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KTFA: Militiaman Riddles You With Clues! 12/22/19 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

KTFA: Militiaman Riddles You With Clues! 12/22/19

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KTFA: Militiaman Riddles You With Clues! 12/22/19 Empty KTFA: Militiaman Riddles You With Clues! 12/22/19

Post by RamblerNash Sun Dec 22, 2019 10:27 pm


MilitiaMan:  I am glad to have had a great study with everyone leading to the end game. Yes, I know it is not over just yet, but, very good collective evidence suggests thus far that end is this year effectively. I don’t know of course 100% personally but, my view is my bet is placed on that it is 100%. Why you may ask? 

Because one simple take away. They haven’t denied it this year. In fact, they have confirmed they have orders to complete the monetary reforms and have accepted them. (USA influenced) 

The CBI accepted back in September 30, 2019 +- those orders. 

 To back that up the chronology of events goes somewhat like this. The CBI back in March of 2019 discussed they were going to move forward. About 6 months later in late August 2019 they did again per final article thread post #122, I believe it was. 

The video that spoke of orders to complete the process and the ones accepted were dated 09/30/2019. (Keep in mind the orders were given days before that, as it takes time to make the video, edit, publish it, etc.) The video mind you wasn’t disclosed to the world at large yet to the western world, it was on Iraqi TV for the citizens though. That was around the same time the citizens said they would go to the streets. They did 10/01/2019. 

While that was ongoing and still is to some degree, the CBI still made progress with reforms per orders. How do we know that? The CBI comes out and tells the world to be prepared to modify contracts. A very important clue the end was coming and is. That clue was given on or around 11/04-07/2019 real close directly from the CBI. Then on 12/01/2019 the Iraq Trade Bank (largest commercial lender in Iraq) publicly suspended loans from 12/01/2019 through 01/01/2020. Another major clue the process is underway and orders were being followed. 

Meanwhile a few days later about 12/07/2019 the CBI makes public the video interview the citizens had back in September and discloses to the western world the orders given and the acceptance of them. 

As you can see in the chronology thus far, the process is underway, has been and is not stopping. To back that up in the final articles there is historic evidence to support the CBI will tell the world what they are doing and why. They haven’t done that in respect to any delay like in the past, they in fact have done the opposite this year as noted above. 

We then in short order see Nusiri, a board member and well renown authority at the Central Bank comes out with an executive summary describing the banks progress over many years to date. That description Nusiri provides is telling the world Iraq is going international. 

Now we see them talking about payments electronically and more succinctly timed and from both banks most likely to do the lions share of electronic banking country wide. Both Rasheed and Rafidain banks are geared and ready to go electronically and with less physical cash.. 

So, let’s see what happens. The likely hood the article from Nusiri talking internationalism and advance stages of going into globalization, speaks of that now is a possible go time for us more sooner than later. The latter is T-12 now, which is even awesome in of it self!!

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