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Bruce’s Big Call Intel Thursday Night 12/19/19 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Bruce’s Big Call Intel Thursday Night 12/19/19

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Bruce’s Big Call Intel Thursday Night 12/19/19 Empty Bruce’s Big Call Intel Thursday Night 12/19/19

Post by RamblerNash Fri Dec 20, 2019 11:03 pm

Transcribed By WiserNow

Welcome everybody to The Big Call tonight – It’s Thursday Dec 19th – one week away from Christmas and you’re listening to the Big Call – Thank you for listening from all over the globe where ever you are and we’re glad to have you once again

Okay, let’s talk a little bit about where we are – We talked to you Tuesday about what was going on to an extent we have in a way some of the sources are quiet –  banks are quiet – but we are able to gleam some information that’s pretty helpful I think —  even at this late stage so, let’s talk about it

President Trump spoke again to China about releasing this – yes, before Christmas -yes, and there is a plan to release it after the Forex rates repopulate which is 2:30 in the morning –

So, we are in a window after midnight tonight (thurs night) – I think for about 24 hours – that window is when things are supposed to be happening not at secret start time within that 24 hour period but things will be happening like groups will be paid out by paymasters in that time frame –

I believe our toll free number will come out in that time frame — I believe we will start with our exchanges and possibly we could have a supper weekend – just a fantastic weekend and that is the gist of the latest I got –

I will say this there was a decision made that needed to be made between Wells Fargo and the Treasury on whether to put an advance percentage out there for the groups and for us and fortunately that was voted down – now there is no minimum percentage that we can have access to we should have access to full exchange – although realistically, any one that is redeeming Zim will set it up in a structured payout

If you wish – you don’t have to – in my opinion it’s a wise thing to do, In My Opinion  –  to set it up – and this is just me guys, you can do whatever you want – but in my opinion I want to go at least – at least 12 or 15 years   — probably 20 years with a structured pay out and then be able to earn a very strong rate of interest and get paid on it every  quarter –

So essentially I’m not getting in  (dipping in) and touching the principal in the mother lode account that is part of the structured pay out  but the interest pays out quarterly,  that I plan to have access to and utilize as much as I possibly can –  Now, that’s just my plan  for all of us who are going to be doing projects like the “Build America” –  like the “VRN” – like the “Pastoral Retreat Network” – like “Rebuild the Bahamas” –  like – keep going – whatever it is, right?

There are a lot of projects we could get into that we don’t even know about right now, or maybe we heard something about this technology or that but we don’t quite have it all together cause the technology has not been released yet, you know what I mean?  That is going to be coming out and we are going to say Oh Oh Oh I could do something in that area – I can make something happen in that –

What about Maglev Railway? What about Maglev?   What about ….. Oh gosh don’t get me started … anti grav….Did Bruce say anti grav? Anti gravity travel?  Really??  Oh yeah – Oh yeah — (laugh laugh)

So there are plenty of things we will get into that we don’t really know too much about right now or we’re just getting started on But I would say this… I think this is going to work out where we’re going to have plenty to do and have the most fun doing it , you know – rebuild America .. can you imagine?  I’ve asked for 5,000 volunteers from The Big Call – maybe I’ll get more to be volunteers—to help me in 5000 cities, counties or communities all across the nation including Alaska and Hawaii — –

Why 5,000? Because there are 50 states – (not so much in Alaska and Hawaii) times 100 cities, counties or communities – That would make a dent wouldn’t it? In every state, that would make a dent – a really big dent – I think it would be fantastic – I’ve got a plan for it I got it!!

It’s coming together and you’re going to get it just as soon as we have the leadership groups formed and the advisory group meetings – a few things to get together and then “boom” and then we’ll put that out – a template for everybody to say Oh, Ok  I get it, I see what they’re doing – step 1 step 2 step 3  blah blah  you just go right through it, it’s going to be like paint by number you know,

We’ll be in touch and there will be ways for you to communicate with us – don’t worry When the toll free number comes out we will be sending it to you

Now, I’m excited because President Trump wanted this to go down before Christmas – China wants it yesterday of course – and everything has come around where now that the USMCA was voted on today – that opens the door for this to be released

The other thing is the discussion, like I said, I told you about  there is no 2% or 5%  access to funds,  you’ll have full access to your funds for the exchange – I’m excited about that.. and I’m just going to say – I think we’re all set – The intention was.; This is what I’ve heard — from several sources was —  for this to go – and you guys have heard it  – I’m not the only one – This is to go by FRIDAY —  Friday is the 20th –

I also heard it was going to go before Friday – well… it didn’t – we’re here – it’s Thursday night – it hasn’t happened yet but things are moving in that direction – getting ready for a wonderful 12 to 24 hour period –  starting at `12:08  — after midnight tonight (thurs) –

So… that is basically, oh…. One other thing… we know that the Dinar rates have been jumping up – I don’t know if the rates are solid yet– I think they are waiting for that 2:30 in the morning Forex update for all the rates to repopulate and be on the screens solid – so let’s see what happens — but I think this is one weekend  that could be the  weekend to end all weekends – Let’s sure hope so – That’s what I’m hearing –

I’m only giving you what I’m hearing – so let’s follow it out – Let’s be positive – Let’s be in faith for it and let’s believe that this final grand blessing is coming to us

President Trump wants us to have the best Christmas we’ve ever had so let’s believe that – We’ve got a lot of clean-up going on  – there will be a lot of clean-up through the weekend so just hang in there and let’s believe for this to come through alright?

Thanks everybody for listening so faithfully over these ….. do you realize that next week is 8 full years of The Big Call – complete – from start to finish – kinda interesting – you know how the Chinese love the number 8 – It’s the number of completion – prosperity  and it’s the number of years that The Big Call has been on the air – isn’t that wild? (laugh laugh)

Alright everybody thank you so much for being our faithful listeners –  I want to thank my team – the behind the scene team – those that I don’t’ even know that transcribe my call – I think Roses did it for so long and the new person that’s transcribing it now, Thank You – Thank you Sue & Bob – Thank  you listeners fall over the globe —  Good night everybody.

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Bruce’s Big Call Intel Thursday Night 12/19/19 Empty Re: Bruce’s Big Call Intel Thursday Night 12/19/19

Post by Sam I Am Sun Dec 22, 2019 4:22 pm

It really is amazing that he has been able to keep spewing this garbage every week for 8 years and still has an audience. If he would put as much effort into a legitimate venture who knows what he could accomplish?

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