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 Depression affects Iranian goods in Iraq DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Depression affects Iranian goods in Iraq

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 Depression affects Iranian goods in Iraq Empty Depression affects Iranian goods in Iraq

Post by claud39 on Mon Dec 23, 2019 8:29 am

 Depression affects Iranian goods in Iraq


 Depression affects Iranian goods in Iraq 1130

Economy News - Baghdad:

A number of merchants said that a great depression hit Iranian goods in the local market because of the campaign to boycott Iranian products launched by a large number of protesters inside Iraq in addition to the campaign to support the local product.

The Iran-Iraq joint chamber of commerce announced a decrease in southern Iraq during the current year. "The merchandise exports to Iraq exceeded the threshold of $ 8 billion in 9 months during the period of March 21 through December 21, 2019," Chamber president Yahya Al-Ishaq said in a statement to the Iranian Fars News Agency.

"The Jamila market witnessed a great depression of Iranian goods due to the popular boycott due to the campaigns carried out by a number of activists," trader Salam Al-Mashhadani said in his interview with Al-Iqtisad News, noting that the campaign to support the local product contributed significantly to increasing the boycott on Iranian goods.

He noted that the boycott is currently only on Iranian goods, while there is a natural appetite for Turkish, Saudi and other foreign goods, indicating that the political situation has greatly affected Iranian goods and contributed to significant financial losses to Iraqi merchants who import Iranian goods.

On the other hand, Muhammad Al-Rabe’i, who works in a beautiful market, told Al-Iqtisad News that “some merchants sold their goods at very low prices because of the expiry of the expiry of the period of expiry”, pointing out that “boycotting Iranian goods caused great financial losses and loss. Some workers for their jobs after traders stop their imports. "

And that "Iraqi factories must do and taxes are imposed on the foreign product instead of boycotting it."
Economic security organizes large inspection rounds in wholesale markets inside Iraq to search for goods that have entered smuggling or are prohibited from import, such as chicken, table eggs, and others.

Meanwhile, the Federation of Iraqi Industries welcomed the massive campaign to support the local product of young protesters in the squares in the capital, Baghdad and the southern governorates. "The youth are currently supporting the local industry, which is an important step for the fairness of the local product, after suffering greatly from the marginalization that the state is taking," union leader Ali Al-Saadi told Al-Iqtisad News.

He stressed that supporting the local product will lead to increasing the operation of the suspended factories and reducing the unemployment rate. It also requires the state to support the industrialists by granting them soft loans and providing electricity and fuel at reasonable prices.

He pointed out that the Iraqi industry is known for its quality and it is much better than the importer as it is healthy because it does not contain preservatives.

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