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 The Big Call w/ Bruce Intel Notes by WiserNow 12/26/19 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

The Big Call w/ Bruce Intel Notes by WiserNow 12/26/19

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 The Big Call w/ Bruce Intel Notes by WiserNow 12/26/19 Empty The Big Call w/ Bruce Intel Notes by WiserNow 12/26/19

Post by RamblerNash on Fri Dec 27, 2019 10:51 pm

Welcome everybody to The Big Call tonight on this day after Christmas December 26 on Thursday – thanks for coming in and I hope everybody had an enjoyable Christmas Day –

Let’s talk a little bit about where we are now - Now we all know , including me we expected to have something before Christmas and it did not come through and you know we had a Christmas Eve call on Tuesday and now here we are two days later – the day after Christmas – It’s amazing how time tends to go faster than we even thought – 

I really think that we’re at a good place even though we heard some things and you remember Tuesday night’s call I said if we don’t go by Friday it looks like we may not get started till Monday/Tuesday – 

We had some other information that’s come today since then and I really think that we can modify that somewhat – some people are talking about after the first of the year – this & that – 

Let me tell you why we have not gone in the last 4 or 5 days - That’s what I was trying to figure out – wait a minute – why didn’t we go?? Ok – we know for example - well let me just answer the question I just posed 

We haven’t gone because we had at least 64 arrests of bankers this past week and that was up until Tuesday, the last call -- Christmas Eve – at least 64 arrests and may be more – but what happened was because of that – these individuals in various ways were trying to stop this from going – they were holding it up – 

Now the good news is they have replaced those bankers 90% of which came from the US - and another 10% came from outside, from elsewhere of those bankers that were replaced - and it could have very well been China – 

But, let’s just say this – they have made those changes to their personnel and hopefully that will take care of that problem -- I believe it’s complete in the sense that we heard that yesterday Christmas morning from midnight to 3 am in the morning the DOD released the – well they activated the release codes so it could be handed off to the treasury 

Now the Dept of Defense would not have done that – handed it off - had it not been ready / complete – I take that as a very good sign – now where do we go from here now that it’s in the hands of the Treasury to release this??

We understand that there are a number of things / a number of procedures that need to be acted on or activated – if you will -- from that time until we get the toll free number to initiate our exchanges - to set our appointments and initiate our exchanges – 

Certain banks have had conference calls today – certain banks expected emails, last night and this morning that did not come to give them an actual idea of when our start was going to be – perhaps they will come in tonight or tomorrow morning – that’s possible – We have people even within the same banks that think we may get tomorrow but we may not - you know they’re sort of ambivalent about it -- 

I’ve heard from other sources the possibility as we had earlier – on Tuesday’s call – we had the possibility of starting with numbers coming out Monday and starting Tuesday – I’ve heard another version oof that which is notifications on Tuesday and starting on Wednesday the first of January – and it could be that occurs as well – 

So we have to be open to this going at any moment any time – any day - Let’s be open to that possibility – Would it be possible to start this on the first of January? Could we actually start on that day? I would say it’s very possible

So let’s put it this way -- we know that the -- you know how the public gets pushed back - John Q public tier 5 gets pushed back – my understanding is the date for them to start – that’s tier 5 not us – is Jan 9th

It’s conceivable if we got started on the 1st we have 8 days or 9 days to do our exchanges before the public went – so that’s very conceivable - very possible -- we may not go into the new year other than the 1st - we may not go far into it before we get started - it’s conceivable that we could go in the next several days

So I want everybody to consider that you’re under a lot of stress during the holidays anyway - and I would say it’s quite possible you’re under stress just being on this ride with all of us on The Big Call – but I’m going to suggest that you reduce that stress and eliminate it if at all possible – and the real way to do that is to be prepared for this – 

I am very confident that this is going very, very soon even though we didn’t get by Christmas, and I feel sad about that – we did expect it -- I do feel that the stage is set and there is a timeline that is put out – it’s moving - it’s moving in the right direction and we have I think things very much underway – so hang in there with us – be ready at any time for this to go and I think realistically -- I don’t know about tomorrow (Friday) I would say be ready – be completely ready one of the bankers said be ready for next week – I think that’s a good piece of advice let’s be ready for next week –

Otherwise everybody enjoy your night – enjoy the weekend and our next call would be scheduled for next Tuesday – let’s hope by then it would be a celebration call – Stay tuned to The Big Call

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