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Post by claud39 on Sat Dec 21, 2019 9:27 am

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Friday 20 December 2019

keeps the money tracks Alsabaah-25655

Baghdad / Al-Sabah 

A number of specialists in the economic affairs emphasized the importance of the Ministry of Interior’s initiation of localization of the salaries of its employees, by adopting advanced electronic payment mechanisms that limit all cases of fraud that accompany the salaries of the employees of the ministry, and also contribute to high flow in the money paths without complication or confusion, as well as expanding the culture of Online payment within the community.

Concerning the economic affairs, Haider Kazem Al-Baghdadi stressed that "salary settlement is accompanied by a set of facilities that must be provided by the banks concerned with this process, and here the beneficiary will have several options that stand at the most appropriate of them, but more importantly, the salaries of the ministry will reach those who are entitled to them without any confusion. Or rig. "

Encourage competition

He pointed to the importance of heading towards banks that adopt advanced technology and easy work mechanisms and can get the service from the nearest place, and this encourages banks to compete in order to provide the best to the citizen, as the development of payments leads to the development of the reality of cash dealings in the country.

Salary distribution

In turn, the financial affairs specialist Ghazi Al-Kinani said that "the shift towards electronic transactions is very important, and that the entry of security joints into the electronic service department ends the confusion that accompanies the distribution of salaries in their monetary form, where we find local companies that managed to advance electronic payment within the country 10 years ago, and today There are governmental and private banks competing to win the confidence of the public. "

He added that "the trend towards electronic payment must be accompanied by a set of advanced financial services approved in the countries of the developed world, and here it is necessary to choose the best in services, in order to enhance the spirit of competition among all the banks that entered the salary localization joint, and that the competition creates financial products Benefiting the beneficiary and the national economy. "

Wide slice

Raghad Nabil Al-Alusi, concerned with economic affairs, stressed "the need for Iraq to have the best advanced electronic payment systems that provide the service to the citizen wherever he goes," stressing that "we must actually move from monetary transactions to electronic", pointing out that "the Ministry of Interior directs towards the settlement of salaries An important step creates a culture of electronic dealing for a wide segment of society, and transfers the reality of financial transactions to advanced stages that rise to globalization.

All associate

Interior Minister Dr. Yassin Taher Al-Yasiri recently approved the settlement of the salaries of employees of the ministry.

A statement quoted by the minister as saying that "the employees of the Ministry of the Interior have made great sacrifices over the past years in order for the Iraqi people to enjoy security and peace", pointing out that "a number of banks have been contracted out by the central bank to settle the salaries of all workers in this ministry." , Pointing out that the work will start after issuing the electronic cards and granting them to our affiliates.

Al-Yasiri explained that "the resettlement procedure came after organizing a number of meetings with officials and holding a conference in the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers," noting that "the banks that were contracted with are the Rafidain and Rashid and international and international development and the Iraqi civil and southern Islamic and the Islamic world."

The Rafidain Bank announced that the employees of the endemic Ministry of the Interior would include their salaries with advances and loans, and only those who hold a Master Card from the bank.
A statement by the bank stated, "Al-Sabah" received a copy of it, that "employees of the Ministry of Interior, when choosing the Rafidain Bank to localize their salaries and obtain an electronic card, are covered by the loans and advances granted by the bank."

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