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An economist presents a program for Iraqi economic reform DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

An economist presents a program for Iraqi economic reform

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An economist presents a program for Iraqi economic reform Empty An economist presents a program for Iraqi economic reform

Post by RamblerNash on Thu Jan 02, 2020 10:33 pm

An economist presents a program for Iraqi economic reform

An economist presents a program for Iraqi economic reform 805384-0ac2bb7f-56d8-4b3d-8832-60f0212ee80c

Thursday 02, January 2020 20:11
Baghdad / Nina / The expert in economic affairs, Raad Tuwaij, presented a proposal for the Iraqi economic reform program that includes several measures on the institutional economy to advance it.

Tuwaij said in a statement to the Iraqi National News Agency ( NINA ) that the economic reform program includes the formation of a monetary and financial policy body that takes away the monetary and financial work away from political influences and parliament through the body. The economy is re-engineered by working with the total variables of the Iraqi economy.

He pointed out that: through the commission, the currency window is canceled, alternative policies are created for it, and budgets are prepared for several years, the spending of which corresponds to the plans laid down at the national level. Direct to protect it and raise its standard of living. "

He added that the program includes emphasizing training and employment policies, setting up projects to avoid unemployment, resuming self-sufficiency through demand and market studies, replacing the local Iraqi product, and emphasizing the local supply economy by benefiting from the comparative advantage of the Iraqi economy in the field of oil and its manufacturing, reducing the accompanying gas letter and making production The oil is in the hands of Iraq as much as possible, and taking into consideration the sustainability of human development by enabling our students in all stages and giving them the financial ability, which makes them devoted to scientific research, and recycling the workforce in a manner consistent with building up municipal transfer policies D of a consumer who followed a product, activating the role of construction companies and establishing more of them for building purposes, filling the demand of housing and residential complexes, and meeting the infrastructure needs of the country.

Tuwaij added: The program includes increasing allocations of scientific research from the general budget for the purpose of innovation and importing technical universities, reducing the number of ministries and reaching the optimal size of government so that the ministries are responding to the actual need for the development of society, and using the policies and strategies necessary to make the governorates specialize in economic areas Certain, and taking the necessary measures to adjust the balance of payments with other countries by adopting new export and import policies, accelerating the transfer of technology and expertise to Iraq, and narrowing the long discontinuity gap without technological dealing, and trying to develop the Leaves and areas of manufacturing in it and the entry of Iraq into the field of satellites.

”Twij stressed the importance of converting the informal economy to a formal one, reducing the outward spending that drains Iraq’s wealth, and farmers working in the style of simple companies, then developing them to support agriculture. / End 8


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