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US report: Iraq is in "the most serious" crisis since the fall of Saddam Hussein DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

US report: Iraq is in "the most serious" crisis since the fall of Saddam Hussein

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US report: Iraq is in "the most serious" crisis since the fall of Saddam Hussein Empty US report: Iraq is in "the most serious" crisis since the fall of Saddam Hussein

Post by RamblerNash on Sun Dec 22, 2019 10:53 pm

US report: Iraq is in "the most serious" crisis since the fall of Saddam Hussein

US report: Iraq is in "the most serious" crisis since the fall of Saddam Hussein Iht

12/22/2019 05:29:58
Shafaq News / The American New York Times saw that Iranian influence is growing inside Iraq, considering that the Iraqi borders are open to visits by Iranian officials who are leading a campaign to counter the Iraqi protests.

The newspaper also considered that the political blocs have no intention of reform and do not realize how dangerous Iraq is going. She noted that parties near Iran are waging a brutal killing campaign targeting activists and doctors who lead the demonstrations.

In addition, I mentioned the demonstrations that have prevailed in Iraq for more than two months, without fulfilling the demands of the protesters. On the contrary, the Iraqi authorities have brutally suppressed them at times.

The most serious crisis since the fall of Saddam Hussein

The newspaper also warned politicians in Iraq that the political crisis is the most serious since the overthrow of Saddam Hussein 16 years ago, considering that however, Iraqi leaders seem unaware of the matter, and are incompatible about a plan to reform the government in response to the demands of the demonstrators, even Parliament did not seriously study the proposed changes to a law The elections proposed by President Barham Saleh, which would reduce the influence of the parties and corruption sponsored by these groups.

She added, noting that the constitutional deadline for parliament to nominate a new prime minister came, and was, and did, and there was no change.

Trouble the president - designate

Commenting on the issue of the nomination of prime minister acceptable mandate to form a new government, Maria Vantapi big said advisers in Iraq and Syria in favor of the International Crisis Group , "It is very difficult to find a person acceptable widely in the Iraqi street and among the demonstrators, and at the same time has support My party or politician to manage the transition, "she added," Parliament is unlikely to adopt reforms that will end the life of its members, and protesters are less likely to accept anything less. "

Iranian influence

To that, the newspaper considered that the parliament also does not seem ready to find a way to limit Iranian influence. She mentioned how Iranian politicians and military - including prominent figures like Qasim Soleimani, head of the Quds Force - were entering and leaving Baghdad in order to ensure that any candidate for the new government is pro-Iran.

In this context, Fantaby stressed, "Finding an acceptable person in the Iraqi street, and from Shiite political parties and Iran, seems to be largely impossible."

The newspaper also reported that Iran is particularly concerned because it maintains its influence in Iraqi ministries, especially those dealing with security and economic issues.

And with tough US sanctions against Iran, Tehran increasingly needs Iraq to "breathe" economically - whether for its markets or for military purposes, or to protect its interests in Syria and Lebanon.

In addition, the most powerful and closest parties to Iran have been accused of killing human rights activists and carrying out the most violent attacks on protesters.

It also considered that these militias responded to the protests with violence, just as Tehran faced gasoline price protests in November, and brutally crushed the protesters, killing up to 450 people in four days and imprisoning 7,000.

A leader or leader

states that attacks on demonstrators became more brutal after the Iranian consulate in Najaf was burned last November, as kidnappings, arrests, and disappearances of protest leaders and doctors treating wounded protesters and journalists increased.

Commenting on the repression, Haitham al-Mahi, one of the protest leaders in Karbala, said: “The higher the death toll during the protests, the more difficult it will be for the city’s demonstrators to surrender.”

"The demonstrators have lost hundreds of their friends, brothers, and family members, and it is between two options that you either fight to win or die."

Although it is not yet clear whether this movement and this killing may lead to political change, former US Ambassador Ryan Crocker, a long-time observer of Iraqi affairs, considered that "if a leader or leader of the protesters does not appear, not much will happen." , And the overthrow of the government is highly unlikely. "

"The prime minister has resigned, but it is possible that no one will be named quickly, and that is very harmful," he added.


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