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Kay's Activities for 2019 ... DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Kay's Activities for 2019 ...

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Kay's Activities for 2019 ... Empty Kay's Activities for 2019 ...

Post by claud39 on Tue Dec 24, 2019 8:49 am

Kay's Activities for 2019 ...


Kay's Activities for 2019 ... 15771821893a43f8d0821cdbe2c43b8eafb95d6139--%D8%B4%D8%B9%D8%A7%D8%B1

Kay activities for 2019
Kai is an association that includes a group of graduates of the Korean Agency for International Cooperation KOICA in Iraq and includes a volunteer group of graduates of the training programs of the Korean Agency for International Cooperation - KOICA and every year Kai has a new volunteer team that will be among the participants in the training programs. The KOICA office also provides the necessary support to the volunteer team by financing the activity and organizational budget. Kay's activities are divided into two parts, the first includes activities to help the needy, and the second includes workshops, seminars, and the annual meeting, as Kay assures that the next year plan 2020 will target its activities to help orphans Widows and the needy as usual by distributing food baskets to people in need, giving gifts of summer and winter clothes to orphans, as well as giving school uniforms and school bags to orphan students, ... Likewise, the Korean Agency notes that it carried out many activities during 2019 that included providing food baskets as a community contribution to be distributed to 60 families during the holy month of Ramadan on 25 May 2019, as summer clothes were distributed to 235 orphan children, and this activity was also carried out in cooperation with an institution Honor for charity. In addition to providing dental exams in the Sulaikh House for orphans on the first of June for 22 orphan children, gifting water coolers, clothes, coloring booklets and colors for children as well, as well as looking at the medical clinic to provide 14 orphan children with a comprehensive examination of them in 20 of Last July, the glasses were also distributed For them and some simple gifts at the Slaykh House for Orphans on the seventeenth of last August, In addition to distributing consuls, winter shoes and socks for 66 orphaned children in coordination and cooperation with the Pulse of Iraq Foundation for Relief and Development on the twenty-fourth of this month, it is worth noting that one of the most important activities of Kai during this year is the establishment of the annual celebration of Kai on the twelfth of December in cooperation With the volunteer team of the graduates of the Korean Agency for International Cooperation (KOICA), the annual meeting to celebrate the graduates for the year 2019 was held, in addition to holding a workshop in which 65 government employees from various Iraqi ministries participated in the "Capacity Building Program for the ... Ge quality and standards "in cooperation with the Ministry of Planning - International Cooperation Department, which was held on the thirtieth of last July.

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