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Bruce’s Big Call Intel Thursday Night 1/2/20 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Bruce’s Big Call Intel Thursday Night 1/2/20

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Bruce’s Big Call Intel Thursday Night 1/2/20 Empty Bruce’s Big Call Intel Thursday Night 1/2/20

Post by RamblerNash Fri Jan 03, 2020 10:32 pm

Welcome everybody to The Big Call tonight – hope everybody had a Happy New Year yesterday and it is Thursday Jan 2nd and you’re listening to The Big Call – It’s 2020 and we have a vision for 2020 and I know you do too --

Our vision is 20/20 for the next decade and thanks everybody for tuning in from all over the globe – thank you for coming in and being part of our call – and as I mentioned we are in our 9th year now – starting our 9th years as of last Tuesday’s call - so, we’re happy to be here for you and like I said, I’m going to be here to take you all the way through / over the threshold – until this thing is DONE and DONE - and that is another 4 letter D word that we’re not going to use anymore

Ok well let’s talk a little bit about where we are now since Tuesday’s call - you know, well some people are saying “well it’s awful quiet out there – not much is happening” – well, it just all depends on who you have for sources -

Fortunately for you and for me we have some pretty good ones – really good ones and I can tell you I’ve got a timeline that takes us all the way through Tuesday – We’ve got it now and I mentioned this to you on Tuesday’s call if we did not get started by the weekend we’re probably looking at a Monday/Tuesday start

Now, I have to clarify what I mean by “if we don’t get started by the weekend” realize we’re talking to people all over the globe that some of which could be part of tier 1 - tier 2 - tier 3 – tier 4A or tier 4B which is the internet group – okay – If you’re in tier 5 you’re not paying attention – you’re just out there and have no clue as to what’s going on - That’s the “Joe Public” -

Those guys should get started – The Joe Public, around the 15th of January and we want – we, meaning China – US - they want this completed – I mean, TOTALLY COMPLETED - including the public, by the end of January –

There are 31 days in January – they want it completed by then – totally - not only us but the public – Now, for the public to and to start on the 15th we need to get started so we have our 8 or 9 days at least of time for exchange and Zim redemption okay –

So, here’s how it’s working right now – Notifications to the groups and that’s tier 1 – tier 2 – tier 3 and tier 4A and then we use the term the groups based out west - you guys know who I’m talking about there – all of those groups are going to be notified and started paying out so that they can see –

The funds have already be allocated to their new accounts – already been allocated - but what these groups don’t have is the coordinates yet where they can see and get access to their new accounts – that is supposed to start going out tomorrow morning (Friday) around 9:30 –

Now, that should complete with the groups by Sunday- what’s been going on today is more of the same we’ve heard about – which is been, the fines and penalties – the adjudicated settlements – prosperity packages / deliveries – all of that stuff is going on today –

And like I said, groups that I just mentioned – tiers 1,2,3,4A will be started in the morning – let’s call it around 9:30 – the times I give you are Eastern Standard time -

Alright, you can picture activity going on for them through the weekend, Friday – Saturday – Sunday - so well, where does that put us?? I believe it’s going to put us looking at either a Monday morning for numbers or Tuesday for numbers and the start of exchanges – We could start Monday afternoon – we could - but more than likely it will be a Tuesday start for those in tier 4B – the internet group

Now, what else is being done in the mean time? Finalized, first let’s go back – yesterday, January 1st, all rates were off all screens globally for 24 hours and they used the time of midnight eastern time – on New Years Eve so that took us through New Year’s Day all the way to midnight last night

And then the rates repopulated on the screens – Now, there will be new rates repopulating on the screen by 9:30 PM Sunday night which ties in to the start of trading in China and the Far East which would be their time 9:30 in the morning on Monday – 9:30 PM Sunday night Eastern is 9:30 AM Monday in the Far East –

So we will have all brand new rates on the screens including not only the Dinar which they know that’s going to be – they’ve got that - they’ve got the Zim – they’ve got a lot of the other currencies – the one they’re working on and finalizing and it should be finalized over the weekend is the Viet Dong – and so that is being finalized

And as you know we have the formal signing / ceremonial signing of the first phase of the China Trade Deal – it’s set ceremonially for the 15th of January and at that time when it goes we should also have obviously, our USN or USTN – US Treasury Notes – our money, honey -

It will be gold backed just like China’s – just like every other currency in the world will be asset backed primarily by gold also with other assets like oil , intellectual property etc etc - other precious metals too depending on which country we’re talking about – That’s what’s being used to establish values of those currencies around the globe

There’s going to be a much more level playing field especially regarding South East Asia and also South America and in a very real sense I would say Africa as well

So, look forward to a lot of new things happening by the 15th of January – for example – let’s say we get our new (money?) – the Public start around the 15th maybe even on the 15th which is on a Wednesday, right, 2 weeks from yesterday (wed) - let’s say we get that for the public when will the new money be announced? You can’t just bring it out – you know, you got to talk about it –

My understanding is it will come out with an explanation of the new bills – our new money, the day before – So I would look for it probably could be as early as the 13th or maybe the 14th of January –

Now, when we go to the redemption centers, we will still get the fiat currency which will be fine, we can spend it – just get it and get it out and spend it – put it into the system – They’ll pick it up – the big box stores – have the dual drop boxes –

Everything you want to spend money in cash on – just spend it out and it will be picked up and turned back into the bank – and that will be the fastest way for the banks to get it – and they will get it back and eventually it will get shredded – they will shred it pretty quickly

I’m thinking what we should do is prepare to go to the redemption center – if you want some cash – they’ve got it bundled in 2,000 3,000 4,000 5,000 6,000 bundles - and you can get multiples of that and I believe the maximum is $14,000 that you can take without creating fen cen document, OK – So I don’t think you have to sweat the Fencen document

The other thing is the bills that they are using is what we have right now – if you look at your bills in the lower right hand corner – 10’s 20’s 50’s and 100’s you’ll see that the digit is in gold that’s what we’re going to be receiving at the redemption center – 10’s 20’s 50’s and 100’s with a gold in the lower right hand portion of the bill

Alright now, what else? China is coming together – there is a so called back wall – I don’t like to use deadline or back wall because we know that has moved – but I believe this time we have what we have with absolute plans to complete this pretty much in the timeframe I’ve outlined

I’m excited about it – I think we are good to go – you’ve had faith to believe in this for so long maybe 15 years like me - I guess I’ve gone into my 16th year, yeah - I just think this is a great opportunity for us to just be happy with what we have achieved as a community and what we’re going to do in the future as a community – It’s absolutely unprecedented in history –

This is the great turnover of wealth that we’ve all heard about in the past – the wealth of the wicked laid up for the just - is the expression we have used in the past or laid up for the righteous

This is the time that has been set up for us to take advantage of this opportunity and to bring prosperity to all four corners of the earth and to get it out there – We’re going to do it here in the U S with Rebuild America and the Veterans - and for other projects that we’ll be doing we will be doing that

So here’s where we’re going – you’ve got the time line – you know the groups are supposed to pay out between tomorrow and the 5th - which is Sunday – so there’s your weekend

Now if you’re not in one of those groups tier 1 2 3 4A don’t worry about it – forget about it - you’re going to probably be process directly after they get paid

Now, could we get a surprise on Saturday? It’s possible – remember they still don’t know when – they don’t want us to know when so don’t worry about it – enjoy the weekend and be ready for the first two days of next week

Have a great weekend !! Take Care and God Bless

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