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Bruce’s Big Call Intel Thursday Night - This may be the last time 12/5/19 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Bruce’s Big Call Intel Thursday Night - This may be the last time 12/5/19

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Bruce’s Big Call Intel Thursday Night - This may be the last time 12/5/19 Empty Bruce’s Big Call Intel Thursday Night - This may be the last time 12/5/19

Post by RamblerNash on Fri Dec 06, 2019 9:55 pm

Transcribed By WiserNow

Welcome everybody to The Big Call tonight – it is Thursday December 5th and you’re listening to The Big Call – thank you for tuning in once again

Let’s push on into our intel segment and get started on that – here we are just two days out from our last call on Tuesday night – Sometimes we get a lot and sometimes we don’t get too much in just 2 days  but in this case what we can say is those 27 event triggers are all but complete

There’s one that we believe is left and that we believe is the release of the toll free numbers

Now, there has been some chatter out there online about 800 numbers or NO 800 numbers – I’m telling you I am getting direct from redemption centers – from banks – from people who are high, high up, saying “yes” I will get a toll free number to give you guys — and so will 2 other people in the community that I am aware of that will get these to put out

So I am going to say “yes” we are going to get them and “yes” they’re still valid and let’s just watch this whole thing unfold in that regard –

Also, that one last thing that is the last event trigger is to complete; I believe is when the release of the toll frees are made –

Now we had heard a couple of times today when we thought they might be coming out – we know that the tier 3 SKR’s  were in the process of being paid out today and tonight and they may actually  still be in the process of completing those

But we know there are no more receipts to be pulled after the tier 3’s are complete and these also include the tier 4A groups that we use to call tier 4A that have been lumped into the tier 3 –

Why did they lump those in – what makes those tier 3 now – They were tier 3 because this is what we would call “pre-negotiated” rates – They had pre negotiated their group rates as part of the groups out west and that’s what made them part of tier 3

Those of us in tier 4B as we called it are the only group that have and we are a loosely defined group – we are the internet group  — we’re the only ones who have “privately” negotiable  rates —  meaning we have some flexibility  on the rates that we get for not only our currencies but also our Zim – alright, just so  you know – and that is why our group tier 4B will be the last to go because they have new rates –that have  populated on the screens tonight for us that are very, very strong to start whenever it is that we are to start

We had thought that if we did not go today or by the time of the Big Call that we are looking at something possibly early in the morning so… that is yet to been obviously – and if we do get this thing in the morning and its early – it will go through Friday –Saturday- Sunday – it will just go right on through with no stoppage for the weekend, ok –

This is provided we get what we think we’re going to get  sometime tomorrow (Friday) It could be early morning – So, I have to be prepared for that myself –

There is one additional thing I found out today that is going to be important for us to know and that is an additional level of security – or for us to go through when it comes to our exchanges and redemption of  our Zim – and that is “all” Zim holders will be finger printed

and those will be checked against the data base to make sure that none of us are a part of any terrorist organizations  or anything that would be negative regarding indictments and so on and so forth –ok, So don’t be surprised if you are a Zim holder that you get finger printed

Now, if you are carrying a suitcase full of Dinar or Dong you may find the same thing – you could be finger printed as well – because the quantity that you are carrying is so great – so give that some thought-

Realize that they are going to do this for our own security and to make sure that the money goes to people that are interested in helping humanity at large – like we are on The Big Call

So…… we have new rates that have shown up on the screens that are solid that are there – We have a new procedure that is in place for us with this finger printing – We have expectations to get this party started here pretty soon – and I’m looking forward to it just like everybody else –

This is our blessed hope — that Great Expectation —  that we are all expecting in the way of this blessing  – It could not come at a better time, obviously many people are hanging their hopes on this  whereas we are supposed to stay with our Plan A  and if we don’t have a job – then get a job — and it’s still the way we are to look at this until this blessing comes through

Now the other thing that we did learn is – we did tell you that the Wells Fargo servers have over 400,000 emails in them to be released with the toll free number – that is all set – and I don’t know when those are going to go out exactly –

We heard they were going out already but you’ve got to realize that there are numbers going out to the group numbers that are the groups out west, the admirals group, all of that – those guys will get numbers different from the number we are talking about because they will be exchanging any loose currency through that group dynamic they have set up already – or they have the ability to do that – ok that’s when they will be contacted directly by email with that information

Those of us in group or tier 4B will be getting the toll free number for our redemption centers of which there are about 7400-7500 throughout the continental united states – and we will be getting numbers for that I believe will also apply for Canada and Mexico and it could all be the same number  which is kina wild

It should be a two part process entering that number in an automated system and then getting if you’re a Zim holder getting switched over to a live person at the redemption center – that is the one you are expected to go to –

So in other words if you either get a new phone number in the process to call or get a transfer over to that based on zip code that you give them – ok you should be transferred over to a redemption center or staff person so you can set your appointment directly with that person whom you should meet for your appointment – that’s how they have it set up

I feel like we have a good shot at early morning tomorrow (Friday)  and then we’ll take it from there – I don’t think there’s a whole more I can think of that is relevant to us right now – You need to be ready – you need to be prepared –

This may be the last time – of course I know I’ve said that – I know — but we keep getting a few false starts for different reasons but we believe the president was to sign off on the last minute grievance that needed to be done  that was a little time before The Big Call tonight then it was supposed to pave the way for us to get started hopefully tomorrow morning

Thank you everybody for listening and we will see you when we see you.

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