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Bruce’s Big Call Intel Thursday Night 1/9/20

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Bruce’s Big Call Intel Thursday Night 1/9/20  Empty Bruce’s Big Call Intel Thursday Night 1/9/20

Post by RamblerNash Fri Jan 10, 2020 11:38 pm

Call Transcribed by WiserNow

Welcome everybody to The Big Call tonight – It is Thursday Jan 9th and you’re listening to The Big Call – Thanks for tuning in again – we appreciate you from all over the globe and we’re looking forward to having a great show tonight

Ok let’s talk a little about intel - what we’ve got happening now – as you guys know this intel – this whole thing with this blessing is a moving target – we get information and we think we’ve got a pretty close time line to what’s going on and then all of a sudden we get thrown a curve ball with something else or slightly different timing or – this is taking a little longer than we thought and so on – that’s sort of the situation we’re in now

We’ve got a good idea in the last few days of what’s happening – and what’s happening is the Dept of the treasury and the Dept of Defense have more or less signed off and authorized certain groups and certain financial groups, adjudicated settlements- fines & penalties and so on to begin a 4 step process or 4 phases of the payout situation -

It starts with notification – then delivery of packets – then it goes to taking any information to a bank – setting up new accounts with the information and so on – it’s like 4 different phases for example –

Now, I have to say Thank You to Ron who sent emails to correct me about the information I put out back on Tuesday and the previous Thursday about CMKX – first of all, my understanding is it is properly said CMKM?? I don’t understand where the CMKX came from I still don’t know that -

but what’s interesting about that settlement is that it had not been paid and I realized that actually after last Tuesday’s call – I realized oops, sorry, it had not been completed and Ron sent me something that clarified that a little bit -- and, we’re in a process – that process, from what I understand is the hardest thing in the world to prove out or verify what stage it’s in or what phase it’s in but I believe it’s in the early starting phase of the pay out to those individuals that are a part of that settlement

Now, in addition you’ve got fines & penalties - you’ve got the other adjudicated settlements and so on being handled – they are also in we think the 4 phases of completion ok, so I don’t know what phase they are in right now but we know they’ve started

Now, cut to the information that came in fairly late last night and that is that we’re looking at the go ahead having been authorized by the treasury for the key officer of the groups out west have been given authorization to begin funding those group participants by using the paymasters and in that particular case most of those accounts as far as I know have the money residing in new accounts and the people that are participants are just waiting to be notified as to that account information so they can see and have access to those funds –

The understanding was that they would have access to 2 % of the transaction amount and then in 48 hrs have access to the remaining amount – let’s call it the “mother lode” - as I tend to use the term “mother lode” for the largest account we have after we exchange or redeemed, in the case of the Zim

So, now that is coming for those people – Now getting evidence of it, I can’t prove it but the understanding is clear that the authorization was issued yesterday and confirmed last night to have been received

Now, beyond that, I can tell you that there are Zim platforms about to be processed in 7 different cities – New York, Miami, Chicago, Dallas, San Francisco, Zurich, and Hong Kong – These are platforms that have been set up months and years ago well I am going to say at least a year or more ago - Nothing that an individual Zim holder at this stage takes part in at all - it’s not for us - so you have to have been invited to be a part of that a long time ago and those are about –

Now here’s a bit of clarification I go today – those cities – and this is to just show the movement guys – this is to show the momentum and the movement forward in this whole blessing – this whole RV / GCR

What also is happening is the trustees for those Zim platform groups have been invited to go to the cities where those groups are based and stay in the hotels - and their hotels are being covered – their living expense - meals and so on - are being covered as they prepare to be funded so that they can move forward with the participants in those platforms those groups ok

I know that’s a little different, quite a bit different really than what we are going to be doing – I’m telling you this to give you an idea of what is happening out there – what is the timing and how we fit into it

The next part is we have major funds moving into place from both the (regrettus trust ????)??? and the Saint Germain trust – these could be used for some NESARA funding as you guys know or should know we are looking at some major debt jubilee coming up for us here not only in the united states but around the world – that would be under GESARA –

What WE are looking at is under NESARA – that would include some debt relief also include the funding from those trusts may also be for us in tier 4B – Now, it’s hard to say exactly and when huge amounts of funds are moving to central banks of countries; our central bank would be US Treasury which as you guys know the Federal Reserve has been completely reformatted and to become a part of our Treasury as well as the IRS – both have been reduced in staffing substantially - and will become a part of our US Treasury so that is happening too

We’re in a position it looks like to have certain of these groups paid out - the fines & penalties and adjudicated – CMKM paid out – perhaps that has to happen before we even get started –

I would say this is a time to get prepared – we’ve got a few days here and there left I think – I think we’re going to get started and they want this to be started before the 15th which I think is going to be Monday/Tuesday which is 13th / 14th - I believe that’s going to happen based on the intel we have now –

That pushes Joe Public tier 5 out to the 24th of Jan – ok, but we will still have at least 8 or 9 days when we start to do our Zim exchanges at the redemption center throughout the United States/ Canada / and even Mexico

Now, trying to think if there’s anything else – oh, the other thing I wanted to mention is the concept of the QFS System – The Quantum Financial System is a new system that we, as far as I can tell right now has completely transitioned over to from the Swift System – We were running parallel with the Swift for about a year and I think we are completely off of Swift and onto the QFS

Two benefits for us - 2 benefits that come out immediately No 1 the speed of transfers and they use the term ledger to ledger transfers for as opposed to sending wire transfer – but whichever way you say it, these transfers can occur in 28 – 52 seconds; even globally – around the world – that is fantastic speed –

No longer will the banks hold our money while a wire is coming in or say well it’s going to take 9 days or 11 days to get here – those days are gone - We are under a new banking system – We are going to see a lot of change in that –

The other thing we are going to see is with our accounts – and I am going to say especially if you’re a Zim holder; but with our accounts you’ll have 3 things to access your mother lode account

#1 you’ll have a biometric finger print reader to read your finger or thumb print – whichever it is which is security and access

#2 secondly you’ll have a titanium card that you will have to enter into the reader, the card reader for information

#3 thirdly you’ll have a pass code that you’ll have to know to get it

Now, those 3 things are things for you only – they are NOT for the bankers to see – You’re going to be able to see a bank screen by yourself when you enter that information I just mentioned – that is for your protection and security – so no one else that you don’t want to see will see - unless you want somebody that you absolutely trust to be able to access your account with your card and with your thumbprint or fingerprint – that is up to you -

If you have 1 or 2 people that you can trust with that and can see your account but it is designed for you to see it individually without anyone else seeing it and without anyone else having access or getting access to it

I am sure they will give you a complete tutorial when you get there just be aware that is what you’re going to be receiving if you set up a mother lode account – Certainly with Zim and maybe with other currencies as well

Now, that will give you security – you will not be able to access your funds on that account at home – you can forget about that - You would only go to a specialized office with Wells or Chase or with HSBC or whatever bank you choose to work with and you would only go to one of those private banking centers which we’re supposed to have a week or so after we start exchanges -

We’re supposed to have about 2,000 locations for each bank; each of the major tier 1 banks that we can go and access our accounts

The only reason you would access that mother lode account using those 3 things is when you’re moving money – that is the only reason you would need to do it – when you’re moving funds – from some place to some place else - moving to another bank or whatever ok -

I’m sure they have ways for us to set up our accounts where our interest is paid automatically into what I call a spill over account from the mother lode account to the spill over account and then from there into other accounts – it could be used to pay bills – to purchase things - to pay off credit cards and so on

You will set that up with your private banking team - just be aware of that specialty with the QFS o no body at the bank, no teller, no retail person, no private banker, nobody will have access to your account except you – unless you give that access to another individual -

You are going to want to keep that titanium card as well as your password in a very, very safe location – NOT in a safe deposit box in a bank by the way - NOT there – in another location only you know about

Now, I’m going to say we are very close – I thought this morning (Thursday AM) we were closer than we may be but you know – it’s a long race – it’s a Marathon – you guys, we’re still in Mile 26 – we are just about to the tape – we’ve got to hit the tape hard – we’ve got to stroke and hit the wall hard if we’re swimmers and we’ve got to slam that backboard if we’re basketball players –

So, I really think this thing is coming – I gave you the timeline that I’m hearing - remember, I’m only giving you what I’m getting and trying to gleam the truth out of everything I hear – I feel good about it - I would have felt better if it had been today, yeah but I think we’ve made it this far we’ve got to tread water a little bit longer and then we’re going to be home free – It’s all going to be worth it

Remember tier 4B is the only group that doesn’t have preset rates - we have privately negotiable rates and that’s the way the Chinese Elders wanted it – that’s what they wanted us to have because they know we have the projects that are going to help humanity

So with that I am going to say thank you for listening, all over the globe; thank you for transcribing our call and thank you guys for praying for the prayer request sent in today – thank you for keeping the faith for this to happen - Everybody have a good night

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