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 "Open Letter to HAS (Yosef)" by HASescaped 1/6/20 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

"Open Letter to HAS (Yosef)" by HASescaped 1/6/20

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 "Open Letter to HAS (Yosef)" by HASescaped 1/6/20 Empty "Open Letter to HAS (Yosef)" by HASescaped 1/6/20

Post by RamblerNash Mon Jan 06, 2020 10:00 pm

As with many great ventures in history, the concept of HAS and its original intentions are much better than the reality of what it has become. Originally, HAS seemed a brilliant way of effectively connecting like-minded people with similar goals of making the world better so that, when the time came, there was a secure network of plans which could span the globe. To look at the state of it now, HAS can be described as nothing more than a tyrannical online dictatorship preying on people’s good intentions in order to suck them into a cesspit of blame, guilt, and suppression. 

Alexander and Showme had the opportunity to bring to light something great and good. But it has become impossible to ignore (and nor should we) the toxic atmosphere and wilful ignorance of the blatant mob mentality being cultivated through Alexander’s hateful words. 

Throughout my time on HAS, I have witnessed Alexander’s erratic and explosive outbursts at any member who may offer information or ideas not from Alexander’s mouth himself, his undisguised contempt for all “Anglos”, and the intense manipulation and gaslighting occurring daily in the chat. HAS has become an echo chamber of its own ideas, stagnant and stifling, and like a hunter directs his dogs, Alexander (and through his pure inaction, Showme) has set the target on anyone who ‘threatens’ their monolithic thinking.

HAS is not ‘of love’ despite the words being constantly parroted in repetitive caps-locks and exclamation points. Having been kicked out of the chat for calling out the culture of bullying, abuse, and suppression occurring under the leadership of Alexander and Showme, I found it disturbing to see the way the mob turned at Alexander’s every signal. However, rather than suppress me, the actions of Alexander and his moderators have shown me (and many others) exactly where the cracks in the foundations lie. Everything on HAS is about ego and it is almost laughable to see how fragile the ego of HAS’s leaders has become when faced with any sort of questioning of their methods and beliefs.

A good leader is one who welcomes freedom of thought. If Alexander and Showme’s true intentions were about making HAS and it’s goals as successful as possible then they would not shut down any sort of discussion amongst its members. If they believed so strongly in the accuracy of their own information, then they should never have engaged in their war of censorship; it has only exposed their insecurities. 

But this is how HAS and its congregation of blind worshippers have chosen to lead their charge—a charge I take great delight in distancing myself from—and for their sakes, I hope it achieves some success in whatever future they manifest for themselves. Regardless of the outcome, I wish for Alexander, Showme, and their supporters to someday take the opportunity to reflect on what HAS could have been versus what it HAS become. 

The fall has been drastic. 



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