This prompts us to think carefully that we benefit from the experience of young people and emerging economies, which now constitute economic poles that influence the leadership of the global economy by relying on the capabilities of their youth and their national competencies, so we need now, especially in the year 2020 to take advantage of the conditions of the peaceful popular movement in youth leadership A new revival of the country, coupled with their love for their people and their homeland, especially that Iraq is about within weeks to move to a new stage in overcoming a harsh stage in politics and economics, and will move to an important transitional phase after the movement that makes us draw inspiration from lessons and lessons by relying on water August the Iraqi efficient, ambition and conscious of the goals of this stage in the leadership of the institutions of the national economy and the methodology of a new scientific-based and sound planning and vitality and determination to overcome the challenges and focus on young people insured a capacity homeland beloved Iraq and the Iraqi people proud people in the transition to the Renaissance stage in the proper construction of the economy with a new spirit bearing