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192 projects in Diyala, at a value of 900 billion dinars DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

192 projects in Diyala, at a value of 900 billion dinars

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192 projects in Diyala, at a value of 900 billion dinars Empty 192 projects in Diyala, at a value of 900 billion dinars

Post by claud39 Thu Jan 09, 2020 9:30 am

192 projects in Diyala, at a value of 900 billion dinars


192 projects in Diyala, at a value of 900 billion dinars 16553

Economy News - Baghdad

On Thursday, the Investigations Department of the Integrity Commission revealed information on the slowdown projects in Diyala Governorate, based on the recommendations of the central investigation team composed to follow up on these projects.

The department said in a statement seen by "Al-Iqtisad News", that "the team monitored (192) slow projects in Diyala Governorate, with a total cost of approximately (900,000,000,000) billion dinars, while the number of projects that are directly related to the lives of citizens (106) projects ".

It indicated, "Criminal cases were opened in (40) projects, and that suspicions of corruption and financial and administrative violations marred (67) projects, in addition to the presence of (24) projects, the percentage of completion (0%)."

She emphasized that "one of the slow and stalled projects is the project of establishing a hospital by an Australian company, and (4) operation halls in Baquba Teaching Hospital, as well as completing the second phase of the burn hospital and a dental center, building chest and respiratory diseases, two health centers, and establishing a housing complex. 

In Al-Khalis and a stadium that can accommodate (2000) spectators in Jdeidet Al-Shat. These projects also included the rehabilitation of a number of water projects and the installation of water complexes, and the construction of clear water networks, in addition to the construction of lifting stations, pipelines and rainwater networks.

The department added that "among these projects are the construction of three bridges, opening and cladding streets in a number of neighborhoods, rehabilitating the electrical network, implementing the 33kv line and extending an optical cable, and strengthening the wireless exchange for sites throughout the province, in addition to building new schools, demolishing and rebuilding other, And the construction of buildings for a number of government departments and building scientific departments of the College of Veterinary Medicine and internal departments at the University of Diyala. "

She indicated that "the most prominent projects in which criminal cases were opened are the construction of two housing compounds in the majority and the concrete, the construction of the second corridor near the Iron Bridge and the Behrez Bridge, and the second Al-Dubbat neighborhood sewage project at a cost of (12,000,000,000) billion dinars each, and the rehabilitation of electricity networks (Al-Hwaish, Al-Kasserine, The first and second military neighborhoods (whose cost amounts to (11,250,000,000) billion dinars), in addition to supplying specialized mechanisms for the Diyala Water Directorate.

The department touched on the existence of (22) reluctant investment projects, of which (12) projects are the percentage of completion (0%), explaining that those projects were distributed between (8) residential and commercial complexes and (5) malls, in addition to a modern village, two cities, games and a tourist tower. A botanical garden, breeding stations for cows and chickens. "

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