. The GCR conversation must include the RV, the QFS, the New Economic System, the GESARA law, and the demise of the Central Banking System, etc, to be true. Talking only about the GCR makes your narrative shallow and exclusive of the other salient points of the GCR process. This is where Michael fails to meet the mark. So, Michael, do you claim to be a part of the Alliance…the real Alliance, the Alliance we know to be in charge of the RV/GCR/QFS process?

He does talk about the Fed being taken over by the Treasury Department, but that is only the present brick and mortar structure less the top FED brass in the USA. What about the rest of the world? Are they not part of this too? Isn’t the GCR worldwide? Cottrell forgot about all the countries in the rest of the world in his narrative and has focused on the USA, Inc. alone. How convenient is that? What is the purpose of the GCR anyway? 

The One main Question that no guru so far will talk about is this: Where does the money for the RV come from? If it's Fiat money, we all know where that came from, so ... With the bankruptcy of the Central Banking System, where are the billions upon billions coming from for the GCR and the RV, and are the RV funds to be local Fiat currencies from the Central Banks located in their own countries?

Michael talks about the gold from the Chinese Elders being used to back the GCR currencies but he shows no clue as to the difference between asset-backed and gold-backed currencies. Is the plan that you promote going to back already established currencies, or are they new currencies? And then what vehicles beyond a pile of gold located somewhere, is to be used to back currencies? It all sounds like asset-backing to me. We should all know that asset-backing of currencies is a total sham on the people. So, Cabal-like. So, Central Bank-like. So, Nixon-like.

If he talked about the Quantum Financial System (QFS) and was able to tell us how the Chinese Gold is to be used to gold-back all the currencies of the world, then that might support his claims as The Only One to activate the whole system. but he doesn’t. He doesn’t even know that the QFS does not use “bank codes,” they are not a part of the QFS computer. Bank Codes are for security protocol. The QFS uses higher, more sophisticated security, it’s called a Sentient Being. When activated the QFS will be accessed by personal connections using pin-numbers and perhaps other security biometrics. The biometrics may be available for personal preference so a user can feel more secure with their funds, but biometrics are not necessary to establish the secure use of the QFS, it is built into the system…a Sentient Being.

So, why the pontification of being the only one who has the codes that will make the money active in your redemption account, when indeed, the funds are in the QFS and not a bank? Is it so Cottrell can feel important? I believe it is the Cabal set up of one of their intellectuals to give credence to his contrived narrative and to do harm to the RV process and to limit the people from accessing life-changing funds. (BTW, ALL EXCHANGE OR REDEMPTION FUNDS WILL BE DIRECTLY DEPOSITED IN THE QFS AT THE TIME OF YOUR APPOINTMENT by an authorized Alliance agent) Why the talk about banks in any discussion about the RV/GCR funds? Banks will be transitioned away and will be gone. These are the extended and intended RESULTS of the RV/GCR. Banks ARE BANKRUPT, THEY HAVE NO REAL MONEY. The massive profits from the Central Banks system, where they loan money into existence, is a Cabal debt financial system that only works for them. They don’t give a damn about you or me, or “We the People.”

In the future, money, as a medium of exchange, will not be an internationally profitable investment. All currencies will be on par value with each other. Buying and selling currencies for a profit will be like giving 5 cents for a nickel and then trying to sell the nickel to someone else for 6 cents. Usury will be a thing of the past. Bank trading programs will go out of existence. 

NOTE: The QFS is not really a financial system per se’, it will function as a free secure accounting system with no profit incentive. It will be used as a major tool in the new Financial System.

Should we sue Judy for reporting on Bruce’s or Tony’s stuff as Cottrell has suggested? Definitely not. Although these boys have never been right either, neither have Mark Z and Cottrell ever been right. But maybe we should just simply encourage Judy to quit reporting the never-ending crap that “Mark Z” talks about, like “his paymaster,” and his Zurich connection. There are no interloping paymasters in the real RV and certainly not in the redemption of Zim Bonds. If you have currency with exchange groups that talk about paymasters, you might consider getting some Zim and redeem on your own.

There is no real Treasury in Reno, planned maybe, but not there yet. Nothing you hear about RENO is true or significant. The 800# comes, you make your appointment, you go in and exchange your currencies or redeem your Zim and the funds are put into the QFS. PERIOD. The new money in the QFS has nothing to do with the Treasury Department of any country, especially the USA, Inc., Cabal Treasury. The RV and the QFS are for personal financial transactions and are not designed by government wizards called Politicians and Beurocrats, for governments to manipulate and control currencies within the new economic system. It is for our personal use, though governments will use it as well. Most career politicians will abhor the QFS, it will track how they get their extortion and bribe money. Perhaps they didn’t know the QFS has been running in parallel for years now. Justice will be served.

Why is it so hard to understand that nobody but the Alliance is in control of the release of 800# and the RV process? The Alliance is also in control of the Quantum Financial SYSTEM, even after the RV takes place. Is Michael part of that Alliance team??? The QFS is a PERMANENT SYSTEM designed to take the place of the Central Bank financial system. (BTW, ask Cottrell if the QFS’s quantum computer is to be used as the basis of the new secure internet system, that will do away with Google, Internet Explorer, Firefox, or any of the other for-profit-based browsers). Could it be the "Quantum" part of the computer, will not support the trolling of private information and distribution of that data under the guise of using the information to better serve your advertising needs? Cottrell should know all about this, the Alliance does.

If Cottrell knows so much about the new financial system then he would know that there are no “Bank Codes” associated with the QFS’s computer. When the QFS is activated by the Alliance, you redeem and the funds are deposited into your accounts within the QFS. It is done using traceable personal identification numbers (PIN). It's that simple. There is no need for any one person to oversee the release of funds. The QFS has its own security in place. No one can scam the QFS where the funds will be deposited. You will be given a Website address where you can go and get information about the QFS. You will establish your own connection to your QFS account(s). You request your interim financial needs until your first quarterly payout is received and you go about your humanitarian projects. What is so complicated about that? Can you see a need in this simple procedure for Cottrell and his codes? Where is the need for paymasters or any other interlopers? They are all leftover from the Dinar delusion syndrome that has been going on for years. (BTW, Denarian Groups, tells us who from, the Alliance, singed your contracts for the Alliance to give you contract rates?) Do you not know that this delusion is a profit source for these interlopers? If you were to follow the money back to its source, it would lead to the bankers in the Central Banking system. Things have changed back to the real RV, not the contrived diatribe surrounding the RV process and the guru centered intel flow of disinformation. Follow the money, it tells the truth.

You’ve got to keep up with the latest information or you’ll be duped by the likes of Bruce, Michael, Marc, and Tony (TNT). None of them are acting in your best interest. (BTW, Mark, your Isaac from Zurich is an obvious fraud Bankster type with no integrity. If he did exchange, he would have signed an NDA; you break the NDA and you have no integrity and will have no funds available for your use. Account Frozen!!!) Mark, stop talking about Isaac, we are on to him. OR,… or, is Isaac part of your scam and must always be included? Your own opinion not only sucks now, but you’ve also lost all credibility for those who have figured out your scam. If you are real, you would stop listening to your sources of info, they have always lied and now you too, are known as a liar in many circles as well. Change if you want/aren’t.

A word to the wise for Judy, I suggest you leave out of your reports anyone who has been proven to be a false prognosticator. Can you please find some new ones who function within the bounds of propriety? Enough Zurich, Reno, Donkey Kong, enough paymasters expecting their funds this weekend, enough Trump has signed off on the RV and left it up to the military, (he is a scripted asset of the Alliance and is not in charge of anything except the Presidency of the USA Corporation), enough of; the RV was released last Jan 5th; enough of this crap. It’s all superfluous diatribe from people who have nothing to say but found a hot microphone and proceed to talk anyway. When the 800# is released then the RV takes place. Anything else is, and always will be a lie.The Alliance will not give a future date as to the release of funds. That prognostication crap is the Cabal operatives talking and should not be involved in any real Intel reports for IDC readers, regardless. We are not Cabal operatives and we deserve to be treated with respect without obvious fraudulent intel reports being a source of your reports.

Judy, you are appreciated and well respected for your tenacity in doing your reports. This dog has dragged you under the bus and is eating your lunch. You have no requirement to continue reporting his/their disinformation. What would happen if you left out these trolls and other shills and reported on the real important things you are about with the safety of children? Just cut their ropes from your boat dock and let them float on down that river of no return.

Ron Giles

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 "Michael Cottrell, Sue Judy for What?" by Ron Giles 1/16/20 Empty Re: "Michael Cottrell, Sue Judy for What?" by Ron Giles 1/16/20

Post by RamblerNash Fri Jan 17, 2020 10:08 pm

THANK YOU, Ron Giles for the riposte' ! Straight-to-the-point talk 101.

I would include Keenan the [alleged] 'Amanah,' Reno 'Admirals' & 'Kim Possible' in the not-likely-to-be who-they-say-they-are category. How many failed predictions before a rational person discounts a " source " as no-longer-worth-listening-to ?

" Intel " has become little more than entertainment, & maybe always was. The days of scrambling to make sure you didn't miss a conference call are long gone, aren't they.

This should be our new motto: “Trust but Verify.” – Ronald Reagan


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 "Michael Cottrell, Sue Judy for What?" by Ron Giles 1/16/20 Empty Re: "Michael Cottrell, Sue Judy for What?" by Ron Giles 1/16/20

Post by RamblerNash Fri Jan 17, 2020 10:09 pm


You hit the nail on the head. I do not know who this Michael Cottrell is but I do not get good vibes from him. Judy needs to just drop any information he provides, it does not resonate with me at all. In fact red flags go when I read any of it and, I have stopped reading it at all.

Thank you for clarifying for me that once the RV takes place that the funds will go directly into the QFS system. That is where mine will stay until I transfer it for whatever purpose it is intended. I just need to determine if I will need to set up a Trust Account to funnel the funds through or if I can use the QFS to transfer directly to the recipient. 




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 "Michael Cottrell, Sue Judy for What?" by Ron Giles 1/16/20 Empty Re: "Michael Cottrell, Sue Judy for What?" by Ron Giles 1/16/20

Post by RamblerNash Fri Jan 17, 2020 10:13 pm

Thank you, Mr. Giles, for once again being the voice of reason:

"Michael Cottrell, Sue Judy for What?" by Ron Giles 1/16/20

Regarding the 100% wrong INTEL that we have all been barraged with for YEARS you put it perfectly:

“Why is it so hard to understand that nobody but the Alliance is in control of the release of 800# and the RV process?”

Thank you. That is exactly what we on this path need to be reminded of, and apparently, DAILY.

I keep using the example, “What day is D-Day?” General Eisenhower ain’t gonna tell ya!! The Alliance is not going to tell ANYONE their dates or plans in the middle of a war.

As well, Mr. Giles, your reference to the various INTEL providers, is also spot on:

“You’ve got to keep up with the latest information or you’ll be duped by the likes of Bruce, Michael, Marc, and Tony (TNT). None of them are acting in your best interest.”

You are so right. Their endless predictions have been 100% wrong for YEARS.

Their words shift around but they use the same phrases over and over. Things like: “Zurich, Hong Kong, Reno, the Elders, Rates, Tiers, NDA’s, liquid, my sources, my bankers, yada yada.”

It is uncomfortable for me to call people out, but you did it for us Mr. Giles. I just wanted to thank you and verify your brilliant post. The below dates and predictions is verifiable PROOF of the ridiculousness that we are daily subjected to from the likes of Bruce, MarkZ, Tony (TNT) and ZAP, whose money is always coming next week, so he needs donations. Lordy. 

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me a thousand times, shame on me.

The only INTEL provider I like is Poof who posts with ZAP. Poof generally says, “This is really hard. Lots of obstacles. We’re getting there. Keep praying.”

That is perfect INTEL to me.

I’m so grateful to Patrick for this website because it lets me know that there are others like me who genuinely, with all our hearts, want to help this beautiful Planet, her Kingdoms and Humanity in every way we can with this financial blessing, should it ever manifest.

I hope Rinus Verhagen is correct and that “Our Liberation from the Cabal is Imminent.” Hallelujah!

Rinus Verhagen: Our Liberation from the Cabal is Imminent

Judy, you are a Goddess. Your saintly work with children is extraordinary. Thank you for always keeping them in our hearts and prayers. The moment we can, I know so many of us will jump in and help. As for your daily INTEL updates, you work so hard, and are so greatly appreciated. I pray we are close to the end of this road so you, of all people, will get/take a break!

The below facts are some of the stuff we’ve had to slog through over the years, there are many providers I didn’t list that you may or may not remember. It doesn’t matter.

When it’s all said and done, we will be so happy, so relieved and so excited to get on with the business of Light that the path will be forgotten and our joy will be unceasing.

May our gorgeous Goddess Gaia, her exquisite Kingdoms and Angelic Humanity be restored to our perfect, shining Divine blueprint bodies, in all our bodies, in all Timelines, Dimensions and Multiverses and beyond measurement, now and forever.

In love and light and gratitude unceasing,

xo, Kat

Part of the journey over some of the years:

Tank—Friday July 29, 2016
Aloha - We're expecting toll free number release and bank performance very shortly...

Look for a TETELESTAI email with 800#s attached... God is with us...

Tank—SITREP 14:00:00 EST Saturday July 30, 2016
All T3 & T4 Paymasters now funded with new REPUBLIC TREASURY CODES assigned.
… All redemption deposits will post after 3:40am EST Monday morning August 1, 2016. God is with us.

…We are going to bring in the New Year hopefully with an 800 #

Dec. 29 2016 11:51 am EST Banker Confirmation WSOMN AdminBill:
There was banker confirmation that the GCR/RV will happen before the end of 2016

July 5 2017 7:27 pm EDT Bluwolf: "No Holdups"
1. The GCR is fully hydrated and in the hands of all the countries of the world.
3. We are 100 % Gold Standard.
4. Tiers 1 thru 3 have been all attended.
5. We simply await our turn to go in, pending the 800#

July 6 2017 The Big Call Bruce:
Bruce does not have the 800#s yet, but is expecting them.

Intel Information Update from Annelot 12-1-17
It could happen any moment from now… Q gives a real "GO".

Feb. 9 2018 TNT Call Update RayRen98, Tony
Two days ago the IMF sent instructions to 16 regional offices around the world to get the 800#s published. They released the numbers to the banks.

-The conflict between Syria, Iran, and Israel is now being "managed" under Alliance supervision.
-Keep watch every midnight for the release of the toll-free 800 numbers.

Multiple sources claim the RV has arrived and is the toll-free 800 numbers are to be released at any moment.

"A Game is Afoot" - Jester’s Place Chat Highlights 7-17-18

"Currency List Confirmed" by Michael Murdock - 8.7.18
No additional info this time—all on track for exchange to begin August 15, 2018

"Zorra Call 9/16/18 Highlights" by GJW - 9.17.18
Will we have full collapse before the reset? NO! NO, and NO. Send forth love vibration not fear.
The QFS is completely finished. It is just waiting on YOU/Us!!

Nov. 14 2018 7:04 pm EST, Philip Tilton
The RV started in Hong Kong on Nov. 11.
The USN went live in the banks at 11 a.m. today Nov. 14.

“It has Started” – Philip Tilton Intel Update 11-21-18
We had confirmed the in-country rate $6.78 on their cards… our rate on front screens when we go in will be higher… these cards are being used now… their in-country currency has revalued.

Nov. 17 2018 7:49 am EST Artmeister Call Tonight 9pm EST, Art
1. Art: … would be my last call for sure... We would receive the 800#s, announce the Republic and implement GESARA all at the same time. 

Dec. 20 2018 The Big Call, Bruce: Thebigcall.net
… A year ago Q-Anon wrote that on the Winter Solstice (Dec. 21 at 5:23 pm EST) we would go from darkness into light… President Trump wants the RV/GCR before Christmas Dec. 25.

March 21, 2019 The Big Call, Bruce
1. A lot of sources have been shut off, under gag order or can’t share information.
2. We were expecting the toll-free numbers some time tonight March 21. 

June 4, 2019 The Big Call, Bruce: Thebigcall.net
1. The 800#s were expected today Tues. June 4 – didn’t happen – but could come tomorrow Wed. June 5. This was our week. 

June 14 2019 Morning Coffee with MarkZ
3. The 800#s should be out Sun. afternoon June 16.
4. It was rumored that Trump would announce the gold/asset-backed USTN on June 18. 

Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Aug. 2 2019
Compiled 2 Aug. 12:01 am EST by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW ret.
Judy Note: At 12:30 am EST on Aug. 2 I received word that the green light had been turned on, it was a go and nothing could stop it. The release would happen within 48 hours, though no one knew exactly when.
As per his sources MarkZ felt that 800#s were expected after banks closed Thurs. Aug. 1.
Bruce was told the 800# would be out between Thurs. night Aug. 1 and mid-morning Fri. Aug. 2.
US banks reported they expected appointments by Sat. Aug. 3 at the latest… 

ZAP Mid-Week Report - 10.9.19

Bruce, The Big Call 12-30-19
Bruce: “There was a possibility of getting the 800#s on either Mon. or Tues. 30-31 Dec. and start on either Tues. or Wed. 31 Dec. – 1 Jan. 2020

MarkZ 12-30-19
MarkZ: “The reset could happen between now and Tues. 30 Dec. The Iraqi banks announced that their asset-backed Iraqi Dinar would be released Sun. 5 Jan.”

Bruce, The Big Call 1-2-20
Bruce: According to contacts in Reno and the Banking world it’s going to happen today Thurs. 2 Jan… The 800#s and instructions were going out within the next few hours…

MarkZ 1-2-20
MarkZ: We were within hours or days of the 800#s release….
Bowleraddict on MarkZ Tues. 7 Jan: “Source” has confirmed that the redemption started Mon. morning 6 Jan.“Source” is an attorney, federal agent, Director of North American Treasury redemption and representative of the 27 Royal Chinese families.

MarkZ 1-7-20
MarkZ: There were rumors that the 800#s could come out Wed. 8 Jan.

Bruce 1-7-20
Bruce: The reset began Mon. 6 Jan. at 2:30 in the afternoon EST.

ZAP 1-9-20

ZAP 1-15-20

ZAP 1-16-20

MarkZ 1-16-20
MarkZ: I am still hearing things will be rolling out the next couple days.… Iraqi contacts still hoped to RV by Sat. morning 18 Jan. There was great expectation that the 800#s would be released last night Wed. 15 Jan, but it didn’t happen.

MarkZ 1-17-20
MarkZ: Folks I talked with are now looking at early next week.

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