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Post by Ponee Thu Dec 12, 2019 8:29 pm


2Cents:  Frank E  Frank E  (DELTA  DELTA)   I am sure you read my post in the last thread....I wanted to ask again if we could get confirmation that the NSCN's are being delivered and exchanged at the banks at a 1-1 ratio with the 3 zero notes when the trucks make their deliveries based on the "receipt".......????? 


Doodlebug:  "T-Minus" = is used to indicate that a specified amount of time remains before an event is scheduled or expected to take place…….IMO and thank you DELTA!

Manu68:  T-22 = Jan 1, 2020

KonaMark:  Aloha Family, Many are thinking this T-22 is 22 days... What if its 22 hours to coincide with 12-12-12... Hmmm     The full moon is also on 12-12-12... at 12:13 am it peaks... From what I have researched, 12 also means completeness

LoneStarCowboy:  Just an FYI for the forum, The next full moon will occur on December 12th at 12:12 AM ET and is known as the Cold Moon or Long Nights Moon.

ChrisC:  And the year adds up to 12.  2+1+9=12.  12 is government.  Somebody may be sending somebody a message.  I am ALL for it.

RVDoc:  With regard to the question of taking the 25,000 note out of the hands of the people and replacing it with a 25 note.  There really is no confusion if you see what they are dealing with in explaining it to the people.

I ask you this question,,,how would you explain 1 to 1 in a simple fashion to people after saying the 3 zeros are lifted? Now remember many of these people may not even understand what an exchange rate is or does with lifting 3 zeros from it mathematically,  .00084 lifting to .84 has to be explained with cash in hand what it will do and how they will use lower denoms.

They don't mean lower denoms have lower value,, they replace the higher ones, but it is key that they never said that the 25K note was no longer worth 25K and is worth 25,, they are saying the the 25K is worth way more if you pay close attention.  

 IT HAS NEVER BEEN SAID IN ANY WAY, SHAPE OR FASHION, AT ANY TIME the zeros on the end of the 25K note are worthless now.  They are stating the inverse in a much different way. Think about that, it could have been said and explained very easily, but they have never done that for a reason.  And even if they explained it easily to all that your money is going to multiply 1000 fold, the world would all buy in, yes!?   They are vague for a reason people.

Interpretation would be key to what they mean with this statement in explaining it to their people.  In essence, one could easily explain that a 25 note will now replace the 25K note as a way of paying for what the 25K note would purchase after the rate is changed and 3 zeros are lifted.  Here you go,, use this now to buy what you used to with the 25K note, put that one in the bank for safe keeping!  Have you ever heard the 25K notes are going to be shreaded or burned or destroyed for any reason?  Why not?

But to take them out of circulation and off the streets, why even do that unless it was going to be worth a great sum and not safe to carry around??   

They are saying to the people,,,,,your 25 note now buys what is could not in the past.  In the past a 25 note was worth do dooooooo!

Now it has real value,, much value.  They tell the people that they will replace the BUYING VALUE of a larger note with a smaller note because the 25 note is now worth something much more.  And guess what, the 25K note is being protected and increased to what it is really worth! 

You now have a 25 note in your hand instead of a 25K note to buy the same things.  Your 25 note is now worth 1000 times more!

1 to 1 does not mean, (25 note):(25K note),  it is in relation to  1 USD : 1 IQD    .....  I can't express how many times they have told us,,, the IQD will increase in purchasing power.  That has been consistent since the beginning of this.

And that my friends would not mater if its in country or out of country!!  IMHO


Samson:  Report: Washington is considering delaying tariffs against China

10th December, 2019

A press report revealed that the United States plans to postpone the imposition of tariffs on Chinese goods, due to take effect next Sunday

The Wall Street Journal quoted unnamed sources Tuesday as saying that negotiators from the United States and China are laying the groundwork for President Donald Trump's administration to postpone a 15 percent tariff on nearly $ 160 billion in Chinese goods

The report added that Washington is seeking to ensure the commitment of China to purchase more American agricultural products

Uncertainty remains regarding the first stage of the trade deal between China and the United States, which will have a major impact on the postponement of the tariffs due next Sunday

US President Donald Trump has stated that it is better to postpone the conclusion of a trade deal with China until after the 2020 presidential election  

Samson:  MP: A vote on the election law 100% will boost citizen confidence in participation

11/12/2019 10:08

Member of the House of Representatives Faleh Al Khazali confirmed today, Wednesday, that voting on the election law 100% will enhance the citizen’s confidence in participating in the elections.

Khazali said in a tweet on his Twitter account: "The people are the source of power to vote on the election law. 100% for the highest votes and maintaining a single electoral district will enhance citizen confidence in participating in the elections, and competition will intensify for realistic representation of who deserves."    


Samson:  Territory: Implementation of Article 140 of our first discussions with the new government

11/12/2019 13:23 

Khalid Shawani, Minister of the Kurdistan Region, said, for dialogue with the federal government, that the normalization of conditions in the (disputed) areas is one of the first priorities of our dialogues with the federal government. 

Shawani said during a press conference today, that "the Kurdistan Regional Government attaches great importance to the normalization of conditions in these areas and the implementation of constitutional Article 140."

He added, "The Kurdistan Regional Government put forward its vision and project to implement Article 140 and normalize the conditions in those areas in front of the federal government," noting "the formation of a joint committee between the Kurdistan Region and the federal government to normalize the conditions in all these regions."

He continued: When resuming dialogue with the federal government or with any new government, the implementation of Article 140 and the normalization of conditions in the areas (disputed) will be among the priorities of our dialogue and our discussions.



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