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MarkZ: "If you listen to the banking centers we are within hours or days" 1/1/20 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

MarkZ: "If you listen to the banking centers we are within hours or days" 1/1/20

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MarkZ: "If you listen to the banking centers we are within hours or days" 1/1/20 Empty MarkZ: "If you listen to the banking centers we are within hours or days" 1/1/20

Post by RamblerNash Wed Jan 01, 2020 6:50 pm

MZ: Really great chatter coming out of the banking centers.  Surprisingly they are not staffed in Zurich today, but here in the US it appears they are in place with great expectations of a release sometime today.

MZ: I do know if they are going to make it today but the chatter is sure good. I have heard they want it out the door today, but since we have heard that many times before…..not sure what to think but since my contacts are at work today in redemption centers I am cautiously optimistic.

Q: Is tier 3 and tier 4 liquid?

MZ: They have all the money in place ….The rumor is the tier 3 and 4 funds are positioned…..but until it is in our hands imo…it is not liquid. ……Until we can spend it …..it is not liquid.

Q: How close are we?

MZ: If you listen to the banking centers we are within hours or days…..I look at the indicators…what Iraq banks are doing between now and Jan 5th (no loans, no cash deposits or withdrawals) so personally I think we are in the best window right now to see it. I am trying to moderate my excitement.

MZ: There is an awful lot we are watching today…..We can put 2019 in the history books now.

Member:  Maybe things will be seen clearly this year with 2020 vision.

Member:  JUST say it's a NEW DECADE. This way there is no HANGING on to the OLD.

MZ: There are a lot of people only focusing on Iraq and I really respect Frank and his team on Iraq. Many of those don’t have info about the Zim or the dong or a GCR.  Their main focus is on Iraq. And that is ok.

Member: There is a lot of bad news out of Iraq

Member:  it was attacked by the Iranian militia u.s. Embassy

Member:  The Embassy attack was driven by IRANIANS, not the Iraqi people that we are usually talking about. Not the same people as those protesting against government corruption.

Member:  The Iranian backed blocs have to get it into their thick heads that things are NOT going back to their form of normal (meaning corruption). Already the new election law changes how the process works. Oh – yes they would like things to settle back down their way so they can keep stealing from Iraq and feeding Iran. But this is why the demonstrations are happening in the first place and so this is NOT going to happen, not ever! ...We must go through this to get to it (our investment)


MZ: The biggest thing to take from all this unrest is the Iraqi people are fed up with Iranian influence over there.

Q: Any truth to the rumor that Iraq has to wait until its fiscal year to RV?

MZ: Well Iraq’s fiscal year is still the same as the calendar year right now. But they are looking to change it from maybe March to March….They are looking at approving a interim budget in the next few days as a bridge. …until they change their fiscal year. .

Q: Do you think the can will not be kicked this time Mark?

MZ: I think they are done kicking that can…If you look at the repo markets and the money they had to squeeze in over the holidays….they are looking at QE4 now……the world and the makets just are not buying it anymore….

Member:  Fed had a massive reverse repo of tbills yesterday to keep the rate from spiking.

DEE GROSE https://www.zerohedge.com/markets/different-acronyms-same-disaster-bond-ratings-are-once-again-sale

DEE GROSE https://www.zerohedge.com/markets/major-bank-admits-qe4-has-started-and-stocks-are-rising-because-feds-soaring-balance-sheet

Q: Please explain who the Admiral is?

MZ:  As I understand it – he is in charge of tier 3 and tier 4a…meaning he helps aggregate skrs, all the groups, and a tremendous amount of work out in the Reno area for the US. He is the first person that we expect to go and we believe ….its rumored that he is the signatory for Reagan, and the Reagan, Wanta Mitterand protocols.

Q:  Are their multiple secret agreements included in the US-China Trade Deal that will lead to global monetary reforms eventually leading to the transition to a New Financial System.

Q:  MARK, Do you think the signing of the first phase of the China deal will push this for us......is it playing a role?  Official signing is this Saturday.

MZ: I think it could be playing a role…..I am told there is a lot buried in this trade agreement…..How to handle money…..the back and forth…..as they aggregate dollars for the “oil for dinar”

Q: Will we have to wait until Trump is re-elected to see this?

MZ: No way do I ever thing we will be waiting for that. If I were him I would want it out the door  long before that.   In the slim chance he is not re-elected

Q: After the RV/first basket what currencies will you be looking at next? 

MZ: I am told they are all in one basket now…..so nothing really pops out at me…..there may be some currencies that will change in the next couple year via floating like mongolia, Afghanistan, South African currencies and maybe Venezuela.

Q: What is happening with the Grand Jury?

MZ: I am trying to get somebody to talk…..If you have ever been part of a Grand Jury you would know how quiet they keep things….

Q: Do you think crypto currencies will be big after the RV?

MZ: I think there will be a lot of fallouts from it …I think the future of the crypto currency market if any are going to exist with nations….is they will be private asset backed crypto currenices. I think that is going to become big.

Q: Any word on arrests?


Member:; I believe what is going on in Virginia is an attempt to start a civil war. The NWO is dying and they are desperate to stop Trump and the military alliance that is systematically dismanteling the satanic system they have built over hundreds of years. One correction. We are NOT a democracy. We need to stop fueling their lie.

MZ: I beleive the Supreme court will shut this down…….this would be the start of a civil war if it happened.  This is why we have a constitution.

Q:  What happens to the Federal Reserve after the RV..??.

Member: I heard it will be rolled into the US Treasury and that some of the  FR employees may have a new employer with the Treasury

MZ:    Hong Kong protests: Dozens detained by police during New Year's Day demonstrations


Member:  Happy 2020. I believe this is our year! We have left the age of Pisces and have entered the age of Aquarius. We have entered the golden age we have been promised, 2,500 yrs of peace love & light

MZ: I will be back tomorrow at 10AM est ….if anything big happens sooner i will be back……Happy New Years Everyone.

MZ: If you the straight true news be sure to visit Dave’s room in Telegram……..

Mod:  THANK YOU, SNAKE, PLANNING QUESTIONNAIRE: https://www.mmbb.org/docs/FinancialPlanningQuestionnaire.pdf

Your straw man (Strawman) is an artificial person http://freedom-school.com/aware/your-straw-man-is-an-artificial-person.html

MZ: Video on PP’s and Farm claims: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sAL0exvL45Y

Mod:  Dr Shabibi answering questions https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ol8wve53-ME

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